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Season 2

Episode 22

(A taste of power)

As soon as Austin vaulted off from the vast cylindrical opening of the steel chamber, a surge of power emanated from his fists. It reverberated through his body.

Noticing his bare and naked form, he began putting his clothes on. Although it was to be expected, he was still surprised to see the changes to his physique. His muscles were toned; his figure was refined, and deep inside he felt a little more assured.

He placed his hands high above his chest and began to feel his body. It was as solid and adamant as steel.

He was more conscious to the changes in his body now more than ever. He lifted up his sleeves and wondered at his arms. His jade-like arms were both delicate and tough.

Gently clutching his fists together, he heard a snap.


He felt power coursing through his veins. It took over him and he gave out a resonating cry. Stomping the ground beneath him, he thrust towards a large stump. He moved so fast yet so graceful that he could easily be mistaken for an arrow set loose by a skilled marksman.


With precision, he landed right in front of the huge tree. His movement was so fast; it seemed incomprehensible to the untrained eye. With sheer force, he knocked the tree down from its roots. The tree seemed monumental that even two full sized adults couldn't bear to hug it, and it fell carelessly from a single blow.


Unsatisfied with his display of power, Austin set his sight on another tree. It seemed larger and beefier, almost twice the size of the one he just fell. With the same speed, he lunged over and sank his fist beneath the tree's large trunk. Moments later...


The tree shook violently that splits and fissures slowly appeared, breaking the tree in half.


The tree broke into two, with both sides falling directly opposite of each other. Fragments of wood flew in every direction.

Austin spotted another tree and gave it another blow, and this time it took the tree less than a second to fall helplessly to the ground.

The dust settled, and it smelled of fresh wood and earth. He left a mess, but all Austin could think of was how awesome it felt. There was so much potential to the new power he wielded.

He observed his surroundings and then he shifted his focus to his fists. It was unharmed, not even a single scratch!

Austin felt excited, and he knew it wasn't just because of the adrenaline—perhaps this new power had something to do with how pepped up he was.

There were no words to describe how he felt, and the power and the feelings that took over him were unheard of. "This power is remarkable!" Trying his best to find the right words, Austin said, "Now I'm a humanoid monster!"

He remembered all that he had to go through to achieve such power. He had to take a risk with Lois to eliminate Scott, but he came to realize that it was all worth it. After all, sheer power comes at a steep price.

The culmination of his planning and his scheming led to this absolute strength. He was contented. He grabbed his belongings and left vigor tree.

Something was terribly wrong that Austin started to feel a sudden change in his surroundings after a while of traveling on foot. He sensed a creeping presence a while back, he chose to observe instead of acting harshly on impulse but Austin knew it was time to react. With the use of his spiritual senses he focused on the watchful eyes that lurked in the dark.

The trees in front of him swayed against the wind, moving as if something behind it caused the unnatural motion.

Suddenly, a dark, looming figure emerged from the tree line. It had the figure of a large ape covered with strong and sinewy coat. With a clenched fist, the large and ominous figure came swinging at Austin.

Standing at least more than three meters tall, the monstrous shape came crashing towards him like a fevered fanatic. The monster's eyes set on him with only one thing in its mind—to crush him.

'The freak had an unnatural bristled tongue. It licked its similarly sharp and jagged teeth which were more like fangs, ' Austin thought. From its curved but pointed lips bled a toxic, foamy substance that reeked.

"Nice! It's a violent ape, the third level of monster beast!" Austin shouted. That was what he needed to test his new skill and his new power.

He immediately recognized it the moment he saw its figure from the tree line.

It was rare to see this kind of monster in this region.

The monster had a rough overlay protecting it from the elements and a similarly tough and resilient skin that protected it from magic and physical attacks. Its face showed only violence and greed.

"Bang-bang! Bang-bang!"

The ground beneath shook and caused tremors that tore the earth open. Each step the monster took left a cavity on the ground it trampled on.

For the monstrous ape, all it saw was a frail and fragile target which it could take down with one blow. Boldly, the monster approached Austin without caution. The beast swung wildly, yet was totally unaware of the power his target possessed. After all, Austin did look like an easy prey.

Austin knew he only reached the first stage of Overlord Body-Refining Formula. He needed to find an opponent that could draw out the full potential of his new physical matter, and his new elevated self.

There was no one around to test his limits, at least no one except the trees. Now, a worthy opponent stood in front of him. It was time to put the Overlord Body-refining Formula to the test.

With a smile on his face, Austin clenched his fists. His eyes flashed as he advanced fearlessly.

The monster seemed astonished but did not pay attention to Austin's seemingly foolish demeanor. After all, the small and tiny human might just be faking it. The ape continued to rush towards its prey. It was superior to Austin in size. But the ape soon found out that in this battle, size did not matter at all.

"Boom, boom, boom!"

The monster stopped, and in ape-like fashion; it roared pounding its chest to display dominance and superiority. The monster belched out a thundering noise with a poisonous fume. Its roar was deep and sinister, and the sound his pounding made was like thunder. It could really scare the living soul of a weak-minded human, but not Austin, not in his overlord body.

With keen observation, helped by his spiritual sense, Austin saw that the spirit in the monstrous ape was both furious and frustrated.

"Fate will decide who is stronger!" Austin shouted, knowing in himself that fate would play very little to no part in this opportunity to test his power.

Austin took a single step that brought him right in front of the monstrous ape, applying the same technique he used when he lunged over the trees. But this time he knew he had used it better. The three trees he felled gave him enough opportunity to perfect this move.

Furthermore, the experience he had acquired from hitting the trees did not only simply refine his attack skills, but also enhanced his ability to detect an enemy's weakness. In his heart, he wanted to punch the monster right in the face. It'd be visually satisfying and emotionally fulfilling, but his new instinct told him to aim for the chest. Austin raised his hands, and with a powerful blow, he struck the violent ape in the chest.


Both Austin and the monster knew the sound. They both knew it was over.

The third level monster beast had the power and the strength to end the lives of a thousand soldiers, but his lack of speed and dexterity was his downfall. He was no match for Austin to begin with.



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