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Season 6

Episode 93

(Sher, who is she)

Amy quietly followed Sheryl and Sue. However, luck was seemed not with them today. They had been waiting for quite a long time, yet, they didn't see any taxi passing by. Sheryl was frantic with disappointment and fear.     

Amy was sent here by her chauffeur so when she saw the panic on Sheryl's face, she immediately called her chauffeur and asked him to come over as fast as he could. When the car halted in front of them, Amy hurriedly pulled the door open and urged Sheryl who seemed to be drowning in her thoughts to get in. 

"Sheryl, why are you still standing there? Hurry! Get in the car now!"    

Sheryl didn't care anymore whose car it was. All she cared about was Shirley.   

  As soon as Sheryl entered Y Hospital, some images suddenly flashed through her mind. She remembered that when she had been pregnant, she had come here many times for prenatal checkups. 

Someone had been beside her during those times, but unfortunately, she couldn't figure out who he was. Sheryl was immersed in her thoughts.   

Sue noticed that Sheryl's thoughts seemed to be wandering somewhere else, so she pulled her arms to get her attention. She then asked, "Sher, what are you thinking about?" When Sheryl didn't answer her soon, Sue didn't wait any longer and just pulled Sheryl towards the pediatric ward.     

There were too many people and the queue was very long. Sheryl was really very eager to see the doctor right away. 

For the sake of Shirley, she anxiously begged the old woman standing first in line, "Madam, could you let me register first, please. Look, my daughter is unconscious."   

 With tears streaming down her face, Sheryl already looked miserable. 

Unfortunately, the old woman was a shrew. She was not even moved by Sheryl's pitiful looks. Instead of giving way, she cursed, "What are you saying? If your daughter's life is precious, then what about my grandson's? Is his life worthless?" 

"Everyone comes here because of emergency situations. Everyone who is waiting in line here is also sick. Do you think it would be fair if I let you go in first? If anyone could just go inside as they wished, why do you think we would still wait here in line for a long time?" she added with a sneer. The old woman had also been standing in the line for quite a long time. No wonder she was having a really bad temper now.   

'How could this young woman ask me to let her daughter see the doctor first? It is not fair for me and for the other patients,' she thought in disdain.     

"I don't mean that. I just..." Sheryl tried to explain anxiously. Quarreling with this old woman was the last thing she would want to do. The only thing that she badly wanted right now was to see the doctor. 

Seeing the situation, Sue was enraged. She interrupted Sheryl and shouted at the old woman, "Damn you old witch! 

You're so full of shit. We don't care whether you let us go in first or not. My..."    

But before Sue could finish her words, she was interrupted by the nurse's wrath. She stood up from her seat at the reception desk and shouted to them, "Just stop it, you two! If you want to fight, just go out! Don't let other patients here be affected by your nonsense!" The nurse got furious listening to their argument. She thought that if she didn't stop them, things might become worse.     
The commotion didn't wake Shirley up. Sheryl became more worried. She needed to find ways to get to the doctor quickly. Begging that old woman didn't work so she turned her gaze at the nurse and pleaded, "Nurse, my daughter's fever is very high and she is still unconscious. 

Could you please..." Before she could finish her sentence, the nurse rolled her eyes and interrupted her with contempt, "Look at all the people waiting in line. Do you think they are not as anxious as you? 

I understand that you worry about you daughter so much. However, you've got no other choice but to wait in line as well. So don't waste your time begging me."  

Sheryl was startled by the nurse's words. She suddenly had a feeling that she also had this kind of experience before. She tried to remember the details but it just gave her a headache.     

On the other hand, Amy didn't accompany Sheryl to the pediatric ward. Instead, she directly went to the dean's office of the pediatric department. 

Without any intention to knock, she just opened the door and went inside.     

The dean of the pediatric department was called Dr. Hu. He had been Arthur's subordinate so he had already met Amy many times. Although he was surprised to see her today, he still greeted her warmly, "Mrs. Zhao, what brought you here? I heard you and Mr. Zhao had already moved to X City. What are you..."    
Amy didn't have much time so she interrupted before Dr. Hu could even finish his last sentence and went straight to the point, "Dr. Hu, I didn't come here for a causal talk. I badly need your help. 

A girl immediately needs to be checked right now." Although he was a little taken aback, Dr. Hu still replied, "Where is the girl? Take me to her."  

Amy led Dr. Hu to the pediatric ward and scanned every patient to look for Sheryl and Shirley. That moment, the nurse was still criticizing Sheryl. Dr. Hu suddenly appeared in front of them and spoke to Sheryl in a solemn voice, "Give me the child."    

The nurse was shocked to see Dr. Hu. She spluttered, "Dr. Hu, she refused to wait in line and wanted to go in first. You knew the regulations of the hospital and I …"    

"Don't worry. Hand me your child,"  Dr. Hu cut in. Dr. Hu didn't say anything to the nurse. His focus was now all on Shirley.     
Sheryl was too worried and nervous that she hesitated to let go of Shirley. Even Sue couldn't convince her to let her daughter go. Amy went close to her and comforted her, "Miss Xia, Dr. Hu is a leading expert on pediatric. You can trust his medical skills."    

Hearing these words, Sheryl finally returned to her senses and put Shirley into Dr. Hu's arms.   

Dr. Hu carried Shirley into his office for an examination. Sheryl waited outside, pacing back and forth.   

  Sue pulled Sheryl's arm and complained, "Sher, would you please stop walking to and fro? You're making me feel dizzy."   

 Sheryl stopped in front of Sue and asked, "Shirley will be okay, right?" Sheryl's eyes were full of hope to hear a positive reply from Sue. She held Sue's hands tightly.     

"Relax. Amy has assured you." Sue glanced at Amy while consoling Sheryl. She couldn't help but think, 'Amy must come from a rich and powerful family. Otherwise, she wouldn't know Dr. Hu. If she weren't with us, we would be hopeless and just be scared to death enduring those people's unkind treatment. Most importantly, because of her, Shirley was immediately checked by a doctor.'    

Although Amy was not born from an ordinary family, she treated Sheryl and Sue kindly. That was why Sue didn't mind Amy keeping her identity a secret.   

"Dr. Hu is the most professional pediatrician in this hospital. Shirley will surely be fine. Don't worry,"  Sue comforted Sheryl softly. It helped Sheryl calm down soon. Half an hour later, Dr. Hu walked out of his office.    

 "Doctor, how's my daughter?" As Sheryl saw Dr. Hu, she hurriedly walked toward him and asked.     

"Don't worry. She's not seriously ill. I have made a full physical examination on her. Recently, influenza virus has been spreading around Y City. Your daughter got infected with this virus. That was why she had a fever. After I had her on drips she has woken up,"  Dr. Hu patiently explained while removing his face mask.     
Dr. Hu couldn't help but stare at Sheryl while thinking, 'When Arthur announced his relationship with Autumn years ago, I've got the chance to meet her. This woman looked exactly like her. But I heard Autumn was missing. How come that she is here standing in front of me right now? What's going on?'  

"Dr. Hu?" Sheryl called out.     

When Dr. Hu didn't respond, she called him again, "Dr. Hu?" She was confused to see Dr. Hu seemed to be lost in his thoughts. Sheryl's voice this time brought Dr. Hu back to reality. He knew Sheryl had said something earlier but he didn't hear it so he asked, "What?"    

"Could I visit her now?" Sheryl asked, looking up to him.    

 "Sure, you can go ahead. After she is discharged, just avoid taking her to crowded places. That would reduce the risk of infection,"  Dr. Hu advised, a hint of genuine concern in his voice.    

 "Okay, I got it, Dr. Hu. Thank you so much,"  Sheryl nodded and said compliantly. Taking Shirley to the amusement park had caused her to get ill so Sheryl promised to herself that she wouldn't do it again.     

After Sheryl and Sue left to visit Shirley, Dr. Hu went to Amy and asked, "Mrs. Zhao, this child..."  

He deliberately didn't finish his sentence but Amy could already understand what he meant. Amy said, smiling brightly, "Thank you for taking care of her."   

 Amy didn't directly admit that the child was her great granddaughter. But her actions and her attitude revealed the truth.    

 "Don't worry, I'll take good care of her. Tell Mr. Zhao, when I am free, I will pay him a visit,"  Dr. Hu replied with assurance. He knew that there must be a reason why Amy didn't reveal her relationship with Sheryl and Shirley yet. It was none of his business, anyway. His only concern would be the little girl since she was his patient.     

"Okay,"  Amy replied with a faint smile. When Dr. Hu left, Amy followed Sheryl and Sue to Shirley's ward. While at Sheryl's house earlier, Amy didn't get a chance to see Shirley's appearance because the little girl had a very high fever and they hurriedly took her to the hospital. But now that Shirley had woken up, Amy finally saw her face well.  

"Sher, who is she?" Shirley asked Sheryl while looking at Amy curiously. Shirley was not afraid of strangers. So although it was only her first time to see Amy, she already thought that Amy was kind and gracious. 

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