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 Season 6

Episode 90

(Logging with Sue)

"What's happening here?" Charles asked. He was a little surprised to see the Zhao family in his house at this moment. 

Looking at Arthur, Amy, Abby and his grandpa one by one, he asked again, "Is there any problem?"    

Noticing that none of the Zhao family was about to answer Charles' question, Gary sighed and explained, "They saw Charlie just now."   

 Upon hearing what his grandfather said, Charles furrowed his brow. He felt that any explanation would not do in front of them right now. He couldn't make Charlie just disappear. However, Sheryl was still his wife and no one could take her place. 

Seeing his reaction, Abby sneered, "Tell us about that kid, Charles!" Charles stayed quiet for a moment, so Abby added, "He's your son, isn't he?"  

Abby didn't know what really had happened, but she felt awful for Autumn. Her husband had cheated on her when she was pregnant. Now she could understand why Autumn left Charles.   

  Heaving a deep sigh, Charles answered, "Charlie is my son and I won't deny it." He tried to explain with a bitter smile, "I didn't know his existence until recently. I can assure you that he is just a result of an accident. I didn't intend to hurt Autumn or cheat on her. Charlie's presence won't change anything. I love Autumn and it'll never change."   

 "I don't think so!" Arthur sneered and said to Charles coldly, "Autumn is my granddaughter and I respect every decision she made. Since she left you, I believe that she had her own reason. We would like to hear it directly from her so please take us to where she is right now. 

Also, I think it would be better if we draw a clear line between each other. Please leave her alone and we'll do our best to take care of her from now on."    

"Please don't talk like this, Arthur! We're still in-laws, right? Give Charles a chance to explain everything to you. Even just for the sake of Shirley. She's Charles and Autumn's daughter. She's both our great granddaughter!" Gary tried to persuade Arthur. He had been waiting for three long years. And now that Autumn had come back, he wanted to make everything right. This matter must be resolved once and for all.   

Unfortunately, no one from Zhao family was willing to listen to his explanation. Autumn had suffered a lot in the past years and for them, Charles and his family should be blamed for all of her miseries. They owned a lot to her, so they would try their best to make it up to her and protect her. Thus, they decided to take her with them. Meanwhile, they hoped that Charles would keep himself away from her. Anyway, he had hurt her so much and even cheated on her. So, it was only right for her to leave Charles.   

  Nevertheless, Charles didn't want to give up. He tried every possible way to persuade them to listen to him until he eventually made them sit down.     

"I know it's hard for you to accept what happened. I could understand if you're all disappointed at me. I won't try to defend myself because I knew I was at fault. 

But, Charlie is just an accident,"  he started to explain. He took a deep breath before he continued, "As I've said earlier, I've never known his existence before. I was only able to confirm it recently. And since I've confirmed that he's my son, it's my obligation to raise him. I just couldn't take him for granted. But I can promise you that I'll talk with Autumn about this. As my wife, she has the right to know. And whatever decision she would make, I would respect it."  

He paused for a moment. The next thing he said stunned the Zhao family. "Now, I want to tell you about Autumn. Although she's in Y City, she doesn't remember any of us now. She has lost all her memories."   

 "What? Can you say that again?" Abby asked. She was very aghast with what she heard and couldn't help but knit her brow. Then she continued, "Why doesn't she remember us? How could that be possible?"   

 "Well, she doesn't even remember her own name. Now she's being called Sheryl Xia. She couldn't recognize me anymore and she's currently dating Anthony. You still remember him, right?" Charles added.    

 "What's this all about? Could you explain to us clearly what really happened? How could she forget all of us just like that? 

We are her family after all! That's unbelievable!" Amy exclaimed. She felt like she would lose her mind after hearing what Charles said. Everything seemed to be so overwhelming. After so many troubles, she had finally found her granddaughter, but only to find out that Autumn had lost all her memories and wouldn't be able to recognize her anymore. She couldn't accept it.   

"I think I know why,"  Arthur suddenly spoke. With a perplexed look, he mumbled, "She must have taken that pill." Upon hearing Arthur's words, Charles frowned and immediately asked, "Grandpa, you knew about the pill? How did you know about it?"   

 Everyone in the room turned to Arthur's direction. They all gave him an astonished look. Now, he had to tell them what he knew. "Anthony came to me that time and told me that there were two ways to treat Autumn's disease. One of them was to take the pill. According to him, she would recover but there might some side effects. I think losing her memories was the side effect he was referring to."    

"Two ways?" Charles murmured. "If taking the pill was one way, then what was the other way?" he asked again.    

 "The other way was..." Arthur hesitated for a moment. "The other way was taking traditional Chinese medicine to condition her body. But it would take a long time and she might not be able to recover in three years. Anthony discussed with me which method was better for her. 

However, I didn't give him my final decision because I wanted to talk to you first that time. Yet, I didn't expect Autumn would disappear and wouldn't be able to come back until now."  

Arthur tried hard not to sob in front of everyone. It was as if everything happened only yesterday. He could still remember every detail clearly.     

Charles creased his brow. Now that he had known the reason why Autumn lost her memories, he couldn't help but wonder whether Autumn took the pill by herself or Anthony told her to do so.    

 "How is she now?" Amy suddenly asked. She couldn't help but feel worried after everything that she'd learned. "How about the kids? Are they alright?" she added.     

Charles nodded to her and replied, "She's fine now, but the kids..."    

After a moment of silence, he continued, "She's living with a girl now. But the doctor told us that she was pregnant with twins that time. I have no idea where is the other kid now."    

All of them were lost in their thoughts after hearing Charles' words. After a long moment, Amy murmured, "Okay, then. I'm so glad to hear that my Autumn is alright. God still did protect her."  

Amy asked a few more questions about Autumn, like where she lived now and what she did for a living. After they felt satisfied with all the information that Charles gave them, they thought of going back to their own home now. Charles tried to let them stay but they refused. 

    "I think we'd better go home. Since Autumn isn't here, we don't feel comfortable staying here. It will be awkward for us to stay here with you and your new family,"  Amy said briskly.    

 The Zhao family went back to their home that night. However, Amy and Abby decided to go to Autumn's apartment in the morning to secretly take a look at her. Thus, they got up early and set out.   

  "Mom,"  Abby turned to Amy. "Do you think we can say hi to her when we see her later?" she asked. Abby was trying her best not to show her excitement. At that time, they were already walking, on the way to Autumn's place.     

Amy's face showed a troubled expression. Actually, she also thought of the same question. Eventually, she decided, "No, I think we'd better not. We'll just take a look at her from a distance. I just want to make sure that she's alright now. Anyway, we couldn't expect her to recognize us at one glance."  

"Okay, Mom,"  Abby agreed. She nodded her head but with a bitter smile. She also didn't want to scare Autumn. All she could do was wish that things would get better soon.     

The sun had just risen when they got the place that Charles told them. They waited outside the building for quite a while but Autumn didn't show up.  

 Abby was already worried about her mom. She might get too much exhausted staying under the sun for a long time so she tried to persuade her that they must leave. They could just go back next time. Good thing Amy didn't resist.   

However, when they were about to go, they saw Autumn coming out with Sue.     

Sheryl was wearing a jogging suit and her hair was tied in a ponytail. She looked healthy and energetic. On the other hand, Sue looked like she didn't get enough sleep last night. She was trailing behind Sheryl with a long face. She complained, "Can I just go back to sleep now, Sheryl? My holiday is almost over and all I want to do right now is just lay on my bed. Let's just go back, okay?"  

"No, don't ever think that way!" Sheryl replied amusingly. Glancing at Sue, she said without any hesitations, "After so many days of rest, it's time for you to get some exercise now. Look at your cheeks, they're getting puffy. If you keep on staying at home, for sure your co-workers at BM Corporation will give you a special attention when you get back. You knew more than me what kind of people they are!"    

"Stop it! Let's just talk about that later, okay? I want to go back to my bed now!" Sue snapped.    

 "No way! Keep your motivation going! You must always remember that you are a model. Have you forgotten your dream to become a super model someday? If you don't work hard now, how would you be able to make that dream come true? You might even lose your job as a model!" Sheryl encouraged her while pushing her forward. Finally, Sue gave in. As they were jogging, Autumn unconsciously glanced at Amy and Abby who were standing across the road. She couldn't understand why she felt something strange when their eyes met.

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