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(Needs Consoling Too)

“Of course I won’t say it. I also have a huge present waiting for him,” Lu Man said, giggling.

The moment Yan Zhiqing heard that, she knew that Liang Chengbing was in for a bad time.

She had heard of Lu Man’s glorious track record.

Lu Man chatted with Yan Zhiqing for a while. Although both of them had met only once, they felt as if they had known each other for a long time and were not awkward with each other, as if they had endless things to talk about.

Han Zhuoli had been busy handling the matters involved in dealing with the Xia Family, together with Han Zhuoling.

He had worked overtime consecutively for a long period of time and almost always came back home late at night.

Lu Man would always wait for him, but sometimes, she would fall asleep while waiting.

When he came back, he would see that the lights in the living room were still on and that Lu Man was dozing off on the sofa.

At times like these, Han Zhuoli would carry her back to the bedroom every single time.

Lu Man would sleepily wait for him to pack his things and come to sleep, without a proper conversation even happening between them.

The next morning, Han Zhuoli would get up early and leave.

Both of them were clearly living together. However, Han Zhuoli felt as though he had never seen Lu Man during this period.

He finally managed to finish up this busy period and come back early today.

In the end, both of them spoke only a few sentences before Yan Zhiqing called.

As both of them chatted, they actually showed no sign of ending their conversation.

Han Zhuoli felt really aggrieved.

He had not seen Lu Man for such a long time and had not even had the chance to get intimate with her. Yan Zhiqing was outrightly interrupting his intimate time with Lu Man!

Han Zhuoli sat beside Lu Man and wrapped his long arm around her waist.

Instantly, he felt a little gratification.

He had not hugged her like this in such a long time. It felt as if Lu Man’s waist got one round thinner.

“You haven’t finished chatting?” Han Zhuoli asked pitifully. “Man Man…”

Lu Man quickly covered the phone and glanced sideways at Han Zhuoli. It would be so embarrassing to let Yan Zhiqing hear that!

However, Han Zhuoli purposely said this so close to her so that Yan Zhiqing could hear it.

She held back her laughter and said, “Am I disturbing both of you right now? I’ll call you again next time.”

“Okay.” Lu Man ended the call feeling a little bad. She then jabbed at Han Zhuoli’s waist and said, “She heard you!”

“I wanted her to hear and stop disturbing us.” Han Zhuoli pulled Lu Man over to sit on his thighs. “I worked for such a long time and couldn’t even have a proper conversation with you when I got back home every day. Now that I’m finally back home early, you are actually busy talking to some other people.”

“Ah, Hubby, it’s been hard on you these last few days,” Lu Man immediately said, comforting him. She cupped his face in her hands and gave him a lovely kiss.

However, she kissed only his cheek. Han Zhuoli was not satisfied and touched his lips. “What about here? This needs comforting too.”

Lu Man then kissed him on the lips twice.

“Call me ‘Hubby’ a few more times for me to hear.” Han Zhuoli placed his hands on both sides of her waist. “Ever since we got married, I rarely hear you call me that.”

“Who said so? I clearly always call you that.” The moment she said that, Lu Man regretted it and her face started turning red.

Han Zhuoli’s lips curved up in a smile.

Didn’t she call him that often?

Every time they were doing “that” and he pushed Lu Man to her peak, he would always urge her to call him “Hubby.”

In those times, she could not even control herself and would always call him that as her voice trembled.

The more she was like this, the more he wanted it.

Yet, he would often want her. As long as he did not work overtime, he would not rest.

He was just one step away from making her call him “Hubby” every day.

In the end, afterward, her calling him “Hubby” became a secret code.

Every time Han Zhuoli said “call me Hubby,” it meant he wanted her.

Now that Han Zhuoli had said it, Lu Man felt a little hot.



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