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 Season 6

Episode 98

(Keeping a distance from her)

Charles kept asking her questions. However, he didn't realize how his questions made her feel since Sheryl didn't see herself as Autumn.    

 All he could think of was that she had forgotten everything about him. He didn't understand what she had gone through in the past three years. Those years represented her life, the only life she knew, and he wasn't acknowledging them.     

The entire situation was quite confusing for Sheryl. On one side, she had felt a connection toward Charles from the very first time she saw him, which she couldn't explain. On the other side, what Charles had said just then made her heart ache, as she finally realized that he was not really talking to her but to Autumn.     

In fact, as far as she could remember, Charles wasn't the only one to see her as Autumn; Isla and the others did too. 'Do we really look so much alike? How is that possible?' she wondered.   

The unsettling thought made her heart even sorer, but she couldn't quite put her finger on the reason why. Maybe it was just that she was mad at Charles for always seeing her as his wife instead of herself.     

She wasn't going to accept that any longer! She had to set some boundaries, which meant that moment would be the end of their mingling.    

 "Who do you think you're talking to, Mr. Lu?" Sheryl questioned him in a hostile manner. With her face curdled into a sneer, she continued, "Are you addressing Autumn Zhao right now?"    

Charles was stunned. He didn't know where to begin answering her. How could he explain that she was indeed Autumn when she only knew herself as Sheryl? 

"No listen, I just ..." Charles managed to let out before she interrupted him.    

 "Please leave me alone! You keep showing up in front of me, saying that you love me... all that because I look like your wife, right? Well let me tell you something: I'm not her! Please stop daydreaming and get back to reality."  

Her response deflated him like a week old balloon. Looking at the serious expression on her face, he steepled his hands together and laid them over his mouth trying to find the right answer. He loved her more than he could bear and her words felt like scores of arrows puncturing his fragile heart.    

 "Why are you silent? I'm right, huh?" Sheryl persisted coldly. She couldn't realize how wrong she was in her accusations. All she could feel was hurt thinking that Charles was taking her as another woman. She tried to persuade herself that her jealousy was normal, that no one would appreciate being valued only because they reminded others of a person they used to love.   

  Though she was lying to herself, denying that her jealousy was truly stemming from her attraction towards Charles.    

 "Mr. Lu, please do not show up in front of me again. You only like me because I remind you of your wife, who left you three years ago. You're finding a replacement for her in me. You're hoping I can heal your wounds, but I can't because I am myself! I am Sheryl Xia, not Autumn Zhao! I am nobody's substitute. 

So please keep your distance from me!" she finished saying as she turned her back to him, attempting to leave.   

"Please wait a minute Sheryl!" Charles exclaimed as he grabbed her by the arm. 

He admitted that he was indeed talking to his wife, Autumn, but only because Autumn was her, Sheryl. She couldn't remember him just because she had lost all her memories regarding him.    

 However, Sheryl wasn't patient enough to talk it over or even finish listening to him. She wriggled her arm loose, replying hurriedly, "For starters, we're from two different worlds, Mr. Lu. We might have not met each other had it not been for Charlie. Also, I'm really content with my life right now. I have an adorable daughter and a stable relationship with my fiancĂ©, who is extremely good to me!"   

 Charles's face turned pale when she mentioned her fiancĂ©. He wasn't sure what to say any longer.     

Sheryl paused to get a hold of herself, and then continued on a calmer yet still serious tone, "Remember that, Mr. Lu. I am not your wife, and neither do I want to be. Please, just stop showing up in front of me!"  

As soon as she finished, Sheryl turned on her heels and walked away. Charles was still trying to come to grips with the fact that she wanted nothing to do with him. 

As he tried to reach out for her, he realized that she had already gone out of his reach.     

He figured that his anxiety to lose her made Sheryl misjudge him even more. However, he couldn't explain his reasoning, and she didn't believe him even when he told her the truth.     

He rushed to catch up to her, wanting to explain himself, but got stopped in his tracks by Amy who was standing in front of Shirley's hospital room.     

She had made and brought lunch over. When she entered the room earlier, she found only Shirley playing with Charlie there. Amy loved Shirley as she was Autumn's daughter and her great granddaughter, but she wasn't too fond of Charlie because of his father. 

However, once she started getting to know the little boy a bit more, she realized that Charlie was a good kid in the end. Plus, he was also getting along very well with Sheryl and Shirley.   

After a while of watching the kids play together, she couldn't handle how much Charlie reminded her of Charles. She didn't like that; the kid had no fault. So she decided to step outside the room for a minute and regain her composure. As soon as she stepped foot out the door, Amy noticed Charles chasing after Sheryl.     

"What's going on, Sher?" she asked concerned, "you don't look so well." Amy then grabbed Sheryl's hands, stepping in front of her to block Charles. Sheryl felt relieved and somewhat safe at that moment. Shaking her head, she replied, "Nothing! I'm fine."    

Her face and her gasping betrayed her, however. Also, Amy could easily tell when she wasn't all right.     

With blazing eyes locked onto Charles, Amy gently directed Sheryl inside the room, "Shirley is looking for you. Go and see what she needs."   

 Sheryl nodded and immediately ducked into the room. Amy banged the door shut behind her and gave Charles a mean stare. Charles tried to ignore her and step inside after Sheryl, but he could not move past Amy.   

He dreaded what Sheryl might think. Turned into a bundle of nerves, he tried to persuade Amy, "Grandma, please let me in! Autumn misunderstood me, and I need to make myself clear to her!"    

"Make what clear? What's clear to me is that she doesn't want to see you,"  argued Amy. After one loud sigh, she continued, "Charles, do you remember what you promised me three years ago? 

You said that you would take good care of her and protect her. I believed you, and look where we are now! You have lost your right to be with her.     

For three damn years, I wasn't able to see her! But, after what felt like an eternity, she's finally back; and now she has to deal with your expectations, let alone what she's gone through already! Why don't you just leave her in peace?"  

  "Grandma!" Charles exclaimed miserably. "She's Autumn! She's my wife and Shirley's my daughter. The two most important women in my life are inside that room. Yes, I admit that I failed to keep my promise to you and that I let her down three years ago. But this is why I want to make it up to her.   

I swear that I'll never ever hurt her again! I love her and I can't live without her! Grandma, please!" However, Amy wouldn't budge.    

 She sighed once more and replied firmly, "I don't believe you, and I won't risk my granddaughter's happiness again. Please remember that she's Sheryl now, not Autumn. I don't care what her name is or whether she can recognize me; all I want is for her to be safe and sound. As long as I can see her every day, I'll be more than content. Mr. Lu, please back away from my baby; this is the best thing you can do for her right now."   

 Charles knew that Amy was also mad at him because of Charlie. However, he couldn't clarify anything for her.    

 He pulled back for a moment and then pleaded with her once more, "Grandma, please don't be mad at me. I swear to God that I'll put her in front of anything from now on and that I won't hurt her anymore."    

Amy turned around without any response. She retreated to the room and left Charles hanging outside. Unable to keep his chin up anymore, Charles decided to call Charlie out and then left with his son.

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