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Season 8

Episode 62

(Believe in love (3)

Alice didn't answer his question. She just said,"You know clearly why Cassie published that news yesterday, so you should know the purpose of today's headlines." She was indirectly telling Greg that today's headline was a revenge on Cassie. It was to warn Cassie that she should keep her arrogance in check while she was in this city and that she should stop casting her greedy eyes on Violet's husband because if she did, then she wouldn't be able to bear the consequences.     

Greg knew that Cassie was the one behind yesterday's news. And he knew exactly why she did it. But he didn't know who had planned today's headline, but the purpose was quite obvious.    

 Noticing that Violet was silent, Alice held her hand and asked gently,"Are you okay?"    

Violet nodded her head, slightly smiled and replied,"Yes, I'm okay."  

"That's a relief,"  Alice said. After a pause, she continued,"Do you want me to take you to the park next to your apartment? The morning air is quite fresh."   

 Violet thought that it would be good to take a walk with Alice. So she agreed,"Okay, let's go."    

Alice pulled Violet up and said to Greg,"I'm going for a walk with Violet. We'll come back after a while."    

Greg nodded his head silently.    

 After the two girls left, Tim began to question Greg,"Who do you think is behind this? Could it be Violet?"   

 Greg immediately said,"No, Violet couldn't do such a thing." He knew Violet well and it was impossible for her to do such cruel thing.    

 Tim tried to provide a logical explanation,"But consider this. After seeing yesterday's news, people were all for you and Cassie. And it was clearly Cassie who had taken the photos at the hotel and published it in the newspaper. Her purpose was achieved."  

Tim paused for a second and then continued,"But today's headline obviously targeted Cassie. After reading such incredulous news about Cassie, the people who had supported her at first, turned on her, and Cassie's name was totally destroyed. And think about it. The people who had planned yesterday's headline must have wanted to protect Cassie. Then why did they suddenly get back at Cassie today?"   

 Greg thought about it seriously. Nothing was making any sense at the moment.    

 Tim said,"People on the inside must know that the guy had written today's headline because of yesterday's news. There is no way that it was a coincidence. Yesterday, Cassie had won supporters from her piece of news, but today, she lost them all. The guy behind this must be someone unusual. 

Common people couldn't come up with such a cruel plan. Don't you think so?" Tim truly admired that guy. He believed that this man was powerful and he was probably someone who kept watch on what was going on in this city.   

Greg agreed,"I think so too. But I just can't figure out who this guy could be. Violet's parents aren't in this city. Her family wouldn't do such a thing. The four most powerful families in this city are quiet and they don't seem to be related to this fiasco. So who could this guy be?" Greg wondered if it could be someone he knew.    

 Tim suddenly asked,"Did you notice that Alice was quite strange today?"    

Greg didn't think it was a big deal and said,"What happened today must have pleased her. Do you think she will be unhappy after reading today's newspaper? I know Alice. Violet is much more important than anyone else to her. 

You were also at the hotel last night. Everything Alice did was for Violet. So such news would be a delight for her."    Tim nodded his head. He thought that Greg's words made sense and felt that maybe he had overthought.   

  In the park, Violet and Alice walked hand in hand.   

"Alice, I want to ask you something."    Alice replied,"Yes?"    

Violet asked her directly,"Who was it that had aimed at Cassie and issued the news?"    

Alice was thrown off by her sudden question. She thought quickly and said,"If there is someone who is concerned about you, they wouldn't stand by and do nothing when they know that you're hurt."   

 "But is that...?" she began and stopped. She hadn't expected to see such photos. In all of them, Cassie wasn't wearing anything. Any woman who saw the photos would be embarrassed and men would joke about it. Violet wasn't expecting to see her naked pictures in the main headlines.    

 Alice comforted her,"Violet, don't worry about this. Trust me, nothing bad will happen anymore."    

"Really?" Violet was still worried and she continued,"But I'm afraid that Cassie will do something crazy again. She seems to be very vindictive."  

Alice said,"Relax. She won't hurt you anymore. I'm here with you and if she comes anywhere near you, I won't let her go easily." Even Lawrence, who was abroad, was helping Violet. So Alice thought that she should assist Violet too. If anyone dared to hurt her, Alice would be the first to teach them a good lesson.     
Violet finally nodded when she saw the firmness in Alice's eyes and she believed Alice's words.     

Violet said,"It's so good to have you by my side."   

 "Of course. I told you that I won't leave you anymore. I'll always be with you and help you to continue being the most wonderful girl in the world and the most charming princess in this city,"  Alice said. Her recent work was also designed for Violet.     

The two kept walking and Alice asked,"Violet, so many things have happened in the past few days. Have you reconsidered your future with Greg?"  

Violet shook her head,"Not yet. My mind is rushing incoherently here and there and I don't know what I should do. I wanted to be alone to calm down and try to forget all these things. But today's news..."   

 "Violet, don't bother about these things. You should live your life and follow your heart. Greg loves you. I know that. Don't leave him because of all this."   

 Violet replied,"I don't want to leave him either."   

 Alice smiled,"Then just hold his hand and be with him."    

A small smile appeared on Violet's lips as she said,"Okay, I will."

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