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Bloom For You 

Episode 21

YB sighed and thought about what Chaos said. She was real and a good woman but the shit she did and the niggas she’d fucked clouded his feelings for her.

Angel walked over to YB and said, “Chaos is good people, YB. She done been through a lot. She’s one of the better ones in here. And believe me, I’ve done seen it all.”

YB looked at Angel. “Y’all close?”

“We talk. I’m like a brother to her up in here.”

YB nodded.

“But it would be good for her to have someone nice in her life, besides Crown. I mean, I talk to Crown, tell him what he wants to hear, but between you and me, he’s an asshole. And I don’t know how a woman like Chaos got caught up wit’ that nigga.”

Angel was gay, but he kept it on the down low because he knew most niggas in the place were homophobic so he played straight for the business. Chaos knew about his love for the dick, though.

“I tell you this, Angel. If Crown step to me again like that and I’m gonna bury that fake pimp nigga,” YB said.

Angel smiled. “You need another drink?”

YB nodded.

Angel walked off, leaving YB to ponder about Chaos. YB turned to look for her and saw her mixed in the crowd, talking to some dude in a Giants jersey.

Damn, she do look good, he thought to himself.

Angel set another drink in front YB while he was still looking at Chaos.

Chaos began to give the man a lap dance. The man grabbed her ass then reached up to cup her tits.

As Chaos was being groped by the stranger YB just watched, containing the jealousy that was growing in him. He took a sip from his glass and eyed her action. Chaos looked up at YB and they locked gazes.

Fuck this. YB turned himself away from the view. Chaos shrugged it off and went on to give the nigga his money’s worth.


“Rufus did this shit to you, Toy-T?” Crown growled.

“I ain’t do shit to the nigga, Crown! Rufus just walked up to me and started wildin’,” Toy-T explained. “He hurt me bad, Crown.”

Toy-T received ten stitches across his head and suffered a minor concussion. He was badly bruised had and almost lost the vision in his left eye. Now that he was bandaged up, he wanted revenge on Rufus.

“Don’t worry about it, little nigga, we on it,” Harlem said in his casual tone. “You’ll get your chance to hurt back on that clown-ass nigga.”

Toy-T nodded. He couldn’t wait to get back at Rufus.

“Yo, let us talk. Go somewhere,” Crown ordered Toy-T.

Toy-T walked out the room. Crown walked over to his makeshift bar and poured himself a drink. Harlem stood by closely, waiting for instructions from his boss.

“This nigga and his cousin are goin’ to be a problem,” Crown said.

“I know how to make problems disappear,” Harlem replied with a smug look on his face.

Crown took a sip from his glass and stared off into space. Toy-T was kin to him, and he knew if he didn’t handle it, then it would be grounds for future problems for him and his chicks. Crown needed to keep his fierce reputation.

Crown looked at Harlem and said, “Shut them niggas down, Harlem. Make it too hot for them to get money and then you body that nigga, Rufus. He put hands on my cousin so you put hands on that nigga.”

Harlem nodded. “What about YB?”

“Nah, I’m gonna handle YB. Muthafucka thinks he’s too much of a badass to get got. Well, when you’re done with Rufus and his niggas, we gonna make that nigga YB die slow. And if Magic wanna step in for that nigga, well, he can get bodied too.”

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