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 Bloom For You

Episode 16

As soon as I got her in my bed, I had to take a minute. Her creamy skin looked gorgeous against my dark sheets, and that damp hair fanned out perfectly along my pillowcase. I had no doubt that her delicious scent was already soaking into my sheets and I loved it.

“You are so fucking gorgeous, Rosie.” I couldn’t help saying. I didn’t even mean it as a compliment, more as a declaration of how much she owned me. I couldn’t believe this woman was in my life, in my goddamned bed.

She smiled. “Look who’s talking.”

“Nah.” I leaned down, lifting her tank top and kissing along her plush stomach. “I may be handsome, but I ain’t got a damn thing on you, sweetheart.”

I swiftly helped Rosie lift her tank over her head, revealing her gorgeous breasts to me for the first time. Two delicious handfuls topped with rosy pink nipples, hard and straining against the cool air of my bedroom. There was nothing I needed more in that moment than to get my mouth on them.

“Oh, God…” she moaned, her breath shaky as my lips surrounded one of her hardened nipples, my other hand softly plucking the other. “That feels so good, Dex.”

Her skin tasted delicious, I got a faint taste of whatever sweet body lotion she used after her shower. The taste, while a little tart, did nothing but turn me on. I suckled her areola before lightly biting down on her little nipple, making her gasp.

As I turned my attention to the other nipple, I couldn’t help but revel in how open and responsive she was with her pleasure.

She groaned and wiggled without abandon, letting her satisfaction at every touch be fully known. Rosie was totally unabashed in her pleasure during those moments, it was more than beautiful to behold.

My hands drifted down her soft body, making light work of her shorts before noticing she was bare underneath them.

“No panties?” I stated the obvious.

Rosie had the gall to blush before giving me a shy, knowing smile.

“Did you plan this?” I dropped another kiss on her belly, nipping lightly at the skin around her inverted bellybutton. She squealed. “We’re you going to seduce me, Rosie?”

“I was.” Rosie’s voice sounded slightly impatient. “Until you ruined everything.”

I moved down the bed slightly. “I think it turned out for the best.”

Rosie’s pussy was as gorgeous as it had been earlier, her puffy lips swollen and glistening with her cream, separated slightly to reveal her darkened pink insides. The sight alone made my fucking mouth water. I ached to get her sweet, musky taste against my tongue again but my cock was steadily leaking in my pants, throbbing with the need to be inside her. I knew getting my mouth on her again would have to wait.

I slid two of my thick fingers inside her wet cunt, reveling in her tightness. I couldn’t help but lean down to lightly suckle at her clit, getting a little taste of her.

I continued my ministrations on her pussy for a bit, fucking into her with my fingers, getting her stretched and ready for me. When I slowly slid my fingers out of her, Rosie gasped and groaned disappointedly.

“Don’t worry, baby.” I worked out of my sleep pants and boxer briefs, pumping my hard cock with my hand a few times. “I’m about to make it all better.”

Slipping back in between her spread thighs, I took a second to squeeze the base of my cock. Just the sight of her, spread open under me, ready and eager for me to fuck her, had me ready come, but I couldn’t. Not yet. Not until I had my fill of her.

And I wasn’t entirely confident that would happen anytime soon.

Dick in hand, I slid my cock between Rosie’s chubby pussy lips. Letting the tip kiss her flesh and coating myself in her juices before positioning myself at her tight entrance and slowly pushing inside.

Her pussy was deliciously soft and silken, all too welcoming. She cried out as I began to move, pistoning in and out of her cunt at a slow, grueling pace. I didn’t want either of us to come yet, it was too soon. Rosie lifted her hips up off of the bed, fucking herself on my cock, signaling that the slow rhythm of my hips was annoying her.

I smirked. “This not good enough for you, sweetheart?”

Rosie growled, the sound cute and foreign coming from her swollen lips, before she whined. “I need you to fuck me, Dex.”

As always, I could deny her nothing.

I settled onto my knees, placing my hands underneath hers on either side of me before lifting them. Bending Rosie’s body almost in half and opening her pussy up for me even more before I sped up, driving my cock into her deep and hard.

Rosie cried out, her eyes closed tightly as her hands grasped at the dark sheets below her. She looked so fucking good spread out underneath me, taking my dick like a goddamned pro. Those gorgeous tits bouncing deliciously in time with my every thrust and her red pussy stretched out, her walls clinging to my cock every time I left her, coating my hardness in her cream.

“You feel so fucking good.” I couldn’t help but compliment her. “You’re so good at taking my dick, baby.”


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