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(You Really Disgust Me)

“That’s right.” Han Dongping was becoming even more certain of this. “He knows you want to stay in B City and not go back to Europe, and he feels threatened. He’s afraid that you will fight with him, so he purposely came to sow discord because he did not want to see you do well.”

“Enough!” Lin Liye shouted.

Han Dongping stared at Lin Liye in disbelief.

Lin Liye had always been very gentle and had never gotten mad at him before.

In this house, he, Han Dongping, had always been the head of the family.

But Lin Liye actually shouted at him just now!

“You are the one sowing discord between these brothers! These three brothers have such a good relationship. They support and take care of each other, but you really can’t stand the fact that they have a good relationship, huh? Usually, whenever Zhuoling is far away in Europe, Zhuoli would always be the one helping out Zhuofeng whenever something happened to him or if he needed help, even fulfilling his duty as an elder brother in place of Zhuoling.” Lin Liye screamed angrily, “In the future, when we’re no longer around, the three of them will be the only ones left to support each other! You don’t look upon them well and even tried to sow discord between their brotherhood! What thoughts are you harboring?!

“I’m more aware than you are about what kind of a person Xia Yixin is! Everyone in the house is more aware of it than you. Perhaps you knew, but you just refuse to admit that you are wrong! Xia Yixin is the one who’s done wrong, yet you’re pushing the blame on Zhuoli. Han Dongping, you really disgust me!”

“You!” Han Dongping pointed his finger at Lin Liye’s nose with a hideous look as he glared at her, his eyeballs about to roll out of his sockets. That fierce look made it seem as though he was about to hit her at any moment.

Indeed, Han Dongping stretched out his hand and wanted to drag Lin Liye over.

Han Zhuoling sheltered Lin Liye behind him just in time and stared at Han Dongping calmly.

Han Zhuofeng also stood beside Han Zhuoling against Han Dongping.

Both sons had grown up and were tall and reliable. Han Dongping was no match for them.

“You don’t believe it now. You can talk later when Xia Yixin and that man come,” Han Zhuoling said coldly.

Lin Liye was shielded behind Han Zhuoling. Seeing her son’s tall, reliable, wide and solid back, she teared up and her eyes reddened.

Han Zhuoling was the real victim here. He should be the one who was most angry. However, he still wanted to protect her right now and stood up to Han Dongping calmly.

The responsibility of the eldest in this household was too great.

“Enough!” Lin Liye came out from behind Han Zhuoling.

She stood in between her two sons.

With her two sons standing beside her to protect her, she did not need to be afraid of anything.

“The person who should be the angriest about this is Zhuoling. The one who got hurt and got humiliated is also Zhuoling. What are you making a ruckus for?!” Lin Liye pointed at Han Dongping in rage.

“Hmph, just divorce that kind of slut. There’s nothing else that needs to be said!” Han Zhuofeng said angrily.

“This matter has not been checked clearly. Why do you need to divorce her?!” Han Dongping said agitatedly to Han Zhuofeng as his face turned pale.

The person who should be raging the most was Han Zhuoling, but he was the most composed person here.

He did not rush to reply to him and took out his phone to show the pictures that Han Zhuoli sent him earlier to Han Dongping and Lin Liye.

“Although it was nighttime, Xia Yixin is still your daughter-in-law,” Han Zhuoling said to Han Dongping. “You should be able to recognize her.”

In the picture, Xia Yixin was being hugged by Chen Zefeng, and they were walking out of that plain-looking hotel.

Lu Man had taken quite a few pictures. Han Zhuoli did not have the heart to pick and sieve through the pictures before sending them over. He just forwarded all the pictures Lu Man had sent to him to Han Zhuoling.

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