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Season 6

Episode 96

(Charles eventually found sheryl)

"You think I don't know what happened when I saw you in that hotel?" A sneer appeared on Sue's lips as she blurted.

"You ran out from one of the rooms in panic and bumped me. I spilled my soy milk and breakfast because of you.

Everyone who saw you in the hotel hallway could tell that you had made a mistake for being drunk. You were so afraid to take responsibility with the girl you mistakenly slept with. Don't you remember that?" Sue snorted contemptuously.

"I hate men like you the most. You make me sick," she continued.

"Oh, it was you." Charles recognized Sue after hearing her words. "Umm… I'm really sorry for what happened that day," he apologized after thinking for a while.

Charles was about to counter her for the harsh comments but realized that what Sue said was true.

It was Leila whom he mistakenly slept with and that was why he hurriedly fled the room totally bewildered.

"Miss, there might be some misunderstandings. I will personally explain to Miss Xia. Please tell me where she is?" Charles continued to ask tirelessly.

"Hey Mister, could you stop being cheeky? I've told you that Sher doesn't want to see you. Do I have to repeat it for a thousand times?" Impatience was in Sue's voice as she replied.

She stared at Charles and continued, "Fuck off, now!"

When she noticed that Charles still didn't want to leave, Sue pushed Charles' hand away from the door and slammed it.

Charles and Charlie stood outside the door and were powerless to change Sue's mind.

"Dad, what should we do now?" asked Charlie.

Without saying a word, Charles took Charlie back to the car. Charlie hesitated before asking, "That's it, Dad? We're just gonna leave?"

"Of course not, Son." A smile cracked in Charles' lips. "We will wait in the car until she comes out. We will tail after her secretly. I believe she will lead us to Sher," he continued.

Charlie was assured by his words.

As Charles expected, Sue came out of the apartment with a bag and hailed a taxi. Charles drove behind it far enough for Sue not to notice them.

Sue was oblivious about the car tailing after her as she didn't know it was Charles' car.

The taxi stopped at Y City Hospital. Charles immediately found a place to park. Seeing Sue entered the hospital, Charles frowned and wondered why she came to the hospital.

"Dad, come on. We will lose her," Charlie urged his father to move quickly.

However, they lost Sue right after she walked into the hospital.

Sue remained angry as she entered Shirley's ward. Sheryl was sitting beside the sickbed. "What happened?" she asked when she noticed her bad mood.

"What makes you so angry during such a short time? What happened on your way to fetch Shirley's things?"

"I'm okay, don't worry about me. I was just irritated by that man," complained Sue. "That man was waiting for you in front of your house with his son Charlie. I sent them away."

"Where is Charlie?" Shirley, who was intently watching Peppa Pig from her sickbed, asked in a keen tone when she overheard Charlie's name.

"Sorry, Shirley honey. You misheard me. I didn't mention Charlie's name," Sue answered sharply.

"But, I really…" Shirley weakly said but was interrupted by Sheryl.

"Well, Shirley sweetie. Can you tell me what's happening on Peppa Pig?" Sheryl knew how to comfort Shirley.

knew how to comfort Shirley.

As she expected, Shirley's attention quickly switched to the TV. Sue felt guilty after answering Shirley in an impatient tone. Seeing that Shirley was concentrated on the TV, she continued, "Sher, that man is an absolute asshole. I told him that you had moved to another place but he didn't give up. He kept asking me where were you? So ridiculous."

"Just send him away," Sheryl said in a flat tone. Although she felt a little sadness crept in her heart, it was the best way to avoid him.

She knew that without Charles, her life would be a normal one.

"I did as you said," answered Sue. "I told him I lived alone there now and asked him to stay away from you. Beyond that, I also reminded him of my first encounter with him at the hotel. He looked really shocked. However, he said that he would explain everything to you. I don't know how he said that when he couldn't even find you, let alone explain it to you."

"Okay, Mimi. I understand that." Sheryl felt bad when she heard everything but she didn't want to waste time on such things. She looked at Sue and said, "What you've done were just rightful. So, it's useless to be mad and ruin your day just because of him."

"I know." Sue sighed heavily and continued, "Sher, I think your relationship with Anthony is pretty stable. I hope that the man will just disappear in your life. I hope you can understand me and won't blame me for that."

"Come on, you silly girl, why should I take it on you?" Although they had quarreled over Charles for several times, Sheryl knew Sue's intention of protecting her. There was no reason for Sheryl to blame Sue.

"Mimi, you've stayed enough with us for the entire day. I think you should go home and get some rest." In a calmer tone, Sheryl continued, "I can very well take care of Shirley. Trust me."

"Let me stay," Sue said softly. "I feel worried about you."

"There is nothing to worry about." Sheryl smiled and looked at Sue. "You can go home, have some rest and relieve me tomorrow morning. Is that okay?"

"But…" Sue was reluctant to leave. She was too concerned about Shirley and Sheryl. But after seeing how serious Sheryl's eyes were, she finally agreed to go home.

"Oh yeah, Shirley is supposed to be confined here for two or three days. I think, you're right. It's best for us if I'll go home and sleep tonight. I'll be here tomorrow morning to replace you so you could rest too," Sue said in a convinced tone.

Sheryl smiled. "Go home, Mimi. We'll be fine here."

Sue was about to leave. She opened the door and saw Charles and Charlie, who were about to knock on the door.

The two lost Sue after she walked into the hospital. They were unaware of which ward she went into. To find the ward, Charles asked the reception nurse to check on Sheryl's name but found nothing. Then he asked the nurse again to check on Shirley's name and finally got the room number.

When Charles saw Sue opened the door, he was certain that he finally found Sheryl.

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