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Season 8

Episode 63

(The enemies meet(1)

One week later, the scandal had completely vanished like dark clouds after the rain. By now, the whole city had returned to its usual hustle and bustle.

There were no journalists gathered at the hospital and Cassie still went to work wearing big sunglasses every day. If no one took a closer look, she wouldn't be recognized.

In the morning, when Violet opened her eyes, she found that Greg was not beside her. Curious where he might be, Violet got up, tided up the bed and walked out of the bedroom to see what her husband was up to.

The moment she went downstairs, she smelled the inviting aroma of a freshly cooked meal. "You are up?" Greg smiled at her, carrying a dish in his hand.

"Yes!" Violet replied while delightedly nodding her head.

"Go wash your face. Breakfast will be ready soon!" said Greg, smiling.

Violet had to admit that she felt very warm and fuzzy inside, having such a thoughtful and considerate husband.

After they finished breakfast together, Greg rose up to put away the dishes. Violet immediately stopped him and said,"Let me do it! You'd better go to work now and don't be late."

"It's okay for me! I will put these away and you go to the couch to have a rest," said Greg.

"Rest from what? I just got up from bed then had breakfast! I have nothing else to do here the whole day. So you hurry up and go to work now." Violet gave her husband a push and slapped him on the butt. Though she had been mad at him for several days, she had softened seeing his extra care and tenderness. She no longer felt any anger towards him.

"Okay, then! I am leaving," Greg conceded and stood in front of Violet, put his hands on her shoulders and gave a tender kiss on her forehead. In a soft and low, intimate voice, he whispered in Violet's ear,"Stay here at home and wait till I get back."

"I will," said Violet. Greg's deep and manly voice in her ear made her ticklish and excited.

"Bye my love!" Greg waved as he walked to his car and drove off.

When he arrived at the hospital, he naturally walked to his own office, the same way he did every time he came to work. But today, he ran into Tina. He hadn't seen her for a long time.

Seeing the arrogant Tina strutting with pride, Greg had no choice but to stop and greet her, even though he didn't really want to talk to her.

"Hello, Mr. Greg. Long time no see!" Tina greeted in a flattering voice.

"What are you doing here in the hospital?" asked Greg, confused.

"I am here to bring back some prescription medicine for my mother. She hasn't been in good health recently," replied Tina. She then took a glance at the aloof Greg and taunted him,"Ohh, you know what? I thought you would live a happy life after getting married with that Violet. But now, look what happened. I didn't even need to take action and yet someone else had dealt with her. I heard that you are in good romantic terms with a newcomer in the city, is that true?"

"It's none of your business. I am leaving now!" Greg had no time for small and dirty talk like that and decided to leave.

But Tina stopped her, grabbing his arm.
Tina looked at Greg in the eye, not letting go of his arm. "Greg, I will give you a chance to leave your wife and I will find a way to get rid of that slut, Cassie. On one condition that you marry me when those two, good for nothing women are gone from our lives."

'Is she out of her mind?' Greg thought it ridiculous, hearing what Tina was proposing. This did not deserve a decent response. 'What a cocky delusional woman she is!'

"Hah, how funny!" Greg sneered. "You really think that highly of yourself, don't you? Someone so conceited and arrogant has no right to get involved in my life!"

"Greg, you must know the way I do things. I never give up easily on the things I want to get," said Tina, unfazed by Greg's reaction. She had been abroad and had just returned, seeing the news about Greg. Though things had subsided, she still thought that it was the time for her to fight for the man she loved.

"Oh, really? Then let me tell you," Greg, not intimidated by Tina at all, fiercely stared at her and said,"Next time we run into each other, it will be like we have never met!"

"Greg, don't play with my true heart," Tina said sternly. She couldn't understand why Greg didn't appreciate her feelings for him.

"Your true heart? Do you have a true heart? I never imagined that you even had one!" A woman's voice came from behind, interrupting them.

It was Cassie, who walked towards them proudly, paying no attention to Tina. When she stood between Greg and Tina, she grabbed Tina's arm from Greg and pushed her away. Tina staggered and backed up for several steps.

"You..." Tina gagged on her anger. She didn't expect that this woman would be much more vicious than Violet.

"Is Greg yours? How dare you touch him so intimately?" questioned Cassie, while casting sharp eyes at her. She already knew of Tina's affection towards Greg and she could tell that the woman was just another rival in the quest for Greg's love.

"Well, well, I knew it was you! You are the cheap actress in the headlines several days ago, haha!" Tina relentlessly laughed at Cassie after she saw clearly who she was. She then spoke in a nasty tone,"I see you and I am ashamed for you. You have the gall to appear in public even after your nude picture was exposed to the public. A true scandal indeed! Aren't you afraid of being thrown eggs at again? Hahaha..."

Before she could finish laughing, Cassie's heavy hand had landed on her left cheek.

"Mind your manners here! You have no right to make such comments on me!" Cassie clenched her teeth and tried to subdue her anger. Even if the fury was burning in her heart, she still had to behave herself and not create any commotion in public.

Tina's jaw nearly fell, both in shock and the strength of Cassie hitting her face. She was dumbstruck and just stood still, without saying a word. Her left hand was on the affected cheek which had started to sting with pain.

"What the hell are you doing? Don't you know who she is?" Greg rebuked Cassie. How bad-tempered and reckless she was, that she even hit someone she had never met.

"I don't know her and I don't care!" Cassie spit out as she stared at Tina fiercely.

She then continued to say,"But she was clinging to you and that's what I didn't want to see. She deserved that slap."

With fierce eyes, she then warned Tina,"Let me tell you, Greg is mine! Don't you ever try to get close to him, or you will never find peace in your life again!"



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