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“Yes.” Old Butler Wang returned to the door and said through the video call, “The two elders have no time to see you.”

Xia Zhancheng then knew that the two elders already knew about Xia Yixin’s matter.

“Butler Wang, we really came here sincerely. We know that what Xia Yixin did this time was wrong and utterly ridiculous. We will definitely not condone what she did! This time, I want to show my greatest sincerity. I won’t ask for the Han Family’s forgiveness—I just want to put my heart at ease. As long as it’s something that we can do, if the Han Family has any requests, please let us know!” Xia Zhancheng said with all sincerity. “Our family cannot compare to the Hans at all, but we definitely won’t shirk our responsibility. On this matter, Xia Yixin was the one who did wrong. It means that I, Xia Zhancheng, have failed to teach my daughter well. I definitely won’t treat this lightly.”

Xia Zhancheng said sincerely, “Butler Wang, please convey my thoughts and let me see the two elders. I want to make it clear before them and show my sincerity to the two elders, as well as to my in-laws. On this matter, I’m not so shameless as to ask the Han Family for forgiveness, nor would I ask Zhuoling to forgive Xia Yixin. If the in-laws want to hit or berate me, they can please do so.”

Butler Wang did not convey his thoughts. He just adjusted the volume of the speaker to the loudest so that everyone in the living room could clearly hear each word he said.

Old Mr. Han scoffed. “What sincerity? I won’t see him! Tell him, if he continues to pester us, as long as he appears at the front door of our family home, don’t blame us if we don’t treat him nicely!”

“Yes.” Old Butler Wang remained where he was and conveyed Old Mr. Han’s words.

Xia Zhancheng did not achieve his goal for coming here today. He had not yet been able to say in person the thing he most wanted to say in front of the Han Family. How could he just leave?

Seeing that they were really not going to open the door, Xia Zhancheng directly told Old Butler Wang, “Please tell the two elders and our in-laws…”

Before Xia Zhancheng could finish, Old Butler Wang cut him off and corrected him, “Mr. Xia, the Xias and the Hans are now no longer in-laws. Please address our Sir and Madam as Mr. Han and Mrs. Han.”

Old Butler Wang’s reaction was swift. He immediately blocked Xia Zhancheng’s motive for gleaning more advantages from them.

Everyone in the Han Family showed faces of approval. Old Butler Wang was indeed wise and did not get tricked by Xia Zhancheng.

Of course, Xia Zhancheng had fully intended to take advantage of the situation. He’d also hoped to use these words to test the Han Family’s reaction.

If the Hans did not object to him calling them that, it meant that they did not have any thought of finishing them off, did not want to fall out completely with them, and wanted to get along with them peacefully.

The first time Xia Zhancheng said it, Old Butler Wang did not say anything. Xia Zhancheng’s heart immediately tightened as he saw hope.

He felt that perhaps things were not too bad.

Alas, Old Butler Wang slapped them on the face so soon with his words.

“Yes.” Xia Zhancheng’s face turned stiff as he said, “It’s my mistake. I got used to calling them that, so it was a little hard to adjust so suddenly.”

Old Butler Wang continued, “Then Mr. Xia has to work hard to adjust to it, in case you go out and chat with other people and still talk about the Hans as if they’re your in-laws. It will make other people misunderstand. By then, the Han Family might really have to do something to clear this misunderstanding with others.”

This was a bla.ta.nt. threat!

Yet, Xia Zhancheng could only nod his head continuously like a grandson and say, “Yes, I understand. I will definitely take note. I won’t make such a mistake again.”

“Then I won’t send you off,” Old Butler Wang said.

“Wait… Wait!” Xia Zhancheng anxiously called out to stop him.

After being made to take a roundabout turn by Old Butler Wang, he had nearly forgotten his purpose for coming here.

“What other matters do you have?” Old Butler Wang asked.

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