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Season 8

Episode 56

(Sensational News (3)

"Are you telling me the truth?" asked Derek, who was still a little skeptical about her story.    

 "Of course, I am. You can go and ask Tim if you don't trust me, or you can go back and check the surveillance video of the hotel. Cassie left the hotel early, and she never slept with Greg,"  answered Alice.    

 Derek finally decided to trust his daughter. He sighed,"You know that your Uncle Jackson and your sworn mother, Cherry are in Hong Kong. They are far away from home, so I have a duty to take good care of Violet for them. I can't let anything or anyone hurt her. Ever."  

  Alice understood her father's worries very well.     

She moved closer to Derek and sat next to him. Holding one of his arms, she said,"Dad, I know what you're worried about, but trust me, I'll take good care of Violet. I'll kick the hell out of anyone who dares to bully her. I will absolutely not allow anyone to treat Violet badly. I know you'll shield her from any kind of trouble, so will I. I'll protect her from any harm."  

"I know that the two of you are quite close,"  said Derek in a soft voice. His eyes were fixed on the newspaper once again, and he went on,"This is all so unexpected, so I'm worried about Violet. Anyway, it's good to hear that she's fine. I know Greg's personality, and I trust him after what I've heard from you."   

 "That's it, Dad. I have said it before, Greg is a reliable guy. He loves Violet, and nobody could doubt his love for her,"  replied Alice.     

"You are such a sweet talker,"  said Derek, looking at his daughter with loving eyes. He couldn't object to anything she said when she looked at him with her beautiful eyes.    

 After talking to her father, Alice hurried back to her room, took out her phone and dialed Tim's number.     

"Hello Alice,"  Tim greeted as the call connected.     

"Tim, did you read the news? How did this happen? Why would they print such lies in the papers?" Alice asked in a haste. She was worried about Violet now. What if she had already read the newspaper? She would be devastated.  

 "I just read it. My assistant had told me that there was a reporter who had followed Greg to the hotel last night, and I had asked her to check who he was, but it was too late to find him,"  Tim replied. 

After a pause, he continued,"Right now, the internet is full of comments about Greg and Cassie. Violet has not been involved in the news for the time being. She'll be fine for now."    

"What will Violet think when she reads the news? That's what worries me the most. Tim, find a good excuse to explain this news to Violet,"  said Alice in a worried tone.     

Tim was suddenly at a loss for words. After thinking for a moment, he said into the phone,"I think it's better to leave the job to Greg."   

 "It looks like there's nothing we can do right now,"  said Alice, agreeing with Tim,"By the way, did you find out who the reporter was?"    

"He seems to be Cassie's friend, and she had arranged for him to follow Greg,"  replied Tim.   

"Cassie's friend? What the hell does she want?" asked Alice. Even though she already knew why Cassie would do all those things, she still couldn't believe that she would do such a thing. Did she really want to get back together with a married man?     

"It's easy to guess what she wants; she wants to be with Greg,"  said Tim.     

"She is mad! She should be locked away somewhere for a while,"  complained Alice.   

  Greg sat in his office and looked at the news on the computer screen. He wasn't surprised by the gossips. He just stared at the screen, with a gloomy face.   

 Without knocking, Fred pushed open the door and walked into Greg's office.    

 Greg finally got back to his senses when he saw his Dad standing in front of him. He stood up and asked,"Dad, what's the matter? Why are you here?"    

"I'm here to ask you about the news in the papers. What the hell is going on? Why were you with Cassie last night?" 
asked Fred angrily. He couldn't believe the news at all, and that's why he had rushed to ask his son about it. He wanted to hear the truth personally from Greg, and he only wanted to believe what his son told him.   

"Dad, the only thing that you need to know is that I love my wife more than anything else in this world. I'm not interested in other women. So, this..." 

Greg didn't finish his words, but turned his eyes back to the news on the computer screen.    

 "Greg, although you are not a celebrity, you are still a well-known figure in the elite circle. You have to pay attention to what you say and do when you appear in public, because there are countless eyes on you, understand? If you don't pay attention to yourself, there will always be someone like this waiting to get some kind of dirt on you, and they will exaggerate the story and report nonsense. Just like this one,"  Fred warned Greg even though he knew that his son knew about the media well.   

  "I know, Dad. It was an accident this time, and I didn't think it would be blown out of proportion like this by ending up in the papers. But don't worry, I'll take care of it,"  replied Greg. Although he hadn't thought of how to deal with it yet, he was sure that he would solve it in the end.   

"Alright,"  said Fred. He had complete faith in his son. He suddenly frowned and said,"But Greg, you need to think about how you are going to explain this to Violet, or she will surely misunderstand you."    

"I know, Dad. I'll talk to her,"  Greg said solemnly.     

They talked for a while before Fred left the office.     

After his Dad left, Greg picked up the car keys and his mobile phone and walked out of the office.

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