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Bloom For You

Episode 14

And so the game went, minute after torturous minute of Dex teasing me with the rough glide of his slick fingers and his unrelenting tongue. I basked in the pleasure of his touch and the pain of not being able to orgasm. My pussy dripping so profusely that I was afraid I ruined his couch forever.

“Now!” Dex gasped into my wet flesh, the vibrations from his voice making me groan. “Come all over my face, baby.”

My orgasm hit quickly, coming over me with a suddenness that left me gasping for air and clutching at anything within reach. My insides clenched and pulsed, overwhelmed at the feelings of pleasure wracking through my body.

Dex coaxed me through my orgasm with gentle fingertips and light touches of his tongue running over my oversensitive pussy, cleaning me up and causing my flesh to twitch.

“Fuck…” Again, I was at a loss for words.

The man between my legs stopped, obviously satisfied that he had done a fantastic job. He looked up at me through his dark lashes, his cheeks dimpling in a cocky grin.

“Yeah…” He licked his lips, “Tastiest midday dessert I’ve ever had.”

I chuckled, not even having it in me to blush at the dirty comment.

Suddenly, a realization popped into my head, causing me to sit up, my dress falling back down my thighs. “Oh my God!”

“What?” Dex looked alarmed.


 “We haven’t even had our first kiss yet!”



My mouth was on hers in an instant, the kiss surprisingly tentative for what we just did. Rosie’s plush lips were soft and delicious, just as I knew they would be. Her hesitant tongue glided with mine, tasting slightly of the pizza we had just eaten.

The kiss was hot, only made hotter by the fact that I knew she could taste herself on my lips. I let her take the lead, tasting and exploring at her leisure, giving my mouth up to her pleasure and excitement before she slowly pulled away. Those beautiful lips red and swollen, glistening with the evidence of our kiss.

Much like my face between her thick thighs, it was over sooner than I liked. If I had my way, Rosie would always be attached to me, to my mouth, to my cock, rooted firmly into every aspect of my damned life.

“You satisfied?” I looked over at her, her big brown eyes shining brightly, happier than I’d ever seen her.

I lived for it, I wanted nothing more than to see her smiling up at me. Her smile was genuine and not at all like the ones she gave me when she thought I expected them from her. Here, so close to me, with her cheeks slightly pink and her expression open, I knew this was the Rosie I wanted to see always. Real, true, and happy.

I wasn’t confident these were things she had ever been allowed to be. The thought made me angry.

Rosie grinned, her beautiful face transformed by the joy her pleasure gave her. She nodded.

I smirked. “You’d better be.”

Her dainty little foot shot out, striking my head with enough force to slightly knock me off balance. “Shut up, Dex-ter.” she emphasized the second syllable of my name, giggling the entire time.

I grabbed her foot, pulling slightly, to prompt her off of the couch and onto my lap. Her plush body lined up perfectly with mine, my hands grasping at the roundness of her fleshy hips, making their way around to grab at her ass as her lips descended on mine again.

“You’re just asking for trouble, now, sweetheart.”

“You know, I just realized… We don’t really know anything about each other,” I said as Rosie floated next to me in the cool waters of my swimming pool, her curvy body encased in a pink, high-waisted bikini.

“Of course we do,” she disagreed. “I know how much you love that car of yours, I know that you hate cheesecake, and I know how much you live for Billy Joel, even if you’ll never admit it.”

“Smartass.” I splashed her, covering her sun-warmed stomach in water. “You know what I mean, Rosie. We barely know anything about each other.”

It was true, aside from the general facts like birthdays, hometowns, and middle names, she and I had very little knowledge of what each other’s lives were like before we met. Had she been anyone else, the fact wouldn’t have bothered me at all.

Rosie, while always open with her smiles, was often closed off with the rest of her emotions. She frequently seemed to be holding back with her words, with her abilities, and even with her affection. I couldn’t quite wrap my head around it.

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