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Season 6

Episode 91

(I'll pay for you)

Seeing Autumn so energetic, Amy felt excited and her eyes filled with tears. She couldn't help but tug Abby who was standing beside her and exclaimed, "It's her, Abby! It's her! Autumn is back!"

"Yes, it's Autumn," Abby replied, almost in a whisper. What she was seeing right now was like a dream. But Abby felt very happy too. Her life had been very tough and stressful in the past years. Aside from Rick's successful heart transplant, seeing Autumn come back was the second happiest thing that had happened to her during all these years.

"Mom, now that we've seen Autumn, shall we take our leave now?" Abby asked Amy. Abby felt more relaxed after she saw Autumn doing just fine. That was why she asked Amy to leave now. However, she didn't expect that Amy would refuse. "Abby, I wanted to spend more time with Autumn."

Amy was very desperate to tell Autumn about her real identity but she couldn't just do that in impulse so she controlled herself not to run after her. She just wanted to see her a little longer.

"Well then, I'll stay with you," said Abby. About forty minutes later, Sheryl and Sue came back from jogging. Sheryl looked happier and more energetic while Sue looked exhausted. Catching her breath, Sue said, "Sher, please, don't wake me up again tomorrow morning. Just go jogging on your own. I don't want to wake up early so please just let me stay on my bed." Sue looked terrible while whining to Sheryl.

Sheryl burst into laughter. She said, "No way. Can you still remember what you've told me few days ago? You said you wanted to lose weight by running. And you even told me that no matter what, I should wake you up every morning."

"Well, I just…" Obviously, Sue felt embarrassed. She didn't know what to say. "Now I'm taking my words back, okay?" was all she could say. Sheryl couldn't help but smile at Sue's behavior.

Sheryl checked the time on her wrist watch. Shirley would be up by this time. She regretted that she didn't buy anything for breakfast on their way back home.

She looked around and found a pancake stall so she walked towards there.

"Good morning. Can I get two pancakes with ham and egg, please? One spicy and one regular. Thank you," she ordered. Shirley couldn't eat spicy food so she ordered the regular one for her.

She then turned to Sue and asked, "What about you? Would you like to eat some pancakes?"

"No, thank you." Sue shook her head. "I wouldn't be able to go back to sleep if I eat breakfast now. Can I just go ahead? I really want to go back and sleep again now," she added.

But before she left, Sue patted Sheryl on the shoulder and said, "Remember to include me when you prepare lunch later, okay?"

"Fine," Sheryl replied shortly. She then gave Sue an assuring smile.

The pancake stall wasn't that far from where Amy and Abby had been standing. So, having only a very short distance away from Sheryl, Amy was not able to stop herself from walking towards the pancake stall. Seeing her, the vendor thought that she was also a customer so he asked, "What do you want to eat, ma'am? After I finish making the pancakes for this young lady, I'll serve yours soon."

"Same as hers," Amy replied without taking her gaze away from Sheryl. When Sheryl heard Amy's voice, she lifted her head and looked at Amy too. Seeing that Amy was staring at her, she just nodded her head politely and smiled.

Amy almost lost control of emotions. She really wanted to grab Autumn's hands and tell her that she was her grandma. Fortunately, Abby was quick to stop her from doing so.

"Mom, we don't have money now. We forgot to bring any cash when we went out earlier." Abby pretended so she could have the reason to take Amy away from Autumn. Abby turned to the stall owner and politely said, "I am so sorry sir, just cancel my mom's order."

"That's fine," Sheryl butted in with a smile. Somehow, she had a feeling that these two people looked familiar to her, so she offered, "I'll pay for you."

She took her purse out before she turned to Amy. "My treat."

She then smiled brightly at Amy.

"Thank you. That's really nice of you." Amy looked at her and asked, "May I know your name?" When Sheryl didn't answer her question, Amy continued, "Please consider this as borrowed. I would come back and pay you later."

"No need. It's alright," Sheryl declined. "It's not that much so it's no big deal," she added.

Then she took the pancakes from the stall owner and said to Amy, "I gotta go. Goodbye!"

Watching Autumn walking away, Amy finally lost control of her emotions and burst into tears. As always, she was still the same Autumn that they had known before. Her dear granddaughter was always kind to others.

"Alright, Mom. Stop crying," Abby tried to comfort Amy.

What happened in the pancake stall was just a simple matter for Sheryl and she didn't take it seriously. After eating breakfast, she just busied herself preparing lunch. She promised Sue that she'd also cook for her so she prepared a meal good for three people. After lunch, Sheryl brought Shirley to the amusement park that she once went with Charlie.

Needless to say, Shirley had a great time the whole afternoon. So when they went back home, she immediately went to bed after a quick bath with Sheryl.

The next morning, Sheryl still knocked on Sue's door same time yesterday to wake her up. Actually, although Sue kept on saying that she didn't want to go jogging anymore, she was already wearing her jogging suit while waiting for Sheryl in her bedroom.

Near their apartment, there was a huge park and they decided to jog there. After they finished running one lap, Sheryl and Sue went to buy breakfast before heading back home. When they were near their apartment building, Amy suddenly showed up blocking their way. She asked Sheryl, "Miss, did you remember me?"

"You are?" Sheryl thought for a while. After a few seconds, something came up to Sheryl's mind. She thought, 'She was the granny who forgot to bring money with her yesterday so I paid for her pancakes.'

"Why are you here, ma'am?" Sheryl asked, surprised.

Amy looked at her with her loving eyes and replied, "You paid for my pancakes yesterday and I told you to consider it that I borrowed the money from you. I came to visit you today to repay you. I would have been in a very embarrassing situation if you weren't there to help me yesterday."

"That was just a small amount of money. You didn't really need to trouble yourself and come all the way here just to pay for it." Sheryl gave Amy a sweet smile. Then she added, "And remember, I said it was my treat."

"No, no, no. I really appreciated what you did but I couldn't take your money just like that. We don't even know each other," Amy insisted. With a genuine smile on her face, she continued, "I didn't want to owe from anyone in my life. If I don't give this money back to you now, I would be feeling uncomfortable for the rest of my life."

"Sher, who is she?" Sue couldn't keep her curiosity to herself anymore so she whispered to Sheryl.

"I actually don't know her," Sheryl answered but with a smile. She explained, "I came across her yesterday when I bought some pancakes for breakfast. She forgot to bring her money so I paid for her. I really didn't expect anymore that she'd come and pay me back."

"It was just a breakfast. How expensive could it be?" Sue commented. Sue couldn't help but feel suspicious.

"Don't say things like that, young lady," Amy turned to Sue. Still smiling, she continued, "Yes, the breakfast wasn't expensive. However, I have my own principles in life. No matter how big or small the amount is, I never want to be indebted to anyone. I told her to consider the money yesterday as a borrowed one.

So, since I borrowed it, of course, I must repay it. Otherwise, how could I feel relieved?"

After Amy's long explanation, Sheryl couldn't do anything but shrugged her shoulders and gave in. "How long have you been waiting for me?" The place where Amy waited for Sheryl was near the pancake stall. Although it was not that far from the apartment building and it was still morning, the sun was already very bright. Anyone who stood there under the sun, even just for one minute, would definitely be soaked in sweat. So Sheryl was worried about Amy.

"Well, not too long." Amy noticed the worry on Sheryl's face so she consoled her. Actually, Amy had been waiting for Sheryl since she started to go jogging. However, she didn't want to disturb them so she decided to approach her after she finished jogging.

Sheryl didn't buy Amy's alibi. Seeing her clothes soaking in sweat, she knew Amy had been waiting there for a long time. But Sheryl didn't want to embarrass her as well. Instead, she just offered, "Would you like to come to my apartment and have a glass of water?"

Sheryl felt very sorry and embarrassed. Amy was already an old woman and yet she waited for her under such a bright sun for a long time just to return the money.

"Sher..." Sue wanted to stop Sheryl from inviting Amy so she whispered to her ear, "What's wrong with you? You couldn't just invite people you don't know to your house! Aren't you afraid that she might be a bad person?"



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