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Season 6

Episode 100

(We meet a few days ago)

"Well, it's not like that." Amy hesitated for a moment. Eventually, she decided not to slander Charles in front of Sheryl. Amy didn't want to think about Charles' relationship with Leila for now. Anyway, Charles took good care of Autumn back then.

"It's just that in Y City," Amy continued after contemplating, "Charles is known for his loyalty to his wife. Everyone knows that his wife has been missing for three years now, but he still keeps on waiting for her. Almost everyone around has urged him to forget her and marry someone else, but he has turned a deaf ear on them. So, it's very difficult for other women to win his heart."

Looking at Sheryl, Amy couldn't help but feel sorry. Obviously, Sheryl liked Charles. Even though Sheryl refused to admit it, her eyes betrayed her.

"Just take Charlie's mother for example," Amy continued after a short pause. "She and Charles have a son of about Shirley's age, but Charles still doesn't intend to marry her. Men like Charles could be very cruel. So, you'd better stay away from him to avoid getting hurt in the future."

"Just take Charlie's mother for example," Amy continued after a short pause. "She and Charles have a son of about Shirley's age, but Charles still doesn't intend to marry her. Men like Charles could be very cruel. So, you'd better stay away from him to avoid getting hurt in the future."

"Yeah, you're right." Sheryl smiled bitterly in agreement. With or without Leila and Charlie in his life, Charles would definitely still love Autumn anyway. He would never forget her.

Sheryl knew very well that no one could change that.

Moreover, Sheryl never thought of becoming a substitute for Autumn, let alone replacing her. She knew what Autumn meant for Charles. So Amy was right all along. She must stay away from Charles so no one would get hurt.

"Okay, Amy. I could assure you that from now on, I wouldn't have anything to do with Charles," Sheryl promised while forcing a bitter smile.

Meanwhile, Sheryl also couldn't help but wonder, 'Why would Amy know Charles so much like the back of her hand?'

She didn't want to doubt Amy so she'd better ask, "Amy, you…" She furrowed her eyebrows and struggled to ask away, "Why do you know so much about Charles?"

Amy didn't try to hide anything from Sheryl. In fact, she had already prepared for this before she invited Sheryl for a chat. "Well, my son-in-law and Charles were business partners before. That's why I know him. Besides, Charles is a celebrity in Y City so prying into his private life isn't that difficult at all." "I bet every woman in Y City would also like to check on his private life," she added.

"Oh, I see," Sheryl muttered. She seemed to be convinced by Amy's words.

Although Amy felt sorry for her granddaughter, she couldn't show her real emotions to her. So, to avoid from getting more emotional, she deliberately changed the topic. "Don't you feel tired of raising up a child alone?"

"Of course, I do," Sheryl answered. With a genuine smile on her face, she continued, "But I have no other choice.

No matter how tired I would get, I have to take care of her. After all, she's my child and she's all I've got."

"Well..." Amy wasn't sure if it was alright to ask her next question so she paused for a while. Eventually, she still decided to ask, "Have you ever thought of getting married? At least, you could have someone to share your problems with and help you ease your burden." Sheryl couldn't help but blush when she heard the question.

But she wanted to be honest to Amy. "Well, actually I have a boyfriend, Amy," she replied in all honesty.

Amy already knew about it but she decided to pretend.

She wanted to know how Anthony was treating Sheryl. Putting on a fake surprised look, she asked, "Really? Tell me about him!" She pretended to be excited and interested to know about him. "What's his name? Is he treating you well?"

"He treats me and Shirley quite well." When Sheryl mentioned about Anthony, Amy couldn't see any expressions on her face. It was as if she were just talking about an ordinary person, not a lover.

Sheryl was very calm. Not even a trace of excitement from her voice just like other women deeply in love.

Amy could tell that Sheryl didn't see Anthony as someone special. Perhaps, she didn't really love him at all.

After hesitating for a while, Amy decided to ask Sheryl, "Do you love him?"

"Love?" Sheryl was stunned. Her face looked confused.

'Do I love him?' she thought.

Sheryl furrowed her eyebrows and thought about Amy's question for a long time before she finally nodded her head. "I guess so."

When she was abroad, Anthony took good care of her and Shirley. No matter how big or trivial things were, Anthony would always arranged things for them.

Sheryl didn't have anything to worry about. Sometimes, Anthony would even remind her of some things she would forget.

Actually, before going back to China, Sheryl already thought about marrying Anthony. Of course, she also wanted a stable life. She wanted Shirley to have a complete family.

However, everything seemed to change when she met Charles. Sheryl started to feel uncertain about Anthony. She even started questioning herself if it was really him that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.

She wasn't sure anymore if she would still want Anthony to take care of her and Shirley in the future.

"Well, I haven't seen any man with you from the time we've met," Amy commented. "Where has he been?" she asked.

'If Anthony really cares for Sheryl, how come that he isn't here despite Shirley being sick?' Amy thought to herself.

"He went back to the Unite States," Sheryl answered. "Shirley's and my return to China was a sudden so we were not able to make proper preparations.

However, Anthony still chose to go with us. Hence, he left many tasks in the US. That was why he needed to go back for a few days. But, he may be here in two days," she explained.

"Oh, I see," Amy nodded in understanding. She then smiled and urged Sheryl, "Don't forget to introduce him to me when he gets back. Let me help you check on him." Amy's smile then turned into a soft laugh.

"Sure, why not?" Sheryl immediately agreed. She had gotten along well with Amy these days and she could tell that Amy was a nice person, so she couldn't think of any reason to keep Anthony from her. She already regarded Amy as her family.

In the middle of their chat, Sheryl's phone suddenly rang. It was Anthony calling. He heard that Shirley got sick so he felt very anxious to know their situation. Although he was very busy in the US, he still looked for ways to contact Sheryl and hear some news from her.

When Sheryl saw who was calling, she immediately answered her phone.

However, she didn't look excited or glad at all.

"Sher, how is Shirley doing?" Anthony sounded very worried on the other end of the phone.

"She's fine. Don't worry," Sheryl answered. "She got a lot better after the doctor put her on an intravenous drip. The doctor even already told me that she could be discharged any moment."

"That's great." Anthony breathed a sigh of relief. Then he asked Sheryl, "How about you? Are you doing good?"

Of course, Anthony was worried about Sheryl too. Sheryl smiled and answered, "I'm not a child, Anthony. I can take care of myself."

"Sher..." Amy tried to get Sheryl's attention. Since Sheryl was on the phone, Amy decided that she'd better go. She bid goodbye to Sheryl, "I must leave now. I'll bring you breakfast tomorrow morning. Have a good night!"

"Okay, goodbye Amy. Thank you so much for your help," Sheryl replied before Amy turned to leave. When he heard Sheryl saying goodbye to someone, Anthony asked, "Sher, who were you talking with?"

"Oh, a granny. We met a few days ago and she is very nice. Actually, ever since Shirley was hospitalized, she is the one bringing us meals every day. Don't worry. I'll introduce her to you when you're back." Sheryl explained patiently to Anthony.

"Oh, I see. Sure, I would be very glad to meet her." Although Sheryl couldn't see Anthony on the phone, she knew he was smiling. "I would need to repay her kindness when I come back," he added.




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