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 Season 3

Episode 81

(The chilling drops of water)

A gust of wind blew gently against the seemingly cold atmosphere among the nature creatures. Did Zen not know who was in front of him? Or perhaps, was he not fully aware of the strength of the top seven noble clans?     

From his worry-free face, it looked like he didn't take Bob seriously at all.     

Now, Steward Cao truly regretted his decision. He should have explained Bob's identity further to Zen, and let him know that the top clan members were big shots that he shouldn't offend as he was a nobody.     

However, Steward Cao quickly realized that even his previous explanation was useless. Zen already knew about Bob's social status but he still didn't take him seriously.     

Upon hearing what Zen said, Roger's eyes also bulged in surprise. To be honest, he was moved when Zen stood beside him at this time. After all, Zen knew that Roger did just what he did to help him, so now he didn't hesitate to stand by Roger when they met a master at the top of the nature level.   

However, Zen had been too arrogant. He didn't take Bob's strength into account.     When they were in the south before, Roger had seen Zen's unbridled and carefree attitude.    

 During that time, Zen wasn't a nature creature yet, but just at half-step into the nature level. Yet, he dared to use his soul to attack and injure Randall, who was at the fourth grade of the nature level, and directly reprimanded and insulted him.   

  But now it was a completely different story. He finally met someone who was a world different from Randall.    

 First of all, the difference of the strength between Bob and Zen was much greater than that between Zen and Randall at that time.   

Furthermore, Bob had a completely different background from Randall. Randall came from a poor family that didn't have a good background, but was able to go up. However, Bob was a noble son of the Pei Clan.     

St that time, Randall felt repressed by Roger's background and the pressure from Jon, so he could bear it.     

But now?    

 What good came out after having irritated Bob?     

At this point, Bob's facial expression suddenly changed. His fair-skinned face suddenly flushed a blood red shade, because apparently he was extremely angry. However, it was strange that the reddish tint on his skin disappeared while a red fog rose from the top of his head at the same time.   

After a while, his complexion returned to normal.     

From this incident, it was obvious that Bob used a special cultivation method to control his anger.     

He had kept his rage in check, but that didn't mean he would forgive Zen. Many warriors would vent their discontent in their own ways to keep calm.    

For instance, when in a fit of rage, some people would laugh wildly, others cried desperately and some even injured themselves just to calm down.    

 On the other hand, Bob's method was special. It looked like he drove out the blood that had flown to his head with some kind of cultivation method to keep calm.     

Be calm. Only when he was calm could he figure out the best solution.     

Now, Bob was actually deep in thought. His warrior spirit was "not to bear", but it didn't mean that he was a rash man.   

There were only a few people in Burning Sky Empire who dared to speak insolently in front of him, which could mean that they must be from powerful families. Therefore, when he saw how Zen acted so boldly, he tried to figure out his identity.     

No matter where this bloke was from, Bob was unwilling to let go. However, he would take different measures. It was true that the top seven noble clans had the power, but there were people above them. While Bob could be considered as wildly arrogant, he wasn't ignorant.    

 Bob's eyes glinted maliciously and he cast a murderous look at Zen.    

 "Who are you? Tell me your name!" he demanded loudly. Unless he was sure about Zen's true identity, he had better think twice before taking action.     

Just as Zen was about to speak, Roger, who stood beside him, moved a step forward and gestured for Zen to stop.   

While Roger truly appreciated that Zen was willing to stand up for him, he was worried that if Zen got involved in the conflict between the Meng and Pei clans, he would probably get into so much trouble. Thus, he wanted to save Zen.   

  "Bob, it doesn't matter who he is. If you are aiming at me today, come on!" Roger said boldly. However, Zen was not to be outdone just yet…    

"I am the outer disciple at Drizzle Peak, Zen Luo!" he responded loudly.    

 So this Zen guy wasn't from a prominent family, but just an outer disciple from Drizzle Peak, the least powerful peak.   

  Reddish color rose again in Bob's face in anger. He felt like he was tricked.    

 This bloke was just an outer disciple from a poor family without any background, and he was only at grade one of the nature level. Why did he feel like he qualified to be so arrogant in front of Bob?   

When he thought about how cautious he acted in front of this nobody, he couldn't control his rage.     

"Good, Very good. Now the reptiles from poor families are more and more conceited. I guess the only way to deal with them is to do nothing but tramp them hard to dust!" Bob exclaimed.    

 The remaining bits of hesitation he had now thoroughly disappeared. His previous unfathomable unease towards Zen had only served to make him more furious, so he decided to attack now.    

 When Roger saw that Bob was about to fight, he couldn't help but feel nervous.     Even if he had greatly honed his strengths, he was not on par with Bob, who had already completed the nature level.     

But, Roger was a resourceful man. The moment he saw the reluctance in Bob's eyes, he stopped Zen just now to protect him, and to also exert Bob's uneasiness towards him to temporarily hold Bob off.

 However, Zen didn't appreciate his gesture and instead, revealed to Bob his identity.   

Now, Zen had just told Bob that he didn't have any background or support and was a mere nobody. "If you are capable, just kill me!" Zen goaded. This time, Bob now prepared to fight for real. There was no way Roger could stop it.     

Alas, Zen had the outstanding talent, but lacked the observation and judgment skills for certain occasions, such as this fight. Roger could only sigh to himself.  

   The baby blue colored life vitality flowed through Bob's body as the treasured sword in his hand was unsheathed. 

When Bob unsheathed the sword, a light and long sound resonated from within it. The nice, translucent weapon spread the baby blue beams of light everywhere.   

Bob wielded and waved the sword in his hand as the life vitality covered its see-through body and formed a succession of water drops.     

That was the Water Drop Swordsmanship of the Pei Clan. The tenacious swordsmanship could be described as ruthless and fierce.    

 According to the rank of the cultivation methods, this swordsmanship was one of the tier 3 cultivation methods--but as the exclusive swordsmanship of the Pei Clan, it was said that it could be one of the tier 4 when judged by the rate.    

 High up in the air was Bob, who wielded the treasured sword against Roger and Zen. He now had a plan in mind.     

Roger was from the Meng Clan and couldn't be killed, but Bob could teach him a lesson. While the life of the conceited and ignorant bloke would surely be taken away today.     

When Bob waved the sword, countless water drops splashed and reflected with the transparent light under the sunshine. They formed a huge dense net and aimed at Zen and Roger.   

The water drop made from the life vitality looked like the ordinary water drop, but both Roger and Zen clearly knew that they couldn't touch any of them.    

 "Zen, go away!" Roger screamed.    

 He held his sword in hand with rapt attention and aimed at those water drops. The dark red sword radiance with the thickness of a thumb swallowed and spat the drops successively.     

Every time after the sword radiance exploded a water drop, a chilly power burst out from the water drop. It then expanded to the size of an ice ball and smashed the ground. Even the hard flagstone on the ground was smashed into fine, powdery smithereens.    

 The water drop exploded in the air but had such astonishing power. If it exploded on the human body, nobody knew what the effect would be.   

At this moment, Roger rapidly waved the sword about, and the sword radiance unceasingly swallowed and spat to explode one water drop after another.    

 However, Bob had released more water drops. Even if Roger had exploded dozens of water drops in an instant, hundreds of Bob's water drops charged at him.    

 This left Roger almost no choices now. He didn't have the time to care about anything else. He had to wield the sword fast and try his best to destroy all the water drops.   

  While Roger was fully engaged in exploding the water drops, Zen suddenly gripped the back of his robe. Roger was abruptly pulled backward by an irresistible, great force.    

 Now, it was just Zen who faced the numerous water drops that flew in many directions.

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