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 Season 8

Episode 64

(The Enemies meet(2)

"Was that a joke?" Tina sneered and walked forward, lifted her hand and slapped Cassie back. She was not the person to be bullied easily and she was not a coward to be outdone by such a whore like Cassie.     

"Who do you think you are? You are nothing in this city! One more thing, don't you ever think that you will get Greg. Not in your lifetime!" Tina yelled in Cassie's face.    

 The quarrel between the two women for a married man, had drawn the attention of some people who started watching them. Afraid of arousing public indignation, Cassie didn't pursue the fight against Tina. People seemed to have just forgotten about her scandal. What if they found that she was stirring up trouble again in public?     

Just as Cassie quieted down, Tina continued to deride her,"Hey you bitch! Don't pretend to be weak and delicate. 

Are you scared now?" Seeing that Cassie was still silent, Tina gave her a sneer and went on with her tirades. "Aren't you good at seducing men? Since you could seduce the pure and loyal Greg to a hotel, it only meant that you are an expert. Why keep silent now? You haven't gotten what you wanted, have you?"  

"Shut up!" roared Cassie in a low voice. She needed to put a stop to Tina's loud tirades. The crowd had become bigger and more people could hear the dirty facts about her.     

"I won't! I just want to let others see how you seduce men and what a shameless woman you are! I have to admit that I admire you because you have a thick hide to still stay in the city after your dirty photos were exposed. Cassie Zheng, why not purse your career in Japan? Do you need me to tell my brother and perhaps he can pay you in the name of our company. Hahaha!" Tina was enjoying her upper hand over Cassie and laughed loudly.     

"I told you to shut your mouth!" Cassie clenched her teeth, hating Tina with every inch of her body. She really didn't want to strut around in the city and she tried to suppress her fury.    

 "What right do you have to give me orders?" asked Tina furiously. "Who the fuck do you think you are! A shameless bitch! Don't you ever talk to me. I don't want to be polluted by a barefaced slut!"  

Saying that, Tina turned to look at Greg and told him,"Greg, tell your father to fire her! Don't let a dirty, garbage eating bitch ruin the reputation of XS Hospital!"    

Cassie was choked with anger. She stared at Tina fiercely and hated her guts. Though she kept silent on the outside, she already had made up her mind to get rid of this evil woman!    

 "Tina, would you please just leave?" 

Greg felt a big headache coming up because of these two women quarreling over him. He helplessly shook his head, saying,"Don't make a mess around here in the early morning. You are ruining my mood!"    

Saying that, he then walked into the building without looking back. He didn't care if the two women killed each other. All the better for him.    

 Tina and Cassie stood in place and stared at each other with hatred, burning in anger. In Tina's heart, she scorned Cassie, while in Cassie's heart, she hated Tina.     

"So what? Why stare at me?" Tina provoked.   

"Tina Gu!" shouted Cassie at Tina. "I won't let go of this easily! Just wait and see!"    

"Hah! As a noble lady from the Gu family, do you think I will be afraid of you?" Tina rolled her eyes and sneered at her. She then left, carrying the latest edition of luxury handbag.    

 Indignantly, Cassie went to her office and stood in front of the big European windows. She was in no mood to get to work at all and her mind was filled with the storm of ridicule that Tina kept throwing at her. 'How could I let such a simple-minded woman insult me? She must have a death wish!' thought Cassie.     

Suddenly, her eyes sparkled as if a light bulb just lit up on her head. With a wicked smile, she thought of a brilliant idea. 'Tina Gu, since you like Greg so much and want to take him away from me, I won't give you a second chance.

 Before, my No.1 enemy was Violet and now it seems that you bumped up to the top of the list! I will get rid of you first!' Cassie said to herself.    

 With that idea, she quickly dialed a number.   

The phone was soon answered after the second ring.    

 "Hello!" A voice sounded from the other end of the line.    

 "I want every information on this Tina Gu. Do everything you can and bring her to a nightclub tonight! I don't want excuses. Just make it happen,"  Cassie gave her order curtly and coldly.    

 "Consider it done. Anything else?" The person on the other end of the line asked.    

 "You will know when the time is ripe." Then Cassie hung up the phone.   

  A victorious smile was plastered on Cassie's face. She was now in a good mood looking forward to tonight's show which would be very interesting. Since the city had become quiet, it was time to add something exciting to talk about.   

  The day passed by quickly. Violet went to H King Group to see her uncle Wilson and spent the whole morning with him in the office. She then had lunch with her aunt Selina and had afternoon tea with her. She had a very relaxed and pleasant day and didn't come back home until Greg was about to get off work.   

When she arrived home, she watched TV on the sofa. When she noticed that it was the time for Greg to get home, she dialed Greg's number.     

"Hi, honey!" Greg's tender voice sounded clearly over the phone.    

 "Have you gotten off work?" Violet asked. Hearing Greg's voice always made her feel warm inside.     

"Yes and I am on my way home now,"  Greg replied, smiling. He felt good that Violet would take the initiative to call him. It meant that she missed him all day and that made him feel the sweetness in his heart. Sweet like honey.    

 "Greg, how about you call Tim and I will call Alice so that the four of us can have dinner out together?" Violet suggested.

     "What's the matter? Do you feel bored at home and want to have fun outside?" Greg smiled by himself while driving. He had Violet on his Bluetooth headset so he didn't need to hold the phone.   

"What? No, I'm not bored! Haha. I just want to have dinner with Alice!" Violet's laughter was so tender and sweet, like music to his ears.     

"Okay, you're the captain tonight! I will call Tim now. You get changed and wait for me. I'll get changed into fresh clothes then we can leave. If you can prepare my favorite shirt that would be great!" Greg's instructions were very efficient.    

 "Okay, I love you!" Violet happily hung up the phone after giving a big kiss to Greg over the phone.    

 "I love you more!" Greg yelled back and fell back to driving. Life was good.    

 Violet then dialed Alice's number. "Hello my sister!" Alice answered the phone immediately. She was doodling some designs with a pencil. Putting the phone on speaker mode, she placed the phone aside and continued drawing.     

"Hi Alice, how about having dinner together tonight?" said Violet beaming.

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