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(Regret Churning in Their Guts)

Hence, the children could only wait until daytime came to watch it online.

When they saw Xia Qingwei, one child shouted, “Mom, Mom, quick, come and look. It’s Ms. Xia!”

The child’s mother was still busy in the kitchen and said in annoyance, “Don’t spout nonsense. Why would Ms. Xia be on that show? That’s a huge television station and a huge show.”

“It’s really Ms. Xia. Come and look if you don’t believe me!”

The child’s mother walked over and took a look. She almost could not believe her eyes.

It was really Xia Qingwei on the TV screen.

And the person beside her…

The child’s mom stuttered, “That… Isn’t that Wang Juhuai?”

Her child was learning the violin. As a mother, how could she not recognize Wang Juhuai?

“Yes! It’s him! Ms. Xia is actually Uncle Wang’s wife!”

The child’s mother was so stunned that she could not speak. In that moment, she felt instant regret.

If her child had continued to learn the violin under Xia Qingwei, that would have made her child a student of Wang Juhuai’s wife. Her child could then have also addressed Wang Juhuai as “Teacher”!

There were so many rich and powerful people out there who were not able to send their children under Wang Juhuai’s tutelage. Her child actually had such a smooth path that was Xia Qingwei, yet it got cut off just like that!

What did Wang Juhuai say on the TV?

Both of them had really been divorced for many years.

Wang Juhuai’s previous wife was the real liar!

She saw that piece of news previously as well, but she did not know that Wang Juhuai’s wife was Xia Qingwei!

The same situation also happened in other children’s households.

When the parents found out how much of a great opportunity they had missed, they immediately pounded their chests and feet, regret churning in their guts.

The children even called each other to notify each other. “Ms. Xia is actually Master Wang Juhuai’s wife!”

“We actually once learned the violin from Master Wang’s wife!”

“Yeah, it’s such a pity. Now we won’t be able to learn the violin from Ms. Xia again.”

“I wonder if there’s a chance that Ms. Xia will be able to return to the school.”

“Yeah. The misunderstanding previously has been cleared. Ms. Xia was wronged by others. She should return to the school.”

As the children were chatting among themselves, they reminded their parents as well.

Their parents immediately headed for the school.

This kind of music school for extra-curricular enrichment held most of their classes on weekends. They naturally would not be closed on the weekends.

At the same time, the office that Xia Qingwei was in originally was once again filled with parents.

“Let Ms. Xia come back, please!”

“We were the ones who misunderstood Ms. Xia. Now that the misunderstanding has been cleared up, can you let Ms. Xia come back and teach?”

“Right. It was our fault previously. We didn’t check properly before we chased her away. Since everything has been explained now, let Ms. Xia come back please.”

“Everyone, I’m so sorry. Ms. Xia had already tendered her resignation,” Director Sun explained helplessly.

They were the ones who wanted to chase her away. Now they wanted to call her back.

Why were there so many conceited and one-sided people around?

“Why did she just resign? Didn’t you say you were going to let her go on leave first?”

Director Sun scoffed. “Everyone was here last time, right? I originally said that we should let Ms. Xia go on leave, but everyone objected to it and insisted that she resign. Last time, when Ms. Xia quit, you were all here. Did you all forget?”

At that moment, everyone’s faces fell.

Someone said, “Then just let her return to her post. Let her come back. It’s such a simple thing.”

“Hah, this isn’t something our school can decide on,” Director Sun replied coldly.


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