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Bloom For You

Episode 23

Again I said nothing, choosing instead to rest my hands on his thighs for leverage and envelope as much as his cock in my wet mouth as I could, prompting him to fuck his hips up into my mouth. His thrusts were shallow, so as not to cause me any discomfort but just enough that he could easily chase his pleasure between my lips.

“I’m about to come, baby.” He fucked into my mouth at a faster pace, encouraging me to continue sucking at him without abandon. What I lacked in practical experience I more than made up for with enthusiasm. The way Dex’s strong thighs were clenching under me and the slight revving of the car every time I worked my tongue along the vein on the underside of his shaft more than indicated that.

Dex gave me fair warning of his orgasm before I tightened my spit-slick, swollen lips around the pulsing head of his cock, letting his long spurts of come squirt into me with no resistance. Feeling especially proud of myself for not spilling any.

Leaning up I looked into Dex’s eyes, his dark pupils slightly blown and his eyes a little wild. “That mouth of yours is going to send me to an early grave, Rosie.”

The morning after the exhibit, Dex and I decided to take another day off. When I expressed my concerns about missing out on another day of work he immediately shot down my concerns. Stating that he felt so good about his most recent sale and progress on other works that he wanted to celebrate. And apparently his idea of celebrating was the two of us lying around his house half naked all day.

Not that I was complaining, of course. It felt like I had more earth-shattering orgasms that morning alone than I had experienced my entire life.

“I’m so goddamn hungry,” Dex’s deep voice sounded into my neck as he lie on top of me in his rumpled bed. The thought of food immediately causing my stomach to rumble as well. He rested his warm hand on my soft stomach. “And so are you.”

“I think I’d rather just stay here actually.” I couldn’t genuinely think of a time I had ever been so comfortable or content. “Let’s just starve.”

Dex laughed, a hearty chuckle from the back of his throat. “Nah, I need to be alive and strong for the next time you feel like attacking me.”

Pushing him off of me slightly I stood up from the bed. “Alright, I’ll go see what you have in that barren wasteland you call a kitchen.”

Halfway to the kitchen I heard the shrill ringing of my cellphone on Dex’s bedside table, without thinking I yelled out to him. “Hey will you get that, it’s probably a work call.”

Three crunchy saltine crackers and a spoonful of peanut butter later Dex joined me. I didn’t look up at him as I focused on the task at hand, spreading a thick helping of smooth nut butter onto slices of celery and slightly stale crackers.

“Who was it?”

He remained silent, causing me to look over at him questioningly. His strong jaw was clenched and his eyes angry in a way I had never seen them. At least not directed at me.

“Who the hell is Daniel and why is he calling himself your fiancé?”



Rosie froze, the content smile on her face immediately disappearing into a frown as I questioned her. I was desperately trying to reign in my emotions but I could feel my facade slipping. As much as I hated it, I couldn’t help but be angry at her.

She lied to me.

I let her into my home, my bed, my fucking art, only for her to conveniently leave out the fact that she had a goddamned fiancé.

I tried to calm myself, rid my mind of the rushing thoughts of betrayal. There had to be some explanation. Some perfectly reasonable reason that she had kept something like this from me. Maybe this was what she was running from.

The short conversation with the man on the other end of the phone had only lasted enough time for him to introduce himself as her fiancé. His tone, while slightly angry and anxious, definitely hadn’t indicated any extreme hostility, but that didn’t mean there hadn’t been something slightly more unhinged lurking underneath. Something angry and violent enough to cause my Rosie to run away from him. To outright refuse to speak of him.

My mind was racing, filled with all kinds of awful possibilities. Had she been abused? Had he cheated on her? Had I been wrong all along, had I been ensnared by some pretty young rich girl looking for a good time away from her privileged life?

It was time for her silence to end. I was done waiting for her to open those pretty lips and tell me the truth about herself.

“So?” I tried my hardest not to raise my voice at her but my self-control was hanging on by a thread.

Rosie refused to look at me, staring instead at her white, painted toes on the kitchen tile. “So, what?”

“Who was the man on the phone?”

“It was no one.”

“Goddamn it, Rosaline!” My voice climbed higher, tone angrier and more desperate than I ever wanted it to be when directed towards her. “It’s time for you to stop lying.”

She looked up at me, those big brown eyes wide in shock and full of unshed tears. “I haven’t been lying to you, Dex!”

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