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 Season 8

Episode 53

(Arrived at the right moment (3)

"What if, I say I will stay here?" Tim retorted indifferently. It was his own hotel and no one had the right to ask him to leave his own place.     

"Fine, since this is your hotel, I will take Greg from here,"  said Cassie angrily. She was now regretting not taking Greg to the hotel she usually stayed in.    

 The moment she finished her words, a furious and angry woman came rushing inside the room.    

 It was Alice. "Cassie, how shameless you can be!" Alice shouted at Cassie as she rushed in front of Cassie and grabbed her hair.    

 "Shameless bitch! Don't you know Greg is married? Why do you want someone else's husband? You'd better go back and never come here again! Hasn't your mother told you something about the basic principles of life?" A furious Alice sputtered her volley of taunts at Cassie. 

This woman was trying to hurt Violet and Alice could not control her anger anymore.   

Seeing the agitated Alice, Tim hastily strode forward to calm her down. No matter how hateful Cassie was, he couldn't let Alice stir up trouble like that.    
 "Okay, Alice. Calm down! Fortunately, nothing has happened and we came here just in time." Tim grabbed Alice's hands from Cassie and pulled her to one side.     
Cassie's hair was now a mess and she looked like a drowned mouse, her guilt showing clearly on her face.     

With her arms grabbed by Tim, Alice couldn't move a step. She was so upset that she could have strangled Cassie to death.    

 "Who do you think you are? How dare you bring Greg, a married man to a hotel? What a heartless woman you are!" All colors had drained from Alice's face and she continued abusing Cassie.    

 "Whatever you have said! I don't care. I love Greg and I have been loving him for all these years. Is there something wrong if I love a man?" she retorted.   

"I feel ashamed of you! There are countless men in the world, why do you want to hold on to Greg? Don't you know he is married now?" Alice was shocked with Cassie's behavior and she could have nearly torn her into pieces. But her arms were grabbed tightly by Tim and she couldn't move.    

 "Calm down, Alice. Everything is fine so far and don't be so angry,"  Tim comforted gently.   

  Alice kept silent without saying a word.     
Suddenly, Alice found Greg who was sleeping on the sofa, and that made her all the more worked up.     

She tried her best to get rid of Tim's arms and moved to Greg, rebuking him,"Greg, you think this is the right time to take a nap?"    

She picked up the sober-up tea on the plate carried by the waiter and poured it on Greg's face.     

"Wake up, you brat!" Alice said, furiously.   
Alice's rude behavior to Greg angered Cassie. She immediately walked towards Alice and pushed her away.    

 "What the hell are you doing?" She was extremely protective of Greg and this act of Alice really angered her. She could never allow anyone to treat Greg like that. With great concern, she took out a tissue and was about to wipe the water on Greg's face.     

Alice got tumbled over by Cassie's push. Luckily, Tim supported her on time.    

 Tim looked angrily at Cassie and in a furious voice, roared,"  I dare you to touch her again! I will cut your hands!"    

"I just didn't want her to treat Greg like that! Anyone who tries to bully Greg will have to face my wrath. I swear!" Cassie retorted fiercely, not afraid of Tim at all.  

   Tim's temper flared and he fiercely stared at Cassie. No one had ever tried to challenge his bottom line!     

Tim controlled his anger and lowered his tone, asking Alice,"Are you okay?"  

Alice nodded her head, replying,"I am fine,"  but she still kept a sharp eye on Cassie.     

Tim let go of Alice and went to Greg, pulled Cassie away, lifted his fist and gave Greg a heavy punch on the face.     

He was a strong man and Cassie was pushed on the floor.    

 Seeing that Greg was still unconscious, Tim's anger increased manifold. He gave another punch to Greg and roared,"Greg, wake up! Don't pretend that you are drunk and wasted!" The noise scared everyone who was present in the room.   

  Cassie sat on the ground, dumbstruck. 

She didn't dare to resist Tim now because she knew that he could go to any extent to teach her a lesson.    

 Feeling a sharp pain on his face, Greg sobered up and opened his eyes. When he saw Tim, he called his name and in a dazed state, asked,"Tim, why have you come here?"   

 Seeing that Greg was sobering down, Tim waved his hand and helped Greg get up on the sofa.   

 Greg rubbed his heavy eyes and looked around the room.    

 He could see Alice, Tim's assistant and a waiter standing there. And Cassie was sitting on the floor. He suddenly understood what had happened.and was shocked beyond words.    

 "Tim, how have I come here?" Greg massaged his head and rubbed his temples, trying to remember what had transpired.     

Before Tim could reply, Alice shouted. She pointed at Cassie and said,"Do you know this woman brought you here? She wanted to spend her night with you in this hotel room. Now, do you get everything?"    

"Hotel?" Greg repeated, feeling still puzzled. He murmured,"I remembered that I was in a bar, how could I reach a hotel?"    

"Greg, haven't you understood her plans still? This woman wanted to ruin your relationship with your wife, otherwise, why would she bring you here in the hotel room? Don't you know what could have happened?" Alice's face conveyed her dissatisfaction and disappointment.   
Alice's words made Greg remember what had happened. He remembered that he had heard the dialogue between Sharon and Violet and after that he had quarreled with Violet and went to the bar alone.     

Wide-awake by now, Greg stood up and walked towards Cassie, supported her in getting up and said,"You'd better go home now."   

 "Greg, I..." Cassie still wanted to explain something, but she couldn't utter a word. There were so many people there and she was afraid that if she said something wrong, Alice might again pounce on her and hit her. And the man Tim, was always there to protect that woman.Cassie knew that she would never be able to win against them.   

  "Just leave now! Don't mind about whatever I said when I was drunk. Now I am completely sober and you know very well how I feel about you,"  Greg said in a firm tone. He had never accepted Cassie's love and this fact wouldn't change ever.     

"Are you hard of hearing? Didn't you hear what Greg just said?" Alice tried to attack Cassie with her words.   

Tim turned towards his assistant and ordered,"Call the security!"    

Before the assistant could say anything, Cassie coldly replied,"There is no need. I will go on my own!"    

She fixed her clothes and then walked out of the room.

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