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Season 3

Episode 87

(The evil plan(2)

What Saint Viana worried about deserved attention.

The person Zen cared about the most was Yan, and he most definitely wouldn't allow anyone to harm her. That fateful day on Commandment Mount, when Zen got the news that it were Saint Viana, Saint Aderian, and other saints who prisoned Yan in Hell Mountain, he wanted to kill them all then and there.

However, he wasn't powerful enough back then, so he could only restrain himself.

After Saint Zara finished his tea, he gently waved his sleeves and the tea set on the table completely disappeared.

"What you have said is reasonable. However, there are many talents in the world, but only few of them could become quite strong," Saint Zara said.

He had thought otherwise. Cloud Sect had hundreds of thousands of disciples and at least ten thousand of them were talented, but only few of them could really be the strong.

"Is that so? Have you ever seen anyone who was at the nature level successfully escape from my Fatal Palm?" Saint Viana shot back.

"Well, it..."

Saint Zara couldn't find the next words to complete his sentence.

He was completely lost for words. When Saint Viana had first told Saint Zara that Zen had blocked his attack, he didn't believe it at all. It was hard for him to be convinced if he didn't see it with his own eyes.

However, Saint Viana had said it so surely that he was compelled to believe it.

If Zen was really so talented, once he became stronger, it would be bad for Cloud Sect because he hated Cloud Sect very much.

For the sake of Cloud Sect, Saint Zara must think about how to deal with Zen.

"When Zen practiced in Lake of the Magical Fish for the first time, he could dive to a depth of more than one hundred meters. Have you ever seen anyone who only reached grade-one nature level was capable of achieving it?" Saint Viana asked again. Silence hung in the air.

Once again, Saint Zara could only shake his head. What Zen had done did surprise him a lot.

"The steward who guards the deep pool has reported that Zen deserved some rewards and Cloud Sect's help, but I refuse it!" Saint Viana hissed.

"But it couldn't stop him. I am thinking that I should suppress him by cruel means!" he added.

"What do you mean by cruel means?" Saint Zara asked.

He wasn't as proactive as Saint Viana, but he was much calmer than him.

Sometimes, it made him come up with some wonderful suggestions. After having thought about it seriously, he suggested, "There is a good way for us to suppress Zen."

His companion raised one eyebrow in mild interest.

"What is it?" Saint Viana asked.

"All Peaks Competition," Saint Zara said slowly.

If someone wanted to rise and be recognized in Cloud Sect, then being the champion of All Peaks Competition was a good way to achieve it.

The saints knew that Zen was outer disciple and that he had no right to take part in the All Peaks Competition, but they were more sure that if Zen wanted to become an inner disciple, then he could make it.

The saints were capable of killing Zen in a variety of ways.

However, they dreaded that Aura, who recklessly protected Zen, might be aggravated if they did so.

Aura had the Emperor on her side, and the saints clearly knew how powerful the Emperor was.

If the saints secretly killed Zen, there would be some traces that would inevitably be left behind. It would be easy for Aura to track down the saints by following the clues, which might put them in a dangerous situation.

However, killing Zen in the All Peaks Competition was different.

All the disciples of Cloud Sect would take part in All Peaks Competition to try to get a good position on the Cloud Sect list. The competition was not only about the ranking of the peaks, but also about the reputation and the ranking of the disciples themselves.

It was a normal thing for some people to get killed in the battle ring of the All Peaks Competition.

In every battle ring of All Peaks Competition, there were always some people who got out of control and killed their opponents.

If Zen was killed in such a way, even Aura knew that it were the saints who had arranged for it, she wouldn't be able to find any reason to look into what they had done.

In such a way, the saints could secretly achieve their goal.

Saint Zara only mentioned All Peaks Competition, but it was enough for Saint Viana to understand what he meant.

Playing tricks in All Peaks Competition was an advisable way to kill Zen. But Saint Viana was still a bit puzzled, and he asked, "What if Zen is unwilling to take part in All Peaks Competition?"

Zen was already qualified to become an inner disciple, hence he would also be allowed to take part in the All Peaks Competition if he wanted to.

However, what if Zen was unwilling to become an inner disciple and showed no interest in the All Peaks Competition? If that was the case, then they couldn't implement their plan.

"It is impossible that Zen doesn't want to become an inner disciple. Aura has tried her best to train Zen, and it is her hope that Zen could get a good ranking in the All Peaks Competition. Besides, compared to the other 32 peaks, Drizzle Peak is the tail ender. I believe that Zen wants to improve the situation," Saint Zara said.

He was sure that this was the case for Zen.

"Well, you are right — but who should be sent to kill Zen? I should think about it seriously," Saint Viana said.

A brittle laugh escaped his lips. It was impossible for him to tolerate being offended by Zen, who was such a young man! He wouldn't allow it!

Then again, Zen was overqualified so choosing someone who could kill him in the All Peaks Competition would be a handful. However, there were still many masters in Cloud Sect, and Saint Viana would definitely be able to pick someone who was suitable for the task.


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