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Bloom For You

Episode 13

The sitcoms I watched growing up told me this was normal, that women just didn’t enjoy sex the same way men did. But there was something about Dex and the almost animalistic way I felt when he looked at me that let me know it wasn’t. Sex with Dex Quinn wouldn’t be boring or uninspiring. I was sure it would be so damn good that I would have a hard time giving it up when whatever relationship we had came to its inevitable end.

“What do you think of this?” Dex’s voice abruptly brought me out of my thoughts as he paused his channel surfing, the television stopped on some new HBO show.

“I’m not really in the mood to watch T.V. right now.”

Dex swiftly turned off the tube and sat the remote down on the coffee table in front of him before leaning slightly closer to my legs. “Well, what are you in the mood for.”

“We could go swimming.” His fingers began to graze my bare ankles. The touch was so soft that I wasn’t sure I would even have been able to feel it if it weren’t for how hyperaware I was of his presence.

“That’s a no-go, baby.” His fingers continued their descent upwards, those thumbs drawing circles in the insides of my calves. “I think the chlorine levels are off right now.” He lied obviously.

I pouted. “But you promised…”

“Don’t worry, Rosie, you’re about to get plenty wet.”

I giggled at his cheesy line, any pretense of uncertainty melting away the further he got up my legs. “And what if I already am?”

Dex groaned, spitting out a curse word before moving to sit on his knees directly in front of me, his soft lips immediately pressing against the inside of my knee directly below my yellow sundress.

I knew, in theory, what was about to happen, and while I hadn’t had any firsthand experience with anyone going down on me, my body seemed to know exactly what to do. My clit throbbed in anticipation, causing the rest of my pussy to slicken, my cream soaking my underwear and the insides of my thighs.

My heart pounded the same way it had the first time I saw him: painful and unrelenting.

His hands tightened their grip on my knees, spreading my legs further apart before wandering upwards, making gooseflesh arise on the inside of my thighs. His head quickly followed, as he shoved himself between my between my knees.

“You smell so fucking good here.” His voice was a growl as he pressed his nose against the seat of my black cotton panties, making my swollen pussy ache even more. “I’ve been waiting to taste this sweet pussy since I met you.” Dex brought his hand up, gently running his index finger along my covered center, stopping to put pressure on my clit through the material.

My back arched up off of the couch and a hoarse cry fell from my throat. I couldn’t remember the last time I was so swept up in pleasure. Probably never.

Dex spoke again before his tongue took the place of his fingers, the hot, wet appendage rendering me speechless. “Can I, baby?” His teeth gently nipped at me. “Can I eat this pussy?”

Again, I said nothing, too overwhelmed by the sensations of feeling him so close to me.

“I need you to say it, Rosie. I need you to answer me. Tell me I can taste you.” Dex paused his ministrations, leaning back to look at me.

I whined.

“Dex, please…” I couldn’t even form any coherent thoughts, let alone words.

He said nothing, only leaned down to take a bite out of the supple flesh of my inner thigh, so close to where I really wanted him to be.

“Fuck, yes!” I was getting increasingly worked up, desperate for his mouth, for any touch at all. “Please, Dex, I need you!”

He immediately dove in, shimmying my panties off in one quick motion before spreading me wide. My legs bent and splayed across the couch and my wet, swollen cunt completely open for his viewing.

At the first touch of his tongue against me I could do nothing but gasp. Warm and firm, the muscle explored my folds in a frenzy of pleasure and wetness. Tasting me, consuming me in a way I could hardly believe. He ignored my throbbing clit in favor of gliding one thick finger into me, filling me beautifully and keeping me wanting more at the same time.

Before long, he latched onto my clit, coaxing the little button out of its hood, his lips and tongue surrounding it with light sucking motions. The pleasure of it caused me to gush, my juices running out of me and coating Dex’s fingers. The sound of him fucking in and out of my wet pussy was so loud that it would have been embarrassing if it hadn’t been so fucking hot.

I loved it. I wanted him to hear how turned on I was for him, how every sexual experience I ever had paled in comparison to the simple, but decadent feel of him devouring me from the inside out.

“That feels so fucking good, baby.” My voice came out in a gasp. “Please give me more. I need more!”

Dex’s tongue went back to laving at my pussy lips, gently drawing me away from my impending orgasm.

“I could feel your pretty little pussy tightening around my fingers.” His voice was a deep growl, soft but thunderous. “I don’t want you to come yet. Not until I tell you to.”

I creamed again, his commanding tone sending shivers through my body. I loved his commands, but my obedience felt truly selfish. I would do whatever it took to keep the pleasure alive for as long as he allowed it.

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