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 Season 6

Episode 95

(Sheryl does not live here)

"Good afternoon, Amy,"  Sheryl greeted her and pulled a chair for her. Seeing a displeased look on Amy's face while looking at the porridge that Sue bought, she tried to console her, "Don't worry too much, Amy. Shirley will just eat a little."   

 "That wouldn't do." Amy shook her head in disapproval. "Shirley is ill, and what she needs the most is healthy food,"  Amy said.  

  Amy then walked closer to Sheryl and handed her three lunch boxes. One was for Shirley, and the other two were for her and Sue.    

"Making the soup for Shirley took some time, and I just cooked a simple meal for you. But don't worry, I'll make you a special dinner tonight." she said as she opened the boxes for them.   

 When Amy said that it was just a simple meal, they were surprised to see what were inside the lunch boxes. There were actually three dishes — sweet and sour ribs, scrambled eggs with tomatoes and Chinese green tender. And they all smelt good.  

Looking at the mouth-watering dishes in front of her, Sue gasped and thought, 'How could this be considered a simple meal?'    

On the other hand, Amy made a chicken and vegetable soup for Shirley. She also put some carrots in it and it looked so delicious.   

 Feeling delighted, Amy took the spoon and was about to feed Shirley.    

"Let me do it, Amy,"  Sheryl interrupted, feeling a little embarrassed.   

 "No, it's okay. Let me just do it." Amy refused to give the lunch box and the spoon to Sheryl. "Just enjoy your lunch there,"  she added.    

Shirley was already starving so it didn't take long for her to finish the soup. Amy felt glad and laughed heartily while looking at the little girl's cute face.    

"Did you like it?" Amy asked Shirley. The little girl nodded her head vigorously.    

"What would you like for dinner?" Amy asked again in a very pleased tone.  

"Well..." Shirley hesitated for a moment and looked at Sheryl's direction. "I want sweet and sour ribs,"  Shirley answered with a begging look. They didn't notice that Shirley had been staring all the while at Sheryl's bowl of sweet and sour ribs. 

   "Sweet and sour ribs? Oh, I'm afraid you can't have it,"  Amy declined. Hearing Amy's reply, Shirley lowered her head and pouted her lips.    

Seeing Shirley's saddened expression, Amy thought of something. She then smiled and said to Shirley, "How about this? I would just make you ribs porridge for dinner. For sure you would love it."    Suddenly, Shirley looked up to her with a bright smile. "Really? That would be nice." Shirley was truly delighted.   

 "Of course,"  Amy assured her. "Only puppies lie,"  she added.   

 "Amy!" Sheryl interrupted their conversation. "Don't bother. That would be too much trouble for you,"  she said. The last thing Sheryl would want was to be a burden to Amy.  

"That's all right. You don't need to worry,"  Amy assured her. "Cooking is my hobby so it won't be a trouble for me."    

"Well, I mean…" Sheryl sighed. Eventually, she found nothing to say. On the other hand, Sue enjoyed the dishes so much that she had fallen for Amy's cooking skill. Because of that, she urged Sheryl to agree. "Sher, Amy is really good at cooking. The dishes she made are way much better compared to the dishes in restaurants."    

"Oh, thank you so much for that compliment, Sue,"  Amy said with a bright smile. Sheryl couldn't argue anymore so Amy won.    

"All right. I'll take my leave now. The two of you should take some rest." It was almost one in the afternoon so Amy wanted to go home and start preparing dinner early.  

  After Amy left, Shirley took a nap. Meanwhile, Sheryl asked Sue a favor to get some stuff and clothes for them at their apartment because she couldn't leave Shirley alone.  

When Sue arrived at Sheryl's apartment, she saw Charles and Charlie knocking on the door.    

"What are you doing here?" she asked. She felt a sudden rage when she saw Charles. She remembered all the troubles he had caused them. For her, Charles should be blamed for all the misunderstandings that she and Sheryl had before. She really wanted to make him pay for everything.    

Charles looked at her but didn't recognize her. In a polite manner, he asked, "Excuse me, do you know where Miss Xia is? She lives here."   

 "Which Miss Xia are you looking for?" Sue asked back. Since she could sense that Charles didn't recognize her, she decided to lie to him. "I am the one living here and I don't know any Miss Xia."    

Sue thought that lying could be the easiest way to drive them away.    

I'm to her dismay, Charles didn't give up that easily. He continued, "Miss Xia is a woman with a daughter named Shirley. They both live here. Do you know where are they?"  

Charles had been knocking for quite a while but nobody answered so he thought maybe Sheryl and Shirley went somewhere.    

"I told you, there is no Miss Xia here. Can't you understand me?" Sue was already getting impatient. "How many times do you want me to repeat it?"    

Without waiting for Charles's reply, Sue took the key from her purse and showed it to him. "See? The key is in my hands. I hope that will make you understand that I am the one living here, not that Miss Xia you are looking for." When she noticed that Charles still didn't move, she asked in a very unfriendly manner, "Is there anything else I can help you with? If there's none, please leave!"    

"I…" Charles kept silent for a moment. He was too confused that he didn't know how to respond. Feeling desperate, he begged her, "Miss, please tell me where could I find Sheryl. I know she lives here."    

All of a sudden, Charlie spoke up, "Oh you..." Although he didn't finish his words, his face showed a hint of recognition towards Sue.  

"Kid, stop babbling!" she immediately warned him.    

"I'm not babbling! I think I remembered you,"  Charlie retorted. Charlie seemed to expose Sue's lies.    

After hearing Charlie's words, Charles started to examine Sue from head to toe.

 Finally he was able to recognize her. "You are Sheryl's friend, right?" Only then did he realize that Sue had been lying to him all along. He furrowed his brows in displeasure.    

Since she was already exposed, Sue decided to admit. "Yeah, you are right. So what?" There was no point in lying anymore. "Sheryl and I are friends. But she told me that she doesn't want to see you anymore. So, if I were you, I wouldn't bother her at all. Did you get it?"    

Then she pushed the door open and got in. However, before she could get a chance to close the door, Charles blocked it with his arm. "You were lying. 

She would never say that,"  he said firmly.  

She might try to avoid him but Charles was very sure that she would never say those words.   

 "You…" Sue said sulkily. "You really think so highly of yourself. Do you really think that all women in this world would fall for you? Well, let me tell you this. Sheryl has already seen through you. She don't want to have anything to do with you anymore.    

Besides, Sheryl and Anthony get along very well. I hope you wouldn't ruin their lives anymore. Don't forget that Sheryl would never love a cheater like you,"  she added with a smirk.    

"A cheater?" Charles was taken aback. "What the hell are you talking about? I have never cheated on her!"  

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