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(He Was Always the First in Her Heart)

Han Dongping watched as the mother and sons chatted as if no one else was around, as if he was not there.

This was the three of them ditching him together!

Lin Liye thought so too.

If she stayed alone, Han Zhuoling and Han Zhuofeng would also worry about her.

She would worry about Han Zhuoling and Han Zhuofeng too.

She was the one who was thinking too much and had not adjusted to the fact that Han Zhuoling was single now.

In this way, there was nothing wrong with the three of them staying together.

“Alright,” Lin Liye agreed. She walked out and asked, “If you already renovated the house, does that mean you’re not planning to go back to Europe anymore?”

“I’m not going back anymore. I already promised Grandma that I won’t go back. Anyway, although something happened here, my plan hasn’t changed. At most, I’ll just go to Europe for business trips. I have been away for quite some time, I should stay and keep you company as well as the two elders,” Han Zhuoling explained simply.

Lin Liye nodded fervently. “Good, good, good. I can rest assured now.”

The three of them left just like that, not a single one of them saying a word to Han Dongping.

Although Han Zhuoling was very calm tonight, it did not mean that he did not have any resentment towards Han Dongping.

“Leave! You can all leave! Leave!” Han Dongping was still ranting.

The three of them entered the lift amid his ranting.

Han Dongping’s voice fell as he glanced around at his surroundings. The house suddenly became empty and lonely.

There was not a single soul around.


Han Zhuoli was still worried about Lu Man, so he went back home at the fastest speed he could.

Lu Man could not put her heart at ease while thinking of Han Zhuoli, even though she, like Han Zhuoli, meant well and did not want Han Zhuoling to be lied to and cheated on.

However, they still interfered with their family matters, and it was the kind that was not glamorous.

Han Zhuoli assumed responsibility for whatever she did, so she was very worried that they would vent their frustrations on Han Zhuoli.

This kind of thing was really something that would not be repaid in kind for the effort put in.

Oftentimes, when you helped someone, that person might not even be grateful to you.

The person might even feel embarrassed and not want to see you and blame you for being nosy.

Lu Man was worried about such a situation happening right now.

She stayed in the living room and kept her eyes on the entrance to the house.

The moment she heard the door open, Lu Man ran over.

Not long after, Han Zhuoli was seen opening the door and walking in.

“What happened? Did they blame you?” Lu Man asked anxiously.

Hearing that she did not first ask about the situation on Han Zhuoling’s end but was most concerned that he had suffered…

Han Zhuoli laughed as he walked in, liking it a lot.

He liked this feeling where, no matter when, he would always have the first place in her heart. This was really wonderful.

Han Zhuoli changed out of his shoes and hugged her as they walked into the house. “Don’t worry. Uncle will definitely have his own thoughts about this, but what he thinks is not important. He’s always liked to push the blame on me, so I have long stopped caring about what he thinks.”

As for Han Dongping, Lu Man was also at a loss for words. She knew of Han Dongping’s temper. He would always blame Han Zhuoli for everything—there was no way of talking to him.

“What about Auntie and Big Brother?” Lu Man asked.

Han Zhuoli laughed leisurely. “They are impartial people. They didn’t take out their anger on me because of this incident. You don’t have to worry about our relationship.”

As he brought her back to the bedroom, Han Zhuoli asked, “It’s so late and you still haven’t slept—were you waiting for me?”

“You weren’t coming home, so I was worried. Anyway, I can’t fall asleep now,” Lu Man explained as she helped Han Zhuoli loosen his tie.



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