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(You Must Be Happy Over Finding a Plaything to Marry)

Han Zhuoling stared at her coldly, making Xia Yixin shudder suddenly.

When Han Zhuoling gave her that look, she finally knew to feel scared.

They had been husband and wife, after all, so she knew well and deeply how scary Han Zhuoling’s methods could be.

Or else, why would the people in the business field be so afraid of going against Han Zhuoling?

Those white people in Europe had always discriminated against yellow-skinned people. They would always hide all sorts of dirty tricks in their business dealings to bully them when doing business.

When Han Zhuoling first went there, he had met a fair share of such incidents.

But what happened after that?

Not a single one of them dared to pull any more tricks. Every single one of them was as obedient as a Pekingese.

She did not know what methods Han Zhuoling had used exactly, but even in that kind of environment, Han Zhuoling could make those local businessmen admit defeat to him.

Now that she met Han Zhuoling’s deep, black gaze, Xia Yixin did not dare to utter a word.

Han Zhuofeng glanced mockingly at Han Dongping. He was even afraid that a mocking look alone would not be enough for Han Dongping to understand him.

After all, he now considered Han Dongping to be like a retarded person.

If he did not make it clear, he would really worry that Han Dongping would not get it.

Hence, Han Zhuofeng stared at Han Dongping, pointed at Xia Yixin, and said, “She could even dream of threatening the Han Family and negotiating terms with us.”

Han Zhuofeng laughed sarcastically. “Dad, how on earth did you lay your eyes on this brainless plaything?”

Han Dongping’s face turned pale with anger. “She’s the stupid one, what has it got to do with me?!”

He did not expect Xia Yixin to actually be this stupid.

Xia Yixin was the one whom he personally approved.

Now that something like this happened, Han Dongping felt ashamed as well.

Especially when he received the disdainful and resentful look from his wife. It made it seem as if he was just as dumb.

Han Zhuoli patted Han Zhuofeng’s shoulder as if to remind him that it would not be too late to settle scores with Han Dongping later.

He gestured with his toes to the pen that Han Zhuoling threw over to Xia Yixin and said, “Sign it.”

Xia Yixin trembled as she reached out and held the pen, but she could not bring herself to do it at all.

Although her hands were untied, her legs were still tied together, so she could only struggle to crawl towards Han Zhuoling. “I don’t want a divorce, Zhuoling, I was wrong! I know I’m wrong now! That child… I don’t want that child now! You can do what you want with the child, just forgive me this once!

“Who hasn’t made mistakes before? Furthermore, even before our marriage, we all had our own love lives. If we can forgive that, this can be forgiven too! Just pretend that… that we were in love and broke up, then I fell in love with someone else, something along those lines! Zhuoling, please forgive me! I promise, I won’t do this kind of thing again next time.”

Han Zhuoli almost felt like puking when he heard that.

Lin Liye shouted angrily, “Do whatever we want? How are we supposed to do that? Our family will not stoop to the level of harming a child! That child is yours, you bring it home yourself!”

Xia Yixin seemed not to have heard Lin Liye’s words and merely stared at Han Zhuoling.

Han Zhuoling said sarcastically, “Let’s not talk about how love and marriage are different. To be in love, there needs to be affection. But I have no affection for you.”

Han Zhuofeng took the divorce agreement and pen over and slammed them on the table.

“If you don’t sign it, I will call the people from your family over and we can all watch you sign it!” Lin Liye bellowed.

She pointed at Xia Yixin and said to Han Dongping, “You must be happy now over finding a plaything like this to marry into our house!”

After being subjected to a series of criticisms, Han Dongping got so angry that he charged forward in big strides.

Han Zhuofeng thought that he was going to hit Lin Liye and immediately protected Lin Liye by standing in front of her. To their surprise, Han Dongping actually stopped beside Xia Yixin and grabbed her hair before forcing the pen into her hand and screaming, “Sign it!”

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