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Bloom For You

Episode 19

“Nigga, what da fuck you say?” Rufus shouted.

Shyfe Lyfe looked up at Rufus and kept his gangster composure. “Y’all niggas is dead behind this shit. I’m gonna call my niggas down to this muthafucka and fuck y’all whole shit up! DOA, muthafucka!” Shyfe Lyfe tried to crawl back to his truck to get his gun

, but Rufus put two holes into the nigga, stopping him cold.

Chaos was startled but she didn’t go anywhere. She just looked at the scene unfolding in front of her.

Rufus looked over at Chaos and said, “Yo, bitch, you good, right? You ain’t see shit, right? I ain’t gonna be hearing about this, or us, in no news or shit?”

Chaos nodded.

Rufus turned to his cousin. “You got me out here killing niggas over some bitch ’cause your ass wanna be weak over some pussy? Nigga, you better fuck that bitch.”

Rufus moved away, stuffing the nine back down in his jeans. YB and Chaos looked at each other for a moment. The way they handled her situation with Shyfe Lyfe was harsh, but she appreciated the help.

“You be a’ight, shorty. You ain’t gotta worry about that nigga no more,” YB said casually.

Chaos nodded again.

YB walked away.

Chaos sighed, fixed her clothing, and strutted away quickly, leaving Shyfe Lyfe sprawled out dead next to his truck.

When word got out about the shooting and Shyfe Lyfe being killed in the Westside of Philly, it caused some tension and havoc with niggas from the Northside. Niggas from Diamond Street wanted to retaliate for Shyfe Lyfe’s death, but no one knew who did it. So, they looked at every nigga from the Westside as a suspect and were ready to murder any one of them. YB and Rufus had a fierce reputation around the way, and if anyone other than Chaos did witness the murder, they were scared to come forward.

Chaos kept her mouth shut, though, and continued with business like it never happened—knowing that YB probably saved her life. Later on, she heard about Shyfe Lyfe’s callous reputation with women. He put three ladies in the hospital a year ago and killed another ho six months ago.

It was two months later when YB and Chaos crossed paths again. Chaos was staying over at her cousin Bubbles’s crib for the weekend. She was chilling alone when she heard police sirens blaring outside. She looked out the window and saw a police car racing down the block. She knew something had happened being it was West Philly, but it wasn’t her business so she stayed inside.

Chaos walked into the kitchen and soon heard a small disturbance near her door, outside in the alleyway. She looked out her window and saw a figure moving through the alley. By the way he moved she knew he was probably the one the cops were chasing.

She opened the door and shouted, “You need help wit’ sumthin?”

The guy stumbled over a few trashcans and then turned to see Chaos standing in the doorway. They didn’t recognize each other at first, but as YB got closer, he placed her face quickly. He ran to her and Chaos let him into the crib just in time to avoid the cop car racing down the alleyway, its lights blaring, seconds later.

YB took comfort in the kitchen, leaning against the sink to catch his breath. He looked at Chaos and asked, “You always let niggas you don’t know into your crib so easily, especially hearing cops outside?”

Chaos smirked. “No ‘thank you’ and shit? Besides, I remembered you and my friend had my back in case you got stupid.”

“Your friend?” He looked down and noticed the .22 in Chaos’s hand. YB had to respect her character.

“Thanks for returning the favor,” YB said.

“You’re welcome.”

He hid out in Chaos’s cousin’s place until later that night when the police activity calmed down. The thing that YB liked about Chaos was that she didn’t judge him and never asked YB why the cops were after him.

She fed him and they talked. It was their second meeting and it wouldn’t be their last. Throughout the months, YB would run into Chaos either at the club or in the streets. They shared an undercover love for each other, but kept it at that—undercover.


YB switched to Hennessy and watched Janet Jacme get fucked from the back in the porno that played on the mounted flat screen over the bar.

“Can I get a drink too?” Chaos asked, sitting next to YB.

“What you want?”

Chaos called for Angel and ordered a Kamikaze with Grey Goose. She tried to be discreet about talking with YB, knowing that eyes were always watching.

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