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 Season 3

Episode 80

(Make way for you)

Last time as well Bob fought at the banks of the lake. But at that time, his opponent was a young man from a small noble clan. Small noble clans were naturally inferior to the top seven noble clans. Sometimes, they had to bear the humiliation from the top seven noble clans. So it was not a big deal for young masters of the top seven noble clans to beat other people. If their elders offered apologies for their bad behavior, it might become a great honor to the small clans.     

Roger was a young master of the Meng Clan, one of the top seven noble clans. But he was not as overbearing and unreasonable as most noble youth. 

Roger treated people with kindness. Since both Roger's and Bob's families were ranked in the top seven noble clans, a fight between them would cause a lot of trouble. It would also lead to conflicts between the two noble clans. Moreover, the relationship between the Pei Clan and the Meng Clan was already strained.   
However, Bob was a reckless person.     Every martial arts cultivator had an obsession in his mind.     

Some obsessed over possession as a strong desire to possess could give them enough momentum to break through bottlenecks in their cultivation.     

Others preferred concession. They believed that moderate concessions could make the future smoother and brighter.     

And Bob's obsession was possession. There was no concession in his dictionary. He had been selfish since his childhood. Everyone else had to step aside for what he wanted.     

If Bob endured something reluctantly, his determination would suffer to the extent that it would slow his cultivation speed.  

   Although Bob knew it was unwise to fight Roger, he was unwilling to compromise. He had no consideration for the consequences of the fight. 

Instead, he was consumed with the idea of teaching Roger a lesson.   

However, Roger was not a coward. Although there was a gap between his level and that of Bob, as a member of the top noble Meng Clan, he could be stubborn as well.     

"Please wait! Listen to me first. Let's sit down and talk calmly. There is no need to be so tense," begged steward Cao. 

The two noble young masters refused to listen to each other and were about to fight. Steward Cao became anxious as the tension mounted.     

According to the rules of Cloud Sect, except for formal challenges, any fight between disciples was unacceptable.     Nevertheless, these two young men were members of the top noble clans. 

They both had a powerful background and were not afraid of stirring up trouble. If not handled properly, steward Cao would offend the nobles, because no matter which side won, the affected clan would vent their anger on him.   

"Forget it. The Meng Clan have become increasingly arrogant. Last month, they tried to get involved in the Pei Clan's pill medicine business. However, they were blocked by the Pei Clan's elders. If we tolerate the Meng Clan blindly, I am afraid that they will become more insatiable."    

After saying that, Bob drew his long sword out of its sheath. It looked like Bob not only wanted to beat Roger, he also wanted Roger to bleed.    


 Seeing this, Roger also unsheathed his sword, even though his cultivation level was lower than Bob's. However, a refiner's cultivation level was not an indicator of strength. If Roger tried his best, Bob might not be able to defeat him.     

The people escorting Bob stood aside and silently watched them.   

If Bob were facing an average person like Zen, they would have rushed to help. But this time, Bob's rival was Roger. As outsiders, they knew that they should not intervene in conflicts between the two top noble clans. If they tried, these people would invite trouble, and then, even the Pei Clan wouldn't be able to protect them.     

Just as the battle was about to begin, Zen sprung out of the Lake of the Magical Fish. The demonic life vitality running in his body drove the cold away instantly. The heat emitted by the demonic life vitality helped evaporate the water from Zen's clothes and hair.    

 As Zen exited the lake, a huge cloud of steam rose from his body.     

Before Zen could look around for Roger, he sensed strong hostility in the air.    

 'Strange! Who are they? How can they fight here? This is Cloud Sect. Aren't they afraid of violating the rules?' Zen wondered as he studied the crowd from a distance. Zen cautiously approached the crowd.   

Soon, Zen found Roger was arguing with a young man who appeared to be stronger than Roger in terms of both, momentum and level. When Zen saw this, his expression changed and he hurried forward.     

'What's going on? Who is he, Roger?' Roger had helped Zen when they hunted the blade locusts together at the Dragon Fort. Since then, Zen regarded Roger as his friend.     

As if steward Cao had met a great savior, once he saw Zen, he went forward and said, "Zen, you're here just in time. They are about to fight. Please talk to Roger. Stop the fight!"   

 "Why are they going to fight?" questioned Zen. Zen didn't know what had happened while he was refining in the Lake of the Magical Fish.   

With his easygoing personality, Roger usually did not enter into conflict with others. But once he got angry, he could be very stubborn.     

"Why did the man offend Roger?" Zen asked when he got no response.    

 Steward Cao explained hastily, "Zen, the young man opposite Roger is the young master of the Pei Clan, one of the top seven noble clans. You were in the Lake of the Magical Fish for more than two hours. I was going to bring you out, but Roger wanted me to let you stay. 

However, Bob refused as it was his turn. So they began to quarrel. If they fight, it will end badly for everyone. Please, persuade your friend!"    

When Steward Cao saw Zen, he thought, 'As an ordinary person, Zen wouldn't want to get involved in the noble clans' dispute. Once he understands the matter, he will persuade Roger. After all, Zen is Roger's friend. So Roger may listen to him.   

Moreover, Roger is weaker than Bob. So if a friend persuades him and gives him a way out, Roger won't go so far as to fight.'    

But steward Cao was wrong. He had made a mistake when estimating Zen's character and his strength.     

After hearing the steward's explanation, Zen nodded. Although steward Cao's narration was somewhat incomplete, Zen understood what happened and who was at fault.    

 "Go, Zen. Go and persuade Roger! I will speak with Bob." Steward Cao urged Zen.     

Zen walked toward Roger.     

Roger relaxed when he saw Zen.    

 Although Roger didn't think that Zen could defeat Bob, somehow, he had an inexplicable sense of trust in Zen. It seemed to him that Zen was capable of challenging strong people.   

"This is none of your business, boy! I advise you not to meddle with the noble clans," said Bob threateningly as he looked at Zen up and down.     

Bob was surprised to see that the person who had been practicing for two hours in the Lake of the Magical Fish was only at the first-grade of the nature level.     

But Bob was curious about why a disciple at the first-grade of the nature level was allowed to enter the Lake of the Magical Fish. As for how Zen stayed for two hours, Bob thought that perhaps Zen didn't really go into the water, or maybe he hid in a corner and didn't dive into the deep area.    

 Bob was not really interested in how Zen had stayed for so long. What annoyed Bob was that Zen, a cultivator at the first-grade of the nature level, didn't take him seriously. Bob even thought that his dissuasion although rude, was for Zen's benefit.     

Hearing what Bob said, Zen shook his head. "Roger is my friend. A friend in need is a friend indeed. If my friend is in trouble, I will naturally help him. What's more, I've just heard that you wanted to drive me out of the Lake of the Magical Fish. Is that true?"  

Zen showed a harsh attitude toward Bob. It was evident that he was trying to help Roger. Since Zen had cleared his position, Bob had no reason to hesitate. If Zen was at the Illuminating Soul Realm, Bob might think carefully before fighting. But Zen was only at the first-grade of the nature level. What instigated Bob more was that Zen didn't come from an influential family. Bob was at the consummation of the nature level. It was difficult to find someone skilled enough to challenge Bob. Hence he chuckled and said, "Yes, you are right. So what about it? Every time I come to the Lake of the Magical Fish to practice, other people make way obediently."  

  "Yeah?" Zen replied scornfully. "I'm thinking, who are you to me? I should make way for you? Wishful thinking!"  

"Tut-tut!" steward Cao said with a deep sigh. When steward Cao heard Zen, he had a feeling that the situation was not going to be peacefully resolved. If a fight ensued, everyone would get into trouble. A bitter taste filled steward Cao's mouth.     
Previously, when steward Cao let Zen enter the Lake of the Magical Fish, he believed the boy to be gentle and suave. He hadn't expected Zen to have a hot temper.


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