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(The Wine To Send Him On His Way)

Winter had passed and spring was here.

Two years ago, Perfected Cang Lang inadvertently passed by Ping Yang Town and brought two people away with him, and that directly or indirectly changed the fate of many people.

Zhou Dingyun was one of them.

During the two years of cultivation in Iridescent Clouds Palace, Zhou Dingyun often thought to himself that without Perfected Cang Lang, he would still be at the prison in Ping Yang Town, munching on the cold buns, drinking the icy water, trying hard to please the prison guards.

But right now, Zhou Dingyun was a Qi Refinement Warrior, he was a disciple of Iridescent Clouds Palace!

Although he was an outer sect disciple, whenever Zhou Dingyun went to the mortal world, he would be respected and envied by the surrounding mortals.

He could decide the life and death of every mortal.

Although he was an outer sect disciple, he wore the Taoist robe of Iridescent Clouds Palace. The cultivators from the small clans might have higher cultivation base, but they would show respect for him whenever they saw him.

Zhou Dingyun enjoyed this feeling very much.

However, that was not enough.

Whenever Zhou Dingyun enjoyed the glory of being a Qi Refinement Warrior, a scene would flash through his mind automatically.

There was no moon that night. He knelt in front of a green-robed scholar, tears on his face as he begged for mercy.

This scene felt like a thorn that was stuck deeply in Zhou Dingyun’s throat. It had become increasingly intolerable and uncomfortable over the past two years!

The higher Zhou Dingyun’s realm was, the more he could not forget the scene.

No matter what achievements he had accomplished, it could not erase what happened that night, as well as the shame that the scholar brought him!

After cultivation, Zhou Dingyun knew very well that if he did not remove this thorn, it would become his mental demons in the future.

The solution was simple. He would return to Ping Yang Town to kill the scholar and annihilate his entire family clan!

And right now, the time had come.

Zhou Dingyun had the earth spirit root. He managed to reach Level 8 Qi Condensation within two years. His speed of cultivation was ranked the top few among other cultivators in his sect.

Of course, Shen Mengqi who joined the sect with him had heaven spirit root. She had reached Perfected Qi Condensation and was only one step to breaking through Foundation Establishment realm.

“There is definitely no way to defeat Senior Martial Sister Shen. But Level 8 Qi Condensation is enough. Hehe, I suppose there is no Qi Refinement Warrior in the entire Ping Yang Town.”

Seeing that Ping Yang Town was right before him, Zhou Dingyun could feel his blood boiling. He could not help but laugh.

In the eyes of the normal folks, there was nothing more proud and happy than a glorious homecoming.

And right now, Zhou Dingyun had done even better than a glorious homecoming by coming back as a Qi Refinement Warrior!

Zhou Dingyun was here not only to annihilate the Su family, but also to make Su Zimo kneel in front of him and to torture him viciously, as well as to reduce the prison of Ping Yang Town to rubble, killing all the prison guards that used to humiliate him.

“By the way, Su Zimo’s younger sister has good looks. I cannot kill her. Haha.” Zhou Dingyun smiled with a lecherous grin.

By the time Zhou Dingyun reached Ping Yang Town, it was already midnight.

It was a dark and gusty night, it was no different from that night two years ago.

There was no one on the empty street. Zhou Dingyun maneuvered his flying sword to reach Su Zimo’s mansion.

Zhou Dingyun felt deeply about the familiar mansion.

Two years ago, when he was here to assassinate Su Zimo, he had to climb over the wall carefully to get into the mansion. Right now, he could be open about going into the mansion!

To put it more accurately, he could fly into the mansion.

He wondered how Su Zimo would react when he saw him execute Sword Kinesis Flight.

Would he be scared stiff?

Would he kneel down right away, kowtowing to him, begging him for mercy?

Zhou Dingyun was full of anticipation.

Zhou Dingyun came to the courtyard and looked around.

It was no different from how it was two years ago. It was the beginning of spring. The peach blossom tree at the courtyard looked the same. The flowers had blossomed and the petals had fallen to the ground.

The only change was that there were a sanguine bow and a long saber on the stone table under the peach blossom tree.

There was a squeaking sound.

The door to one of the rooms in the courtyard opened and out came a green-robed scholar.

The green-robed scholar carried a jar of wine, looked calm and composed. He went to the stone table in the courtyard and took a seat casually, pouring two bowls of wine. He looked at Zhou Dingyun who was in mid-air as he said calmly, “Come down, I will treat you to a drink.”

Zhou Dingyun was stunned.

He had thought of all kinds of possibilities when they met, but the scene in front of him was totally beyond his expectation.

There was no shock?

There was no fear?

There was no pleading for mercy?

There was nothing at all!

The green-robed scholar looked calm and indifferent, making Zhou Dingyun even more eager to kill him.

“What’s with the pretense?”

Zhou Dingyun sneered. He had done a check on Su Zimo, he had no spirit qi.

This meant that two years had passed and Su Zimo was still a mortal!

Zhou Dingyun was fearless as he descended into the courtyard, coming up to the stone table, asking all of a sudden, “You seem to have known all along that I will be back, is that so?”

“Yes.” Su Zimo nodded. “When I let you off two years ago, I knew that you would return.”

“Haha, scholars are indeed smart.”

Zhou Dingyun broke out into laughter, there was mockery in his eyes, but he changed his tone right then. “However, your so-called wits seem childish to me.”

Zhou Dingyun had been observing Su Zimo. He was hoping to sense something from his expression.

But Zhou Dingyun was disappointed.

Su Zimo looked at him calmly. His eyes were clear, and there was not even the slightest bit of fluctuation in his mood.

Zhou Dingyun smiled dryly. “Fate is so amazing. No one would have imagined that the ruffian from Ping Yang Town two years ago would become a Qi Refinement Warrior and underwent such huge changes. Oh, by the way, do you know what is a Qi Refinement Warrior?”

Zhou Dingyun looked at Su Zimo with provocation in his eyes.

Su Zimo sighed softly with emotion as he nodded. “Yes, the changes are tremendous.”

“Do you know why I chose this time to come back?” Zhou Dingyun asked with a raised eyebrow.


“Two years ago, right here, at a night like this during the same season… it’s the two of us as well, but…”

Zhou Dingyun no longer hid his murderous intent in his eyes, as he said coldly, “The outcome tonight will be vastly different from that night two years!”

Su Zimo smiled and suddenly pushed the wine bowl toward Zhou Dingyun. He nodded and said, “Take a drink.”


Zhou Dingyun was on alert. He could not understand why Su Zimo was so calm and composed.

At the sight of the bowl of wine in front of him, a thought flashed in Zhou Dingyun’s mind. He could not help but sneer. “Second Young Master Su, I suppose there is something about the wine?”

“So this is what you are counting on! Hehe, it’s a pity that I have seen through it.”

Zhou Dingyun thought that Su Zimo had poisoned the wine and was in a hurry for him to drink the wine.

“There is nothing with the wine. But there is indeed something with the name of the wine.” Su Zimo shook his head.

“What is it?” Zhou Dingyun asked automatically.

“This the wine to send you on your way.”

Su Zimo raised his head to look at Zhou Dingyun, as he said calmly, “After drinking this bowl of wine, I will send you on your way.”

Upon hearing this, Zhou Dingyun could feel the chills on his back. The glance that Su Zimo gave him reminded him of that night two years ago!




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