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Season 2

Episode 19

(I want all of them dead)

When Scott recovered from the searing pain, Nigel and the other two men had closed in on him and were about to start attacking again.

Even though his cultivation base was high, there was no way for him to prepare for it in such a short time. So, he became a bit restless.

He raised one hand and waved it in front of his chest quickly. Soon, a Mysterious Ice Shield began to form.

But he was still a little slower than the others. Just before the Mysterious Ice Shield completed formation, Nigel and the two other men's forces came charging and hit the shield heavily.


The loud sound jolted the surroundings.
The forming shield burst into pieces and ice chips scattered in all directions. Scott opened his mouth and blood gurgled from his throat and came out of his mouth. His face turned instantly pale.

Even with his power, he was still hurt terribly when the three Earth Realm cultivators hit him at the same time.

* *

Excited over what happened, Nigel laughed.

"Hahaha! He's been hurt badly.

We can kill him now that he's weak.

Well done, little buddy!" he called out to Austin.

Injuries notwithstanding, Scott overheard Nigel. 'Little buddy?' he thought to himself.

Eyes feral, he raised his head to look straight at Austin. He suddenly realized it was this young man who made the spiritual attack on him moments ago.

'This guy must have a Secret Weapon with him that can mount a spiritual sense attack, ' he thought.

Realizing there was really no Mysterious Realm cultivator present, Scott was immediately relieved.

Then he looked at Austin, with a gaze so sharp that it could pierce the body. 'This guy is as weak as an ant, yet he has managed to hurt me terribly, ' Scott thought furiously.

Realizing his mistake, Nigel immediately regretted shouting. His words alerted Scott that there was no Mysterious Realm cultivator on his side, and the spiritual sense attack was only from Austin.

Seeing Scott's expression, Austin realized the situation had turned for the worse. Although Scott was badly hurt, it was still going to be easy for him to kill the young disciple.

As expected, Scott stepped back and took a pill, which he quickly put in his mouth.

Then he started running his vital energy. A round moon immediately appeared before him. It glowed mysteriously, with its killing intent aimed at Austin.

Growling, Scott said, "Little bug, you dared to cheat me? Go and die!"

Austin bellowed inside. 'No!'

An unprecedented feeling of danger overwhelmed Austin.

Discretion is always the better part of valor.

Even with his most powerful trump card, which was Violet, Austin knew he could never survive Scott's attack.

So without hesitation, he started the Wind-commanding Skill. In a second, he was 10 meters away from the enemy. He waved his arm again and this time was 20 meters away in a flash.

Scott was stunned. Seeing Austin cover so much distance in a short time, he had doubts of being able to catch up with the wily disciple.

So he directed his fury at Nigel and the others.

"Hmmm... I may be badly hurt, but it will cost you guys a lot to kill me," Scott declared fearlessly.

"Do not talk to him. It's a stall tactic. He's eaten a healing pill and needs time to recover," Lyle warned.

His warning had Nigel and Elton nodding to acknowledge the situation, and they immediately got into position to start their most powerful skills to attack Scott. Intense fighting began.

With a mocking laugh, Scott cried, "You mediocre fighters! Try my blade intent!"

Adversity, however exasperating, never depressed Scott. On the contrary, he became inspired to fight with his foes in high spirit. Soon after speaking, a long and thin machete appeared in his hand, and he threw a menacing look at the three.

As soon as the weapon materialized, the blade intent spread all over the place.

Buzz! Buzz! And more buzzing ensued.

The machete gave off light sounds as if it were a live creature. The air around them suddenly turned cold. Invisible blade intent filled the surroundings, and it scattered in every direction.

By this time, Scott and the machete seemed to have become one and nothing could divide them!

Scott was the machete!

And the machete was Scott!

A whizzing sound broke out.

"Grrrzzzz..." The whizzing grew louder. Grrrzzzrrrzzz!

The noise level at this time was ear-splitting as the entire place was enveloped by the mysterious blade intent.

Nigel and the two others were shocked and stood motionless. Scott had actually learned level three blade intent!

* * * *

And as for Austin, he escaped the battleground and ran for almost a thousand meters before finally stopping.
When he sensed that Scott was no longer after him, the cultivator drew a long breath before heaving a sigh of relief.

Scott was indeed aggressive and constrained Austin and the others effectively.

It took half-an-hour to be sure no one was chasing him anymore, and Austin used the time to regroup.

Now he wondered about the result of the fighting.

One thing clear to him was that no matter whose side won that battle, the survivors would hunt him down to kill.

The best situation he could hope for was that both sides ended up seriously injured because this was the only way for him to benefit.

An hour later, Austin could no longer wait.

The fight should have been over by now as such a long time had passed since he made his escape.

He had taken great pains to come here with Lois and almost lost his life, he reflected.

And Austin was not willing to leave like this.

In the end, he gritted his teeth and made up his mind. "Take the risk and go back secretly to see what happened," he mumbled to himself.

With all the stealth he could muster, Austin used his bodily movement skills and headed towards the fighting place to avoid being noticed.

When he was about 400 meters away from the battleground, he stood still to allow his spiritual sense to cover the rest of the distance.

Through his spiritual sense, he checked out the place. It was remarkably quiet now.

What he sensed was that there was no life there.

Was the battle finally over?

Suddenly, Austin was gripped with excitement as he sensed that only dead bodies were in that place, and no one seemed to have survived.

Did all of them die in the fighting?

The disciple couldn't hide his exhilaration. Using his Wind-commanding Skill, Austin moved around the battleground swiftly as a ghost.

Soon, he came to the location where the actual combat took place. Hiding behind a huge tree, he let his eyes do a sweep.

As he had previously sensed, there were a total of six bodies scattered on the ground.

It was messy with all the blood, as well as body parts that were all over the place.

The place resembled a slaughterhouse! The most miserable case was Elton's.

His limbs, including hands and feet, had been severed from his body. His head was most gruesome because there was only half of it left!

And in that remaining half was an extremely horrifying expression. The one eye was wide open, and in it could be seen that he was frightened to death!

Scott was likewise injured everywhere. The most severe wound was on his chest, where there was a deep cut. It appears that Nigel had inflicted this wound using his Ghost Cutting Skill.

Lois's head was severed neatly, and he saw her ever-beautiful face beside her body.

The sight of bloodied and cut up human bodies and the metallic smell of blood made Austin want to vomit even though he was usually a strong-minded person.
But once this nauseous feeling passed, he again turned excited.

Laughing aloud, he said, "Things did happen as I expected. This fight actually resulted in the decimation of both sides!" As the reality of it sank in, Austin felt overjoyed.

He was the only one alive now, so he had more than enough time to collect his harvest.

Happily, Austin approached Scott's body first. He quickly found his Space Ring around one of his fingers on the left hand. Without the slightest hesitation, he took it off.

Examining this with his spiritual sense, he found it measured thirty cubic meters, and the space was filled with a lot of things.

The Space Ring he earlier retrieved from Rafat was only five cubic meters. But this one was five times bigger than his first harvest, and he felt his heart pump in excitement.

He went ahead to collect the Space Rings from all the other five dead bodies and put them in his Space Ring, without looking at them.

It was not the right time to look them over carefully. The young disciple decided that once he had enough time, he would examine each one thoroughly.

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