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 Season 3

Episode 82

(Grabbed the sword with bare hands(1)

Each droplet of water contained a remarkably strong and numbing icy power.     

One simple condensation of the moisture in the air could form such a powerful ice ball.     

If these water drops touched anyone, the person could seriously get hurt.     

After residing in a secluded area to practice for quite some time, Roger's abilities had improved a lot. It took a lot of dedication but now he had reached the fifth-grade of the nature level.    

 Despite everything, however, he found Zen effortlessly tossing him for more than a hundred feet away!     

Immediately standing up from the ground, Roger tried to give Zen a hand. However, when he saw the man stand as steadfastly as a hill, a wonderful feeling overcame him.   

Roger tried to give Zen a hand. However, when he saw the man stand as steadfastly as a hill, a wonderful feeling overcame him.    

 'Is he so confident that he would succeed in his fight against Bob?' he wondered.     

Truthfully, Zen was not a reckless person. In Roger's opinion though, he appeared quite irrational when he had lost his temper and picked a fight at Dragon Fort as well as the army camp. It did not seem to matter that most of his rivals were simply stronger.     

On the other hand, the results indicated that he was a reliable and confident man, even before each fight.    

 'With Bob as his rival this time, does he really think he is more powerful?' Roger thought to himself. As soon as he made the assumption, he could not help but be skeptical.     

Somehow, Roger thought he knew the big difference between the first grade and the top grade of nature level. Beside him, Steward Cao knew about it too. And Bob knew it even better than both of them.   

It was common knowledge since all of them had practiced from the first-grade of the nature level to their present level.     But then, why was Zen so confident?   

  It was either he was, indeed, powerful enough to overcome his opponent --- or he was just another cocky idiot!     

By the looks of it, Zen did not look like the second option. What could it be then? Was he perhaps powerful enough to win this battle?     

With a gust of wind, Zen waved his fists in the air while the water droplets scattered.    

 Demonic life vitality unceasingly flowed before him as he waved his fists, forming a defensive barrier to protect himself.     

The dark purple demonic life vitality reflected an unusual glow of light.  

 Inside the demonic life vitality, some glistening star strength emitted blue light.    

 "Are you trying to repel my chilly water drops with your life vitality alone?" Bob asked incredulously, and then he snorted. "Dream on! Like that's ever going to work!"   

 However, the man he was taunting remained silent. Paying no attention to him at all, Zen appeared to be rather calm and serious behind the demonic life vitality.    

 Although he was confident that he could repel every attack from different nature creatures, he knew that Bob's power had almost reached an Illuminating Soul Realm master's level, and the disciples of Cloud Sect had always been stronger compared to the practitioners outside.   

  Even though he felt the first drop of water tearing down the demonic life vitality barrier easily, he did not do anything to get out of the way.   

Instead, he waited for a perfect chance in silence to retaliate.     

Soon, more water droplets breached the demonic life vitality barrier, and they drew closer to him with barely any resistance.    

 Some of the water droplets were dangerously close to Zen, probably less than three feet away from him. The chillness emanating from these water droplets made him feel the sudden dip in temperature. A thin layer of frost covered his eyelashes and hair.     

However, he continued to stand still as if he was being nailed on the ground.  

   After most of the water drops had entered the range of the life vitality, Zen abruptly shouted, "Explode!"    

With an uncommon rumbling sound, he released the overwhelming energy of the star power in the life vitality.   

Meanwhile, it triggered the explosion of the stars around it.     

"Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!"    

More stars exploded at once.     

One by one, little by little, from point to surface and to the whole life vitality space Zen had arranged, a violent and overwhelming reaction ensued.    

 The energy released by the exploded stars emitted a dazzling white light.     The light was brighter than sunshine. 

Looking at it was nearly unbearable. If an individual glanced at the white light for even just a short moment, he would be unable to look at other things for a long while due to temporary blindness. 

Although impermanent, it would take a while for one's eyes to recover.     

Except for Zen, the three other men lost their eyesight temporarily as they had watched the stars explode.   

Zen had turned his head away and closed his eyes right at the time the overwhelming energy burst out.     

When Zen opened his eyes again, the stars' explosion wiped out the chilly water droplets. Unlike him, Bob's eyes had not completely recovered from the white light yet.     

Of course, Zen dared not to miss such a great opportunity.     

Before Bob could see again, he had rushed towards him like a cheetah running on the grassland.     

Although Bob could not see anything at that moment, he was still alert enough to counterattack.     

All nature creatures possessed sharp senses such as taste, smell, hearing, and sight. So it was only right that Bob had acute senses.    

 Even with his eyes closed, he could still detect Zen's presence.   

After seeing Zen's competency, Bob could not calm himself down anymore.  

   Initially, he had thought that Zen just wanted to use his life vitality as a barrier to block his attack. If so, the man would die rapidly, as the impact of his chilly water drop was much stronger than that.   

To his surprise, Zen had taken a move and violet method.

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