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 Season 6

Episode 89

(A Misunderstanding)

"Okay." Andy agreed. Although he felt sorry for Charles and Autumn because of what he did before, he had no other choice. He only did it all for his child.  

   Anthony traded the information about how he got the heart to Andy for the benefit of Autumn. However, when it came to what would happen in the future, Andy really wouldn't be able to predict it.     

Morning came. When Cindy and Rick woke up, they found that Abby had already packed their luggage. They both stood next to her with surprised look on their faces, and Rick asked, "Mommy, are we going to travel?"    

"No, dear." Abby smiled at Rick and continued, "Mommy is taking you to see a sister. A very beautiful sister."   

 "Is it sister Autumn?" Cindy suddenly asked. Abby was taken aback by her question. Clearly, she didn't expect that Cindy would still remember Autumn.   

"Yes!" Abby confirmed with a smile. She then asked Cindy, "Do you want to see her?"    

"Yes!" Cindy nodded her head firmly. A trace of excitement suddenly appeared on her cute face. 

  When Andy got up, Abby had already finished packing. Seeing Andy awake, Abby said to him, "Go wash yourself first, and then bring the kids to the dining room for breakfast. I'll join you once I'm done here."    

"Okay,"  Andy agreed. Andy took a glance at Abby's luggage. He saw that she had brought some winter clothes with her. It seemed that she was planning to stay there for a long time. He couldn't help but sigh in silence.     

Besides Abby, Amy had also finished packing her stuff. They then had breakfast altogether. After eating breakfast, she reminded the servants of things that needed to be taken care of while they were away. After making sure that everything was settled, they set off.

 The city they were living in wasn't that far from Y City so they arrived in just two hours.   

They went straight to Dream Garden where Charles lived. However, it was Charlie who opened the door for them. He asked politely as he saw them, "Who are you looking for?"  

  "Are you Autumn's kid?" Amy fell in love with Charlie the moment she laid her eyes on him. She suddenly hugged him tightly. Although he was surprised, Charlie didn't try to escape from her arms. Full of curiosity, he just kept looking at the people standing in front of him.     

Andy already knew who this kid was but he dared not say anything.     

"Great grandma,"  said Charlie, "are you looking for my dad?"    

"Yes. Where is he?" Amy was still holding Charlie's hands. She didn't want to let him go. Charlie replied politely, "My dad isn't home today. Maybe you can come back the next day."  

  "The next day?" Amy asked ghastly. That was absolutely impossible. She was so desperate to see Autumn now. 

Instead of leaving, she asked Charlie who was still standing in front of her, "What about your mom? We want to see her too."  

"Well…" Charlie furrowed his eyebrows. He was confused. Did they know Leila? 

    'Who the heck were they?' he thought.     
"You guys are back?!" Charlie's thoughts were awaken by Gary's voice. Gary was at home too. He was actually waiting for Charlie to come back so he could ask who their visitors were but it had been a while and Charlie hadn't come back yet. 

Feeling impatient, Gary went out to see what was happening. When he recognized Arthur and his family, he immediately greeted them and invited them in. "Come on in."   

 Arthur and his family walked into the house as Gary asked Nacy to prepare tea and some snacks for them. He then turned to them and said, "I apologize, but Charles just went out. Maybe he didn't know that you'd be coming today. Do you want me to call him back?"   

 "No, no, no. Thank you,"  refused Amy. Amy didn't want to trouble Charles too much. "Charles is busy with his work. I think we'd better not interrupt him. Where is Autumn? We want to see her."  

"Well, Autumn…" Gary paused for a moment. He didn't know where to start. He looked at Amy feeling embarrassed. "Autumn is not here."    

"How is that possible?" Amy thought Gary was just joking with her. She burst into laughter and said, "Stop joking with me, Gary. Autumn's child is here. How come she is not at home? By the way, I remembered that Autumn was pregnant with twins at that time. Where is the other kid?" Amy looked around the house but she couldn't find any other kid aside from Charlie so she asked Gary.     

Gary felt more embarrassed with Amy's inquiries. He looked at Charlie and said, "Charlie, go upstairs first. I have something to talk with them."   

 "Okay,"  Charlie nodded and turned to leave. Charlie didn't know who these people were. But he could understand from their conversation that they mistook him as Autumn's son.    

 When Charlie was already upstairs, Amy felt worried as she could see that Gary's face gradually became serious. "Gary, what's going on?" she couldn't help but ask.   

"I…" Gary sighed. He didn't know how to tell them the truth. After hesitating for a while, he finally gathered his courage and managed to say, "The kid you saw just now is not Autumn's child."   

 "What are you talking about?" Amy was startled. Then she asked, "He looks like Charles. If he is not Autumn's child… are you trying to tell me that Charles had an affair?"  

  Gary couldn't say a word. He really felt uncomfortable dealing with things like this.     

"Oh my gosh! Am I right?" Amy exclaimed. She could tell from Gary's face that something went wrong after she asked the question so she assumed that her suspicion was correct.     

Gary smiled bitterly before he nodded his head.     

Amy immediately got furious. She smiled coldly and sneered at Gary. "Wow! Wow! Wow! Have you forgotten Charles' promise? He said that he'd rather be single and die alone if he couldn't marry Autumn. But when he had an affair, I believe that Autumn was still living with him, am I right? Is that what his promise to Autumn meant? To have an affair and to have an illegitimate child?"  

Amy became more furious as she was talking to Gary. Arthur, standing next to Amy, didn't look good either. It made Gary felt more guilty and embarrassed. What Amy said really hit him.    

 It was true that Charles did something wrong so it was inevitable that the Zhao family would be mad at him. And he was too embarrassed to ask for their forgiveness.    

 "Uncle Gary." Abby was holding Rick, with Cindy standing next to her. When she visited Gary in the past, she was polite and respectful to him. But today, she couldn't help but give him a cold shoulder.     

She added, "Let bygones by bygones. I don't know what really happened but I don't want to know it anymore. I have no interest in knowing the details of what happened between Charles and that woman. We are not here to blame you for that. We've decided to come here today to bring Autumn back. Since Charles has another woman, we know what we should do and we surely wouldn't want Autumn to continue living here, interrupting Charles' 'new sweet' life."  

'Abby was also furious after hearing everything. What Charles said before still lingered in her mind. She could still clearly remember what he said. He said he would be loyal to Autumn and would treat her well. But look at what happened to Autumn now!     

"Calm down, Abby. It isn't like that…" Gary was nervous but he really wanted to explain to the Zhao family. However, the family didn't want to listen to him anymore. Fortunately, just in time that things were about to become really intense and embarrassing between him and the Zhao family, Charles arrived. When he saw the Zhao family, he walked towards them and greeted them immediately. "Grandpa, grandma, you're back!"   

 "Don't call me grandma!" Amy sneered at Charles and continued, "I feel disgusted hearing you call me that. I don't have a grandchild like you! You better call me Mrs. Zhao."

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