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Bloom For You

Episode 29

“Shit, Rosie. You really want it, huh?”

I groaned, jiggling my ass a bit to prompt him to start fucking me. “Fuck my ass, Dex. Please.”

Dex didn’t fuck my ass as hard as he fucked my pussy, but the steady pace of his cock sliding in and out of me was enough to rev me up again, causing me to fuck back at him continuously.

“Oh, hell yeah. Ride it, baby. Ride that dick.”

He moved his hands to spread my ass wide again, looking down to watch his cock move in and out of my stretched hole. “You look so fucking good like this.” His hips rocked into me faster, a little more erratically. “Should have broken out the fucking video camera.”

I threw my ass back at him harder, my pussy clenching around nothing but still so close to coming again. “I need you to come, baby. Come for me.”

“Where do you want it, Rosie?”

“In my ass! Come in my ass.”

Dex stuttered through a few more thrusts before he came. His strong hands held onto my hips in a bruising hold as he filled my ass with his hot cum, resting inside me for a few moments as he slowly softened.

I felt his cum run out of my asshole and quickly down between my still-swollen pussy lips as soon as he pulled out of me. The feeling of its wet warmth making me swallow harshly as I caught my breath.

“Fuck that’s hot…” Dex groaned as he rested his head on my right ass cheek, watching his handy work, gently kissing the warm skin there.

I laughed. “That was…”

“Unbelievable?” Dex finished.

“I’m not sure that word is strong enough, but I guess it’ll have to do for now.” I turned to sit on my butt next to him, momentarily not caring about the mess I would inevitably make on the floor. “I’m guessing your reward was satisfactory?”

Dex bit my shoulder gently before taking my mouth. His sweet kisses completely different from the way he just fucked me. “Eh, they were alright,” he answered, causing me to reach out and twist his still hardened nipple.

The next morning, I drove Dex to the warehouse before taking the Porsche to my apartment to pick up some more clothes and check my mail. As much I appreciated my little apartment, nothing felt better than being able to sleep in Dex’s arms at night, not even the feeling of sleeping in a bed I paid for with my own, hard earned money.

My packing was brief, mostly consisting of me shoving some work clothes and a few changes of underwear into my old duffle bag. On my way out I stopped by Nora’s to see about a pair of shoes I loaned her earlier in the week.

A loud shuffling inside the apartment quickly alerted me before the door swung open, revealing Nora, clad in an oversized t-shirt and with a head full of artfully messy hair.

She smiled at me, slightly forced and way too wide. “Hey, Rosie Posie. What’s up?”

I raised an eyebrow as she scooted closer to the other side of the doorframe, effectively keeping me from seeing inside the apartment. “Rosie Posie?”

She shrugged.

I rolled my eyes. “I actually just came by to grab those sandals you borrowed the other day. I want to take them to Dex’s with me.”

The shuffling noise was back behind the door. “But um… I can come back if you’re busy?” Nora didn’t entertain many men but those she did, typically weren’t invited back to her place. Her “sanctuary,” as she often referred to it, was a sacred space where she could escape her well-meaning but nosy parents and the leering gaze of annoying men. Whoever she had in there with her, she must have liked a lot.

She smiled at me, giving me a flash of her perfectly straight teeth before turning to peer into the room behind her for a second. “No uh… It’s alright. Just wait a minute. Wait right there.”

“You might as well tell her!” a familiar voice exclaimed from inside, causing me to look up at my friend in shock.

Nora let out a sharp curse before kicking the front door all the way open, revealing a shirtless Cam lounging comfortably on the couch, the jeans he wore the night before opened sloppily.

I looked to her, a sly smile slowly taking over my face.

“Do not look at me like that!” she whined, lightly stomping her bare foot.

“What happened to not liking him?”


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