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(Breaking Through The Fog)

After a long while, the game ended.

The elder who was defeated waved his hands, disinterested, mumbling to himself. “I don’t feel good today. I will let you win today, let’s play another game tomorrow.”

The elder placed his hands behind his back, with his palms facing upward, walking leisurely back to the village.

The remaining elder had rosy cheeks and looked energetic. He picked up the chessboard, while looking at Su Zimo, smiling as he said, “There are very few young men who are as composed as you. Let’s go, follow me to the village.”

“Thank you, grandpa.”

Su Zimo smiled, expressed his gratitude and followed the elder into the village.

On the way, Su Zimo passed by several villagers. They gave him a glance before returning to whatever they were doing. They did not find it odd, they seemed to have become inured to the unusual.

“There is no extra room here. Young man, are you okay with sleeping in the woodshed?” The elder asked.

“I am okay with that.” Su Zimo smiled as he answered.

The sky had darkened and most of the villagers had yet to turn in for the night. The elders who had their dinner took leisurely strolls in the village, while the women did their needlework, mending clothes.

They led a down-to-earth, simple, and peaceful life.

This seemed to be a hidden land of peace and prosperity. There were no bloody fights, instead everyone seemed to carry a content smile on their faces.

Su Zimo sat down at the entrance of the woodshed, watching the scene quietly. He emptied his mind of all thoughts and the fatigue he felt on the journey seemed to have lightened tremendously.

The sky gradually darkened. The moon was bright and there were few stars.

The elderly, the women and the men had returned to their rooms to rest, except for some energetic and bubbly children who were still playing around on the street, refusing to go home to sleep.

Su Zimo stood up, returned to the woodshed and closed the door getting ready to sleep.

Just then, he heard the bright and sweet voice of a young child coming from the village.

“Where shall one find the traces of the immortal? Looking far into the distance of the Ethereal Peak, it was deep in the mountains where the thick clouds were.”


Su Zimo had an idea. He turned, pushed the door open and went in the direction of the voice.

Not far away, was a seven or eight-year-old child. The child smiled and jumped, moving in his direction.

Su Zimo thought for a while before he walked forward. He squatted and asked with a smile on his face, “Young child, you were saying something just now. Whom did you hear it from?”

“Who said it?”

The child bent their head to the side and blinked, looking confused. “I have no idea. But all of us know it.”

“Is it just a nursery rhyme?” Su Zimo mused.

“Big brother, are you interested in immortal cultivation?” The child continued to ask.

“Yes.” Su Zimo nodded and smiled. “How do you know?”

There was a flicker of craftiness in the child’s eyes. The child stuck out the tongue. “Every year there will be many people like you. But most of them won’t get to see the immortals. Haha.”

“What should I do to see them?” Su Zimo was interested, feeling like teasing the child.

“I don’t know as well.” The child pouted their lips and shook their head.

Su Zimo smiled faintly. He was just about to stand up to leave when a thought flashed across his mind. He asked the child. “Where shall one find the traces of the immortal? Looking far into the distance of the Ethereal Peak. However, the Ethereal Peak is covered by thick fog. How can one be able to see it?”

“This is easy.”

The child raised the chin feeling proud. “The fog will gradually disperse a few days later. If you stand here, one can vaguely see the mountain peak. However, it will only last for three days. If you miss it, you won’t be able to see it.”

Su Zimo was elated.

As long as he could see the Ethereal Peak, and moved forward in its direction, he would definitely be able to reach the foot of the mountain.

Su Zimo certainly did not think that he only needed to pass through the thick fog to be able to join the Ethereal Peak. This was just the beginning.

Su Zimo stayed in the village for seven days.

On the seventh day, the thick fog gradually dispersed and he could vaguely see a majestic and towering mountain looming in the distant clouds.

Su Zimo bade farewell to everyone in the village and stepped into the thick fog once again.

In the thick fog, all the senses had been dulled and one could not have a good sense of direction. Su Zimo felt that after turning eastward and westward, he seemed to be retracing his steps at times.

As the thick fog gradually dispersed, he could tell the exact location of the peak in the far distance despite being shrouded in fog.

Su Zimo threw caution to the wind and tried to ignore the wrong impression he had because of his senses, moving forward according to the location of the mountain peak.

All of a sudden!

Gurgling sounds could be heard coming from deep in the fog. It was frightening and eerie. It seemed as if spirit beasts were moving about, stepping on the grass.

It was getting closer and closer!

A faint bloody smell wafted over him.


Su Zimo squinted and stopped, looking in the direction where the sound came from.

He waited for a long time but he did not see any spirit beast.

It was a strange feeling.

Su Zimo did not sense any danger with his spirit perception.

However, he had indeed heard the sounds made by the spirit beast and detected its aura coming from that direction. Su Zimo spent one year in Cang Lang Mountain Range. The smell was too familiar. He would never be mistaken about it.


Su Zimo murmured and continued to move forward.


Soon after, there was a loud tiger growl. It was deafening and it had a formidable aura. It proved that the spirit beast was very powerful. It could even be of the same level as a spirit demon!

Su Zimo frowned.

Logically speaking, if there was a powerful spirit beast or spirit demon in front of him, Su Zimo should be able to sense the danger with his spirit perception.

However, strangely his spirit perception could not detect anything, while his senses kept telling him that there was danger.

In this case, there could only be two possibilities.

The surrounding fog had shrouded Su Zimo’s spirit perception or that it had confused his five senses.

The answer was obvious.

These methods were meant to scare off those who wanted to take the path of immortal cultivation or those who were weak-minded.

The tiger growl and the bloody smell were just methods to deceive people.

After figuring out the purpose of the thick fog, Su Zimo smile and ignored all the sounds that he heard from the surroundings, walking deeper into the fog without any care.

Nevertheless, it was a brilliant move to make use of the thick fog to confuse one’s senses.

If Su Zimo did not have spirit perception, he would be trembling in fear and taking careful steps along the way.

Su Zimo gradually sped up and he walked out of the thick fog in no time. Everything became clear in front of him.

As far as the eyes could see, there were verdant and lush vegetation, clear waters and green hills. It was full of vitality. He felt as if he was in the immortal world.

There was a stone gate not too far away.

At the back of the stone gate was a mountain road that was paved with green stones. The path winded around the mountain and led all the way to the deep, dark end of the fog.

On the two sides of the stone gate stood two young smart-looking children who cultivated Dao. One of them was plump while the other was thin.

At the sight of Su Zimo, the plump child smiled and nodded. “Young Master, you are the first to reach. Please wait here. We will only open the gate and accept disciples three days later.”

Su Zimo was not in a hurry. He waited by the side silently.

Many people kept coming out from the fog. Most of them were mortals who had not been cultivating. They looked pale and beads of perspiration could be seen on their forehead. It seemed that they were scared stiff during the journey.

Some of them were Qi Refinement Warriors who maneuvered flying swords to break out of the fog. They breathed a sigh of relief upon seeing the stone gate.

A few Qi Refinement Warriors swept their gaze over Su Zimo. They relaxed slightly upon knowing that he had no spirit qi.

Some Qi Refinement Warriors took a glance at the bow and saber that Su Zimo had with him and sneered. They could not help but smirk.

There were people from all walks of life.

Three days passed in no time.




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