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(The Foggy Test)

The reason why Su Zimo did not leave Ping Yang Town immediately was to wait for Zhou Dingyun.

If Zhou Dingyun was to return to Ping Yang Town and he could not find Su Zimo, he would definitely target the Su family instead.

The imperial edict might be a deterrence to the states, but it might not be useful to Qi Refinement Warriors. Moreover, he was the disciple of Iridescent Clouds Palace, which was one of the five main clans.

Unless Zhou Dingyun died, Su Zimo could not leave in peace.

As what Su Zimo had said to Zhou Dingyun, from the moment he let him off, he knew that Zhou Dingyun would be back.

It was just that Su Zimo did not know when Zhou Dingyun would be back.

But he was willing to wait. Perhaps it was because he could not ease his concern because of Zhou Dingyun, or that he had a sense of nostalgia and attachment to the mansion, the cultivation field and the particular someone.

He had waited for half a year.

During the past half a year, Su Zimo was not in a hurry to cultivate the fourth section, Marrow Cleansing of The Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness. Instead he continued to cultivate the first three sections namely, Body Tempering, Tendons Transformation and Bones Strengthening, to strengthen his body and to refine the essence in his body that was sealed by the Scarlet Flame Fruit.

Su Zimo had moved on to another realm, he had almost reached phenomenal success for the first three sections.

In his spare time, Su Zimo would also practice archery in the cultivation field.

It was due to his hard work in practicing archery in the past half a year that he was able to shoot dozens of arrows accurately at where the heart was.

Now that he had killed Zhou Dingyun, Su Zimo no longer had any reason to stay at Ping Yang Town. Unexpectedly, he felt an unexplainable sense of loss.

Su Zimo went back to the mansion. He stood at the door, watching the peach blossom tree not far away. His eyes were blurred, and he stood there for a long time.

The dark clouds seemed to have dispersed, and the moonlight was clear as water. The petals of the peach blossoms fell off the tree. It was like that night two years ago, however the lady was no longer around.

Su Zimo recalled a poem that he once read. “Last year in this villa on the same day, On blushed face the fine peach-blossoms portrayed. Today, O You’re gone, my Fair, but where, please? Peach-blossoms are still smiling in Spring breeze!”

When he was young, Su Zimo could not understand the artistic conception of the four-line poem.

And now, Su Zimo was 19 years old. He was no longer young and inexperienced. He could finally understand the sense of sadness that one felt when things had remained the same, but people had changed.

Su Zimo would never be able to forget that it was that night when he was at his lowest, feeling frustrated, lost and helpless, when a lady stood among the falling peach blossoms and brought him into the cultivation world.

Su Zimo smiled. He stretched out his hands and closed the door to his mansion slowly.

Now that he closed the door, Su Zimo was shutting the mansion and the very precious memory that he held dear to him, to a close as well.

Only when he reunited with that person would he open the door to this memory.

Su Zimo looked forward to that day.

After a long time, the sky gradually brightened. Su Zimo took a deep breath, his eyes clearing up. He took out a map made of animal skin from his clothes and looked carefully at it, taking big strides towards a certain direction.

A ray of light broke through the dark clouds in the sky behind him.

The morning sun rose from the eastern horizon.

A new day had begun.

In the southwest region of the Great Zhou dynasty, there was a place in the vicinity that was very famous.

There would be dense fog all year round. If one watched from afar, it was as if it was enveloped by countless unpredictable clouds. It was ethereal and it did not seem like the mortal world.

Curious men and women once went into the fog to find out what it was, but they would always end up in the same place that they started out.

In the course of time, all the nearby villagers knew that this was the place where immortals resided and mortals were forbidden entry.

Every year, there would be a few days whereby the villagers could vaguely see a mountain peak within the thick fog. It towered into the clouds, looking majestic and grandiose.

During these few days, the nearby villagers would kneel down in the direction of the mountain peaks, praying for favorable weather and good health.

This day, a green-robed scholar came to their village.

It was not really accurate to call him a scholar.

The man looked handsome, however there was a long saber at his waist and a sanguine bow at his back. His outfit was quite odd.

The green-robed scholar was none other than Su Zimo who had left Ping Yang Town.

Ji Yaoxue was correct. Su Zimo had indeed thought of joining the Ethereal Peak.

On one hand, since even Ji Yaoxue found that the Ethereal Peak was mysterious, it must be extraordinary.

On the other hand, since the Ethereal Peak was the closest to the Country of Yan, if anything happened, Su Zimo would be able to rush back as soon as possible.

It was just that on the map, it only marked the approximate location of the Ethereal Peak. Once Su Zimo reached the place, he was enveloped by thick fog and he could not find its exact location.

Su Zimo had walked for a day and he always ended up at the same spot. He was clueless.

Su Zimo could not see clearly in the thick fog. The visibility was low. Given his eyesight, he could only see ten meters away.

The place seemed like a maze. He kept walking in circles in the thick fog, but he could not find the exit.


Su Zimo was back to the original spot again. He stared at the fog in the distance as he brooded.

Ji Yaoxue once told him that if one wanted to join the Ethereal Peak, it was far more difficult than joining other sects. Other than having a high grade spirit root, there were many tests to pass. Many high-level Qi Refinement Warriors could not join the Ethereal Peak as well.

However, this was exactly what made the Ethereal Peak so attractive to Su Zimo.

If it was like the Iridescent Clouds Palace where they only took in disciples based on the different grades of spirit root, Su Zimo felt that this kind of sect had nothing special at all.

“I guess I have to put in some effort to join the Ethereal Peak.”

Su Zimo vaguely guessed that the thick fog in front of him might be the first test that he had to go through in order to join the Ethereal Peak.

If he could not pass this test, he would not be able to see the Ethereal Peak, let alone join the clan.

Seeing that it was getting late now, Su Zimo decided to find a place to rest for the night and to think of ways to get through the maze before he decided what to do tomorrow morning.

The thick fog in front of him must be there for a reason. It was useless to barge around without a plan.

Not far away was a small village. A woman was preparing dinner while a strong man was chopping some wood. A hunter carried his prey on his way home, and two elders squatted at the entrance of the village, a table right in front of them, playing chess on the chessboard. Children from the village were playing and running about.

This was a happy and pleasant scene.

Su Zimo could feel a sense of warmth at this scene. There was a smile on his face as he took quick steps toward the village.

“Grandpa, I am Su Zimo, from the Country of Yan. I don’t have a place to stay for the night. Can I stay at your place for a night?” Su Zimo reached the entrance of the village, making a bow as he asked the two elders who were playing chess.

The two elders did not seem to have heard him. They were engrossed in the game and they could not be distracted.

Su Zimo coughed softly and repeated his question.

The two elders still did not reply to him. They each held a chess piece, as they stared intently at the chessboard. They would make a move occasionally, looking very serious.

Su Zimo felt awkward.

Since the two elders did not respond, it would be rude if Su Zimo rashly entered the village.

Su Zimo smiled and turned to leave.

Given his abilities, he could sleep in the open. It would not be a problem to him.

The reason why he wanted to stay for a night in the village was because Su Zimo could feel a sense of warmth that he had not felt for ages.

Just when Su Zimo was about to leave, his eyes inadvertently rested on the chessboard of the two elders and he stopped in his tracks.

This was an intense game. The two parties were in a stalemate. Even the slightest mistake in every move might cost them the game.

Since Su Zimo had nothing else to do, he decided to watch them finish the game before he left. Therefore he stood by the side to watch them as they played.




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