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Bloom For You

Episode 28

Dex pulled back, his pupils blown wide and his voice a snarl as he murmured into my ear. “You know what I want as my reward, Rosie?”

I shook my head.

“As my reward.” Dex’s hands drifted from my sides, back down to my ass. “I want to use you any way I want.”

I panted into his neck as he dipped his hands into my lace panties, his finger running over the swollen lips of my dewy pussy from behind.

“I want to take your mouth, your pretty pussy, that gorgeous fucking ass of yours. I want

it all.” He slid one thick finger into my cunt, fucking in and out a few times before adding a second one, making me clench tightly against the invading digits. “I want you to take everything I give you.”

His thumb made its way between my cheeks, gently rubbing over my asshole, making me gasp and grip Dex’s upper arms.

“Yes!” I arched my ass back against his fingers. “I want that. I want you to use me.” The words coming out of my mouth were completely foreign to me, but that didn’t make them any less true. The thought of Dex, in all of his strength and possession, taking me, consuming me completely, had my head spinning and my pussy creaming all over his fingers.

Dex pulled his fingers out of me, quickly spinning me around before pushing my panties down my legs and snapping the front latch on my bra. “I want you on your knees, leaning over the couch. Ass up, legs spread.”

Doing as he said, I lowered my body onto the floor, my bare nipples brushing against the soft fabric of the couch. Dex leaned down behind me, gently spreading my thighs further apart until I was completely open before him. I felt the fat, soaking lips of my pussy spread as he opened me up, revealing my soaking, light pink folds. In this position, Dex could see a peek of my asshole between my plush ass cheeks. Being so open for him with the cool night air from the patio doors brushing against me felt so good. I was completely at his mercy, cunt, ass, anything he wanted at his disposal.

I jumped as I felt his cool nose run in the length of my pussy. “Your sweet cunt smells so fucking good, baby. If I didn’t love fucking it so much, I would stay here forever.” His nimble tongue joined his nose in my folds. Softly running over my lips and clit, never staying in one place long enough to make me come but perfect for drawing a steady stream of cream out of me and into his mouth. “So fuckin’ juicy…”

He abandoned his ministrations on my pussy after a few torturous minutes, turning his attention to my ass, giving me a few smacks, no doubt causing the skin to pucker and redden slightly. “Reach back and spread that ass apart for me, Rosie. Let me see all of you.”

Slightly blushing, I rested my upper body on my shoulders, leaning down further and reaching my arms back to grip my cheeks and pull them apart. Dex’s large thumb circled my asshole a few times before his tongue followed, making its way up and down between my cheeks before focusing on my hole. I moaned loudly, my voice slicing through the otherwise silent room. The feeling of his tongue, wet and strong, against my untouched asshole was almost too delectable to handle. It was unlike anything I had ever felt. Ever dreamed to feel.

I groaned disappointedly when he leaned away a few minutes later, eager to have his mouth back on me.

“Fuck,” he spat. “You like that, huh? You like it when I eat your ass?”

I blushed.

“Don’t worry, sweetheart, I like it too. In fact, I want more of it.” Dex moved away for a moment. I heard him leaving the room as I panted on my knees. I was sure I looked a sight, completely spread open, wet and aching and wanting to be filled in every way possible.

He was back in a flash, wasting no time as he squirted something warm and wet between the cheeks of my ass. Making me feel almost obscenely wet and open as he slowly worked a finger into my asshole. “You’re so fucking tight here. So hot.”

I whined, “I need you to fuck me, Dex.”

I sounded desperate. Desperate and whiny and awful but I wanted his dick. I wanted to feel his thickness filling me and stretching me, fucking into me, making me cry, and I would do anything to get it. Even if it meant completely laying down my dignity and begging for it.

“Where do you want me?” Dex added another finger, slowly stretching out my hole. “In your ass or in your pretty pussy?”


Dex chuckled before smacking at my hands, signaling I could release the straining grip on my ass. “I’ll have both before the night is over, but I want that pussy first. I want to make you cream all over my cock before I take your ass for the first time.”

Without warning he slid his fat dick into my pussy, the girth of him aided by my juices as he stretched my walls. Dex kept his fingers in my ass as he fucked my pussy, gradually working a third finger into me as he pistoned into my cunt at an almost punishing pace.

I wasn’t sure how long he fucked me, my pussy dripping juice onto his pristine hardwood floor and the wet sounds of his perfect cock leaving and entering me becoming progressively louder.

“Oh God!” I cried out, unable to contain my moans. “I need to come so bad, baby. Please let me come.”

Dex grunted, “Reach down and touch yourself, baby. Play with it. Make that pussy come.”

I shot off like a rocket within seconds, the sensory overload of his filling my cunt and my ass along with the stimulation on my clit almost causing me to black out. My ears rang and spots appeared before my eyes with the force of my orgasm before Dex pulled out of me, his dick still completely hard and shiny with my juices.

“I want in here now,” he said, helping me widen my legs even more. I felt the tip of his wet cock on my slightly stretched asshole, slowly pushing in until I enveloped the tip. “Fuck. Your ass is taking my dick so well, baby.” Dex continued, gingerly but steadily sliding his long shaft into me.

The stretch of it was foreign, stinging and aching a little, but the feeling otherwise completely delicious. I pushed back slightly, wanting him to push faster.

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