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Season 8

Episode 71

(Helping Roger out (3)

"Ohhh, of course not! That's not what I meant!" Violet quickly shook her head. "Let's leave it for now. I can promise you, as long as my husband doesn't mind me being friends with a guy then we will be friends."

"Your husband?" Francis echoed what Violet just said. He then turned around and walked to the French window of his office to enjoy the view outside. "The weather is good, although the headline today..."

Violet understood what he meant before he finished his words and realized that her refusal might have irritated Francis.

She walked to Francis and said,"Well, we are friends now! And we will soon become close friends, okay?"

"Really?" Francis asked, with his eyes again lighting up.

"Yes, it's serious to me," Violet replied. She just decided to leave her worries along, because she believed that Greg would understand her if she explained everything to him. After all, she loved no one but him.

"Good!" Francis nodded with pleasure. He looked back outside the window, now smiling.

"Then, the GR Group..." Violet tried to imply to him, for fear that being too direct would make him change his mind.
Francis turned around, walked to his desk, grabbed the phone and got through to the internal line.

"Have Assistant Zhao come in." Francis ordered to someone and hung up the phone.

After a few minutes, the door opened and in walked a beautiful lady dressed in a corporate suit and high heels. 'This must be Assistant Zhao.' Violet thought.
"Make an announcement that our company will invest in the GR Group and at the same time send a manager over to the GR Group and discuss the details of the investment with Roger Gu." Francis instructed.

"Okay Mr. Francis. Consider it done." Assistant Zhao nodded politely and then walked out, briefly looking at Violet.

Francis turned to Violet and said,"So now are yo still worried? Trust me. The GR Group's stock price will go up within a couple of hours."

"Thank you, Francis!" Violet said happily, feeling relieved.

"Then," Francis seemed quite serious, staring at Violet. "Now that I have helped you, do you think you could have lunch with me?"

"Of course!" Violet replied joyfully. As long as the GR Group successfully survived the crisis, nothing else worried her. It would be a pleasant afternoon when she finally got to do her grocery shopping after her lunch with Francis.

"Okay. Please take a seat and wait for a very short while. I'll have someone take over my work first and then my assistant will book a table for us," Francis said. He felt it an honor for him to dine with Violet, so he wanted to make it perfect.

"Okay, take your time," Violet replied. Cassie arrived at Francis' company an hour later.

Ignoring the receptionists, Cassie walked straight into the building.

"Hello, can I help you with something?" Receptionists wanted to stop her but failed, so they had no choice but walk after her.

Cassie rudely pushed Francis' door open, wanting to jump on Francis and slash him with a blade, only to find that no one was in the office.

Finally, Francis' assistant caught up with her.

"Where is Francis?" Cassie angrily asked, her hands on her hips.

The assistant, fully aware that this cousin of Francis was ill-tempered, decided not to irritate her further.

"Mr. Francis is out." the assistant answered politely.

"I know he is out! Are you dumb? He is not here, is he? Where did he go?" Cassie raised her voice further. She had no patience for people below her.

"He went for lunch." the assistant replied with her head bowed.

"Why did he help the GR Group?! There are hundreds of companies out there! Why the GR Group?! He's throwing his money away!" Cassie furiously yelled out in the hall outside Francis' office.

"I'm sorry, I don't know about that. I just do as he orders." The assistant was worried. It seemed that Cassie was going to strangle anyone near her.

Without Francis in the company, no one could calm her down if she fell apart and became violent.

Cassie was so angry that she screamed as she heavily stamped her feet on the floor. She then stared at the assistant and asked,"Where is he having lunch now?"

"Well..." the assistant hesitated to tell her, because Francis went to have lunch with Violet. If Cassie found out, she might spin out of control.

"Tell me. He's my cousin, and I have every right to know where he is!" Cassie shouted at the assistant, trying to intimidate her further.

" the Maple Restaurant nearby." the assistant gave in, her voice shaking. Cassie, who was like a dinosaur going for the kill, terrified her.



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