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Season 8

Episode 57

(An eye for an eye (1)

Greg rushed into his house, only to find the empty living room. Worried as he was, he strode towards the bedroom but found no one inside.   

  Staring around the empty room, he sank into fluster. 'Where did she go?' he wondered uneasily.     

"Violet, sweetheart,"  Greg cried as he entered the study. Still, there was no sign of his wife anywhere. He went to the kitchen, same story. But when he walked into the bathroom, he was immediately depressed by what he saw.   

  Staring blankly ahead, Violet sat hunched in a corner, barefoot with a newspaper in her hands. Desolate and drained, she looked as though she had aged quickly over the few hours they'd been apart.    

 Noticing Violet was in her thin nightgown, Greg grabbed the bath towel and quickly reached for her. He squatted down and draped her shoulders with the towel. Catching a glimpse of the open window, he held her freezing hands and wondered how long she had stayed there.   

"Get up, Violet. Let's go to the bedroom. It's so cold here,"  Greg began, trying to speak as gently as he could. He felt heartbroken to see her act like this. All the unpleasant things that had happened between him and Violet vanished from his mind.     

Greg stretched out in an attempt to lift Violet to his chest. However, Violet shook off his hands violently.    

 "Get your hands off me. Just stay away from me,"  Violet yelled, her voice hoarse from sobbing.     

Greg froze immediately, dumbfounded. 'What's up? Did she catch a cold?' a thousand questions ran through his mind.    

 "Are you alright, Violet? Tell me what happened,"  Greg said apprehensively, as he held Violet's arms tightly.     

"Let me be, Greg! Get your hands off me. I hate you. I hate you,"  Violet cried out, attempting to push Greg away with all her strength. But at the moment, she was too weak for that.   

"Violet,"  Greg said as he took her into his arms. He held his wife tightly no matter how hard she punched him in the chest. "I'm sorry, honey. It's all my fault. I'm so sorry. Please forgive me,"  he apologized effusively.     

Upon hearing this, Violet burst into tears. Her wailing of grief resounded through the bathroom.    

 "Why did you treat me like that, Greg? I told you I didn't take Sharon's money. 

Why did you stay with Cassie last night? Why?" Violet said huskily, blurting out her thoughts.     

"No, no, no, you misunderstood me, Violet. Don't believe what's in the newspapers. I swear I didn't cheat on you,"  Greg explained.    

 Defeated by exhaustion, Violet gradually lost her consciousness and fell to one side.     

Taking note of that, Greg let her go only to find that she had passed out.    

 "Violet, Violet,"  Greg shouted. He lifted Violet to his chest and hurried to the bedroom.   

As he placed her on the bed lightly, he tucked her inside the quilt. He stared at her gaunt face, tears forming in his eyes.

 'I swore that I'll never allow anyone to hurt her or make her cry. But look at what I have done to her. I broke her heart and made her suffer like this, ' he blamed himself.    

 Greg stayed by Violet's side and attended to her the whole day. It was until nightfall that Violet fluttered her eyes slowly.     

When he spotted that Violet woke up, his eyes lit up in joy. He seized her hand, and then exclaimed delightfully,"You finally woke up, Violet!"    

Seeing Greg sitting at the edge of the bed, Violet turned her head away from him angrily.     

He was aware that Violet sulked. Not to anger her further, Greg dropped the subject.     

"You must be hungry. I cooked some rice porridge for you. I'll bring it to you right away,"  Greg said tenderly. He stood up and got out of bedroom.   

Sensing that Greg was out, Violet got out of bed and walked out as well.     

With a bowl of porridge, Greg walked carefully towards the bedroom. When he walked into the dining room, he was surprised to find Violet sitting there. He paused and made his way to her.    

 Nervous, Greg put the bowl of porridge in front of her. Watching her eat, he didn't know what to say. He just sat there by her side, watching silently.    

 In the evening, the two lay on the bed without saying a word. Violet was unwilling to talk, while Greg blankly stared at the ceiling much of the time    About an hour on, Greg opened his mouth first.    

 "After I left home last night, I went to a bar. I somehow ran into Cassie there. Then I was drunk and went to Tim's hotel with her. Later Tim and Alice found me there. Nothing had happened between Cassie and me,"  Greg narrated briefly, thinking it was necessary to explain to Violet. He hated to see his loving wife misunderstand him. Most importantly, he hated to see her suffering a lot.   

"As for today's news, I knew nothing about it. I didn't expect to be followed by the paparazzi. Tim called up and said Cassie arranged all of this. She even bribed a reporter and sent him to trace me last night,"  Greg explained. He basically assumed why he and Cassie would end up in the hotel. However, he couldn't guess Violet's thoughts towards this. He also had no idea of public opinion on the same.     

"Greg,"  Violet began in a calm voice, her head still stooped down.    

 An eager Greg transfixed his gaze on Violet, careful not to interrupt her.    

 "When we walk on the street tomorrow, what will happen if we are derided and shamed over that false reports, as you say? Would we have to show them our marriage permit to prove our legal relationship?" Violet asked calmly, as she turned a sidelong glance at Greg. "Will they blame me for destroying your relationship with Cassie? Or will they accuse you of being unfaithful?"    

"I will clarify the truth to the media. To everyone. You're the only one I love, and I've never cheated on you,"  Greg said firmly as he met Violet's gaze.   

"There is no need. With all the barrage of accusations that the media has started, your courage will be badly dented to call for a press conference. The public sentiments are already heavily stacked against you," Violet responded, before turning her back on Greg. "I always try to keep a low profile because I wouldn't know how to deal with such negative publicity. It's hard to disabuse the public of such fake news, no matter how innocent you're. Only people who have been there, and had their names dragged into mud will understand how it feels," she added.

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