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 Season 6

Episode 94

(Amy's motives)

As soon as Sheryl saw Amy enter the room, she motioned her daughter to pay homage to Amy as a sign of gratitude.    

 Even though Shirley's fever had already subsided, Sheryl was still overwhelmed by what happened and she felt like she owed a lot to Amy.     

"Amy, thank you very much,"  Shirley said gratefully. It was Sheryl who taught her to be sensible. Shirley also got big and beautiful eyes like Sheryl which made her look more lovable.  

   "You are welcome, little girl,"  Amy replied affectionately.    

 After paying the hospital bills, Sue also came back to Shirley's room. She then informed Sheryl, "Sher, Dr. Hu said that Shirley could already be discharged. 

However, he highly advised that it would be much better if we let Shirley stay in the hospital for a few more days to ensure that her health condition would stabilize. Anyway, I have already completed the admission procedures."  

"That sounds good. Thanks, Sue,"  Sheryl replied while combing Shirley's hair. She also felt that it would be much better if Shirley stayed in the hospital for a few more days. "Well, it is definitely for Shirley's own good so I agree that we stay here for a few more days,"  she added.   

  Meanwhile, Sheryl also felt that she was very much indebted to Amy now. Her daughter's recovery was all due to Amy's assistance and support. If Amy did not personally asked Dr. Hu to take care of Shirley, her little girl might still be suffering until now. Thus, she thanked Amy again and again.    

 "Oh, don't mention it! I am so glad to see Shirley looking better now,"  Amy said with a smile. In reality, Amy felt honor-bound to take care of Shirley, for she was her great granddaughter.   

  After a while, Sheryl advised Amy to go home and rest. She knew that Amy was already exhausted after helping them a lot. This time, Sue agreed with Sheryl.    

 Since Shirley had already recovered, she believed that she and Sheryl were already good enough to take care of Shirley at the moment. Besides, Amy was not a young woman anymore. She needed to have a proper rest. Anyway, she could just come back anytime if she wanted to visit Shirley.   

Sheryl also felt that it was very inappropriate to bother Amy this much. They had barely known each other, yet, she had already caused too much trouble for her.     

However, Amy was very determined to stay and take care of Shirley. She didn't listen to Sue and Sheryl's advice. Instead, she covered the little with a blanket very well to make sure she would not feel cold because of the air conditioner.    

 But Sheryl didn't give up convincing her to take a good rest at home. She couldn't tolerate to trouble her more.     

"The reason why I want to stay here is I want to give Shirley nutritious meals,"  she started to explain. She looked at Sheryl and continued, "I wanted to make sure that she would really recover completely."    

"But I could just go to some restaurants nearby to buy some nutritious meals for Shirley. I'm sure there are many restaurants here that doctors could also recommend,"  Sue suggested.   

"Yeah, I think Sue was right, Amy, I really don't want to trouble you that much." 

Sheryl agreed with Sue's suggestion.    

 "No, no, no. You were not causing me trouble at all. No one forced me to do this. I just care for Shirley so much as I also want to take care of her,"  Amy replied with a gentle smile. She still kept on insisting that Shirley must be given nutritious meals to recover quickly.    

 Amy paused for a while and contemplated. Then, she said, "Okay. I think you were right. It would be best if I go home to prepare my best tonic and bring it here later."    

Finally, Amy gave in. Sheryl and Sue looked at each other and sighed in relief.    
 So, Amy didn't waste any more time and hurriedly fixed her things to go home. 

She couldn't wait to make the tonic she wanted to give Shirley.    

 Before leaving, she reminded Sue not to buy any food outside since it might not be safe for Shirley.   

After Amy left, Sue suddenly thought of warning Sheryl about Amy's motives. 

They had known Amy only recently but she had already done so much help to them. Sue couldn't help but feel suspicious. However, Sheryl felt that Amy's kindness was really genuine. 

She could sense that Amy purely just wanted to help them. So, instead of speaking badly of her, she should even be more grateful. It didn't seem right to accuse Amy of having ulterior motives. What Amy had done for them couldn't just be considered lightly. She helped save Shirley's life. Thinking about it, Sheryl couldn't help wondering, 'Why are there some people who are eagerly helping me since I came here to Y City?' 

"I mean... Yes, I agree that Amy is a very kind person. She is very nice to us, especially to Shirley," Sue continued. 

"But, there could still be some reasons why she is doing all these to you, right?" Sue was hinting that Sheryl should also think deeply about it.   

Sheryl didn't seem to understand Sue's intention, so she was stunned for a moment. With a perplexed expression on her face, she urged Sue, "Could you explain to me what you really want to imply?" Sue tried to explain everything while Sheryl was peeling an apple for Shirley. "Come to think of it. You have only met each other at the pancake stall the other day, right?" she started.    

 "That means, she could just be considered your new acquaintance." Sheryl nodded in agreement and then asked, "So what's wrong with that?"   

 "That's exactly the point! You barely know each other and you don't have any deep relationship, yet she has already done so much to help you,"  Sue replied. 

"She even let the best doctor in this hospital to take care of Shirley. Aren't you just curious why she would do such things? She showed too much care for Shirley."    

Sheryl realized that Sue had a point. But her heart just wouldn't let her doubt Amy at all. She could only see goodness in Amy.   

Sue paused for a while and then continued, "Did you remember that Amy drove us here with a Volkswagen Phaeton? Isn't that too expensive for an ordinary person? Moreover, Dean Hu who is a very influential and reputable doctor even showed respect to Amy.     

Don't you think that Amy might come from an eminent family?" Sue ended. 

Despite Sue's explanations, Sheryl still tried to defend Amy. "No matter what, I am still much indebted to her. It was her who saved Shirley's life. Besides, what could she get from me? I have nothing except for a single apartment that BM Corporation gave me."    

Although Sheryl tried to defend Amy, Sue was still not convinced. She still suspected that Amy had    an ulterior motive.     

At noon, Sue decided to buy some porridge for Shirley. The little girl was already hungry. When Sue went back to the room and was about to feed Shirley, Amy suddenly arrived. Seeing Sue about to feed Shirley with porridge, she complained, "I told you not to buy any food outside as it might not be safe for Shirley."

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