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(It’s an Ornament)

Han Zhuoling was again unsurprisingly calm.

Han Zhuoli could not help but feel a little thankful. Perhaps Han Zhuoling did not have any feelings for Xia Yixin. This was actually a good thing. At least, now that something like this had happened, Han Zhuoling would not be hurt emotionally by Xia Yixin.

Han Dongping scoffed and did not give Han Zhuoli a good look.

Han Zhuoli did not care either.

Lin Liye walked over and said, “Zhuoli, you went to get a DNA test done for Zhuoling and Linkai?”

When Li Liye said this, Xia Yixin’s expression finally changed and showed that she was scared.

Han Zhuoli noticed and said, “The results will be out in two days.”

“Han Zhuoli, you’re accusing me!” Xia Yixin shrieked. “Who knows whether you faked that result or not? Linkai is Zhuoling’s son.”

“If you don’t believe Zhuoli, then I will bring Linkai there personally to do the DNA test,” Han Zhuoling said. “I promise it won’t go through another person’s hands. How’s that?”

Han Zhuoling finally threw a glance at Chen Zefeng and said, “I might as well also take a sample of his DNA for testing.”

Xia Yixin’s face turned pale in a split second. What was there not to understand with that look?

Han Zhuoling did not waste his breath on her. He called his own lawyer and asked him to come over to draft a divorce agreement.

“I’m not getting a divorce!” Xia Yixin shrieked. “Zhuoling, forgive me this once! I don’t want a divorce!”

She had an affair and got together with her lover just to satisfy her own emotional and physiological needs.

Actually, this was all also because her life was too good and she had nothing better to do—that was why she had the energy to think about all these so-called emotional emptiness and to think of all these nonsense.

If she had things to be busy about or if her life was not so carefree and she had to work hard to live, she probably would not have the energy to think about all these things.

“You did such a thing and you still have the shame to ask Zhuoling for forgiveness? How are you so shameless?!” Lin Liye screamed.

“If he was not concerned merely with work and did not care about me at all, would I have done this?” Xia Yixin turned around to accuse him. “He doesn’t have a heart for me at all. Usually when I’m at home, he just treats me like I’m invisible. Every day, aside from work, he focuses on more work. In his eyes, there is only work. His work is even more attractive to him than I am. He doesn’t care about me at all and never treated me like a wife. A wife like me is nothing but a vase, an ornament to put on display for other people to see!”

“Is this your reason for having an affair?” Han Zhuoli scoffed. “Your carefree life only came about because of Big Brother’s hard work. You’re spending his money and even disdained him for neglecting you because of his work. You then used his money to go on dates with other people, and now you still have the shame to accuse my big brother of not treating you well?”

Listening to Xia Yixin’s words only made Lin Liye feel terrible.

Han Zhuoling did not like Xia Yixin, and he only cared about work because he had no feelings for her.

If there was anyone who Han Zhuoling cared about, he would not be like that.

Due to the boredom in his life, he channeled all his energy to work.

Even then, Han Zhuoling did not do anything to betray Xia Yixin!

Han Zhuoling did not like Xia Yixin, but since he married her, he would stay faithful to this marriage.

He’d fulfill his duty as a husband.

This was Han Zhuoling’s character. It would be tough for him to truly fall in love with a woman.

He could only develop feelings for the other party over time through interaction.

However, Xia Yixin only wanted to be pampered by a man who would coax her and treat her like a princess. She did not want to put in the effort herself.

She did not want to try and get close to Han Zhuoling and get to know his heart.



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