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 Season 2

Episode 16

(Being ignored)

The five people soon sped up and headed toward the region where the vigor tree was located.     

Scott should be there. Since he practiced the Overlord Body-Refining Formula, he relied on the medicinal power of the vigor tree sap to strengthen his practice.     
After a day and a night on the road, the group reached the periphery of the vigor tree woods!    

 As fourth-level demon beasts and diabolic beasts would frequently appear in the forest, Nigel and his companions didn't dare to be careless. They followed Scott's trail through vigor tree forest carefully, as if treading on thin ice.    

 Austin released his spiritual sense power to monitor everything around his team members. On several occasions, he detected fourth-level demon beasts and diabolic beasts. Many times, they almost crossed paths with those beasts.

 Austin felt so nervous that his heart felt like it was about to burst out from his chest.   

Every time he saw such a beast, Austin would remind Nigel and the other four people not to alarm the scary beast.    

 As a result, Nigel and the other four people were very glad that they had asked Austin to join their adventure.  

 Otherwise, they might have gotten into trouble while walking through the vigor tree forest. If they ran into a fourth-level demon beast or a diabolic beast, they would be trapped and in serious trouble.     
Austin's spiritual sense power, on the other hand, could detect creatures in their surrounding area and help them to avoid the fourth-level demon beasts and diabolic beasts. Once he found such a beast, they could detour in time, and avoid a lot of trouble and danger.    

 It was not long before they reached a dense forest.    

 "Be careful!"  

Austin suddenly whispered a warning.     The other four people stopped.    

 "Did you sense another fourth-level beast?"    

Nigel whispered.     

Austin turned his attention at a remote open space.    

 "No. I sensed two people over there," he murmured.     

"Two people?" Nigel repeated with excitement.    

 He was relieved that they had found Scott.    

 "It must be Scott and Barbara. The shameless couple," Lois mumbled as she gritted her teeth.    

 The five people then slowed down. As they approached the couple's location, they walked on their tiptoes.     

After a while, they saw a dense tree grove.   

In the middle of the grove was a clearing.     

From time to time, a wisp of smoke rose over the open space.     

"Everyone, prepare to go inside the woods! I believe that Scott and Barbara are in the clearing ahead of us. Scott needs to take the vigor tree sap to cultivate the Overlord Body-Refining Formula. He's come here early to prepare!"    

Lois said. She was tense. Her expression showed a high degree of hatred, and murderous will flickered in her eyes.   

  "Then let's get into the woods quickly," Nigel said nervously.     

"We have to kill Scott before he successfully grasps the Overland Body Refining Formula. He is already strong. If we try to kill him after he has learned a more powerful martial arts skill, I'm afraid it would be much harder to kill him," Lois added.     

"Let's go!" the other four people said in agreement.   

The crowd carefully surrounded the open space in the woods.     

"Little boy, don't be nervous when you see Scott. He is a proud and arrogant man. Based on your current cultivation base, he will not consider you to be a threat, and will most likely ignore your existence.     

As discussed earlier, we will attack him. Your role is to find the right opportunity to use your spiritual sense power to unsettle Scott. That is how you will support our attack. You're in this situation with us. We will either sink or swim. But we will do it together. There's no escape!"   

 Lois reminded Austin.     

As she spoke, Lois seductively moved her body closer to Austin. Lois batted her eyes and rubbed her soft body on Austin's arm on purpose.   

  "As long as you help me kill Scott, after we succeed in our mission, I will pay you back. I promise my payment will leave you satisfied. I really like young men like you," Lois said softly.   

Her charming words were full of temptation. She was afraid that Austin might change his mind and ruin her chance to kill Scott. So, she deliberately teased him with the hopes that the temptation would prevent him from backing out.     

Austin pretended that Lois' seduction had worked. He said hastily," Lois, you can rest assured that for your sake, I will cooperate as planned. I hope when you succeed, you will not forget me."    

As they spoke, the five people closed in on the clearing.     

Everyone was nervous now.     

The success or failure of their task and even their life and death were about to be announced!. . .     

At the open space in the woods, the contents of an iron cauldron bubbled. Two large stones had been placed under the cauldron to make a simple cooking stove. Many pieces of wood as thick and long as a man's arm burned wildly under the cauldron. The sound of wood crackling under the intense heat echoed through the grove.   

Red steam rose from the boiling liquid inside the cauldron and formed a thick mist that completely shrouded an area roughly ten square feet from the cauldron. The strange medicine fragrance emitted, wafted with the gentle forest breeze.    

 In front of the fire stood a man and a woman. Each held a small iron bucket, which contained bright red liquid, the vigor tree's sap.     

The man was Scott, while the woman was Barbara.     

At that time, each of them was holding a small iron bucket, and looking at the boiling and rolling medicinal liquid inside the cauldron, with mixed feelings of nervousness and excitement.     

Scott was in his mid-twenties. He was dressed in a white robe. Although tall, he had a well-proportioned form. His skin was fair, like white jade, and almost as perfect skin as that of a beautiful woman's. He had a very handsome face and a casual and elegant bearing. All in all, he could be described as a handsome man.   

Barbara was in her early twenties. She was petite and cute. Dressed in pale yellow clothes, she looked elegant and noble, like she came from a middle-class family.     

"Barbara, pay attention to the liquid. As soon as it turns green, pour the vigor tree's sap into the furnace. At that time, we can enter the medicine furnace together and refine our bodies," Scott said. He seemed excited and eager.    

 After a pause, he continued," Once I have soaked in the special liquid, I can practice the basic skills of the Overlord Body-Refining Formula. Then I will have the extraordinary power to carry an object weighing five hundred pounds with one hand. And Barbara, since you're a woman, you can't practice the Overlord Body-Refining Formula. However, according to the introduction in the secret manual, this kind of special medical liquid has great benefits as it will improve a cultivator's physique and enhance their vitality!"   

 Immediately, a sweet smile spread over Barbara's beautiful face.   

"Scott, even though this liquid is not too beneficial for me, you are sharing it with me. That shows that you are so affectionate toward me. I will remember your gesture for all my life," Barbara said shyly. Her eyes were filled with affection for Scott.     

"Barbara, my love for you will not change until death separates us. This is just a furnace of liquid. Why shouldn't I share it with you?"   

 Scott gazed sincerely at Barbara as he spoke.     

All of a sudden, Scott shouted. "Who is it?    

 Come out at once!"   

 As soon as he finished, Lois, Nigel, Elton, and Lyle entered the open space, followed by Austin.     

When Scott and Barbara saw Lois and the others approaching them, they became silent. Murderous will flashed in their eyes. Their strong and heavy momentum was exuding quickly and silently.   

Meanwhile, Lois, Nigel, Elton, and Lyle had summoned their vital energy in preparation to fight with the couple at any time.    

 "Hmm! Lois, you bitch! You dare to ally with outsiders to attack me? Do you think you can defeat me with just a few punks?"   

 Scott bellowed in an angry, disdainful, and impatient tone. Apparently, he was irritated and wanted to kill all five people.    

 "Heh, heh, even your friend at the seventh-level of the Energy Gathering Realm is here. One more look at him will be a great insult to me," Scott said dismissively as he scanned Nigel and other three as well as Austin.     

Then, he faced the other members of the group as he warned," I'm going to advise you to consider your strengths first! Do you want to lose your life for an insignificant woman?"    

When he spoke, Scott did not pay attention to Austin at all. It was as if he didn't exist. He had enough reason to behave like that. Considering Scott had a much stronger cultivation base level and that Austin who was only at the seventh-level of the Energy Gathering Realm, he was not a threat to Scott.

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