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Season 2

Episode 17

(Full moon radiation skill)

Austin felt awkward when he realized that Scott was ignoring him. But he could do nothing. The world paid attention to strength alone. The ones with great power were respected, while the weak were like tiny ants, scrambling to and fro in fear of someone stepping on them.     

"Huh, what made this group of losers come to disturb us? Everyone, cut off one of your own arms, and then get out!"    The expression on Barbara's face was cold. She was by no means weak, for she had a powerful cultivation base.    

 Backed by her elder brother, who was a core disciple of the Peripatetic Sect, she didn't find it necessary to deem the inner disciples significant in any way, and that included Nigel.     


Nigel snorted and pissed off at the dismissal.     

"Scott, human beings die in pursuit of wealth, and birds die in pursuit of food. Since we are already here, we won't leave so easily. As the saying goes, one who has seen wealth must get one's share in it. Why don't you give us a part of Gilbert's fortune? If we fight over it, you might not win. You are at the middle level of the Earth Realm, which three of us are already at. You think I am scared of you, you gigolo?"    

Nigel's vital energy unfurled from his body for everyone to see. His robe swished dramatically although there was no wind to help it along.   

  "Scott, you've returned kindness with ingratitude. You've forgotten all about decency and morals at the first sight of fortune. You murdered my brother. I've never met a more unfaithful person. You abandoned me once you were done using me! Today, you must repay for all of it!"    

The veins on Lois' forehead bulged out. The rage on her face was a significant turnabout from her usual charm.   

"Hah, the winner takes all, as always! All the world's affairs are such. I have nothing to say about what happened to Gilbert. As for my abandoning you after using you? I don't know how many boyfriends you had before me. You think I would have pursued you if not for Gilbert's wealth, you little moron?"    

Scott drawled, laughing openly and without any sense of guilt.     

He was intelligent enough to know that these people were willing to risk their lives since they had come to him. He didn't make any false claims. Meeting them, he gave them tit for tat so his authority was maintained.    

 "Scott, why do you bother talking to them? The liquid medicine has almost been boiled. Hurry up and kill them. Otherwise it will influence your cultivating effect."    

Barbara's beautiful eyes were still cold. An unsheathed long sword appeared in her slender hand out of nowhere, shining bright like river water.     

"Let's begin!"  

Standing at a distance, Elton roared, his body appearing taller all of a sudden. He lifted his right leg in a kick and the air seemed to explode, harsh sounds accompanying the movement.    

 Black vital energy poured out of his right foot. In an instant, it condensed into a huge black demonic foot that tried to tread into the air in Scott's direction.    

 "Black Demonic Foot!"  

  At the same time, Nigel put his palms together, a gush of violent vital energy running through his palms like a flood, sweeping the sand on the ground along with it even as it drove the stones away.     
Ghost Cutting Skill!     

Nigel howled as he stretched out his palms. Between them, a yellow machete emerged, a materialization of his vital energy. As soon as the weapon appeared, it flew off at lightning speed, trying to chop away at Scott.     

"Huh, these are just parlor tricks."  

Scott moved his left hand behind him as he made a circle with his right. The air in front of him froze, forming a solid ice shield...     

"Try my Mysterious Ice Shield."   

 Crack! Crack!    

 Elton's Black Demonic Foot and Nigel's Ghost Cutting Skill attacked the ice shield simultaneously, hitting it with expendable fragments of dirt, debris, and stones. They cracked the shield in places but could hardly cut into the protective barrier.     

The two of them had joined forces to break Scott's single-handed defense technique, but they failed to tackle it.    

 "So what if three of your league-men are at the middle level of the Earth Realm? You haven't even steadied your realm, yet you dare to challenge me! You only bring destruction on yourselves!"    

As he spoke, Scott rapidly formed a seal with his hands. The ancient and mysterious sealing skills were in a visible state of flux between his flexible hands as they sparked and shifted constantly. 

  Pale-white vital energy streamed out, rolling and shuffling as great power shot about him, covering a space of several meters.     

The onlookers felt the forceful vital energy to be exceptionally overwhelming—like countless knives slashing into their bodies.    

 They were shocked. Scott's vital energy cultivation base was brutal!     

"Try my Full Moon Radiance Skill!"    

As his voice fell, the air around seemed to tremble with a reverberating buzz.    

 A shock of radiant white light almost blinded everyone as a moon condensed out of his vital energy appeared before Scott, reflecting the bright glow of the sun.    

 In no time, the air between heaven and earth seemed to have been pulled out.    

 The overbearing power shrouded everyone present, the potency of it spellbinding in its intensity.   

"Ah! You have actually cultivated the Full Moon Radiance Skill!"    

Lois, Nigel, and their two teammates shouted out, an inexplicable, petrified expression enveloping their faces.     

The Full Moon Radiance Skill was an abstruse martial skill in the Peripatetic Sect, famous for its difficulty in cultivation.    

 Staring at the moon made out of Scott's vital energy, Austin swallowed, visibly scared. He never thought that Scott knew of such brilliant martial skills.    

 "Do not stop. Make every effort to attack, otherwise, we all die here," Nigel shouted in the midst of confusion.     Elton and Lyle followed orders and employed their most powerful martial skills, darting over to Scott at the same time.     

Lois took out a long silver whip that branched into a number of whip shadows blanketing the sky. She moved to attack Barbara.   

In an instant, a fierce battle had begun.     "You sure are over-confident!"    

Scott's moon spun like a wheel and with a low sound, it prepared to attack.     

It smashed Nigel's Ghost Cutting Skill and Elton's Black Demonic Foot straightaway. The machete, a low-grade, level-three spiritual weapon that Lyle held, was knocked out of his hand.    

 The moon had not exhausted its power yet. It revolved, flying straight to Austin. Scott seemed to want to kill him conveniently.     

Austin felt a sharp power take a grip on him, suppressing his entire body forcefully. An unavoidable feeling of powerlessness washed over him.    

 At this crucial juncture of life and death, the vital energy in Austin's body streamed forth. The golden ball with the size of a walnut activated itself in his elixir field and boundless vital energy emerged out, seeping through and flowing all over his frame, illuminating him in gold. Austin felt the pressure on his body vanish.   

He moved one step, ten meters away and used his Wind-commanding Skill.    

 Austin was astonishingly quick.     

Scott scrunched his brows, surprised at Austin's speed. He had dodged the attack so easily.     

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!     

As Austin ducked out of the way, Scott's moon slashed into five big trees, hacking them in succession before finally dissipating into thin air.     

Scott looked on, satisfied with the outcome of the Full Moon Radiance Skill.    

 "Sometimes, battles between cultivators don't rest on their cultivation bases and realms alone."    

The aura around Scott's body seemed to rise and climb gradually. He appeared to get taller and bigger, like a crowned emperor facing his world.    

 "Talent! Talent of the martial arts decides one's victory or defeat... Of course, as common folk, you probably do not understand that! Your mediocrity fails you!"

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