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 Season 3

Episode 70

(The cultivation places (1)

Nory nodded and said, "Yes, I am from the Mo Clan in the northern part of the city."    

The Mo Clan was not a well-known noble clan, but there was a renowned ancestor in their history and his name was Jack Mo.    

 In his youth, Jack had joined the imperial army and led them to many victories. And because of his extraordinary feats, the Mo Clan was given the title of a noble clan at that time.     

Nevertheless, there was no other influential figure that sprung up from the clan after Jack Mo. Thus, the Mo clan remained at the bottom amongst all the noble clans.    

 "If you're a member of a noble clan, why did you still join the initial exam of the Cloud Sect?" Zen asked.   

If Nory was indeed a member of a noble clan, he didn't need to join in the initial exam of the Cloud Sect. But Zen could clearly remember that Nory did sign up for the exam with him.    

 With a smile, Nory replied, "My clan didn't grant me a noble clan certificate, so I needed to sign up for the initial exam like anybody else."    

Wurth interjected, "From how I see it, you're in a bad place within your own clan. But, are you upset with the current affairs of your clan?"    

Nory nodded and answered, "Well, that's true. Though we haven't had any influential clan member for many years, the rest of the clan members are making great efforts to help improve our clan's standing. I heard that my other relatives invited some of their friends they met in the Cloud Sect to our clan party. And here I am, doing nothing."  

But Nory didn't tell them the whole truth.     
In order to boost the clan's standing, it was not only necessary that the clan had its own strength and influential members; it also required the clan to have many great connections with other noble clans.     

The connection with other clans was an essential aspect for a noble clan's standing and influence. In fact, it was mostly connections that could get a clan in good standing.     

Nory didn't want to use his clan's influence to enter the Cloud Sect. He wanted to do it on his own, but the Mo Clan's big shot members were not impressed, and they ridiculed him for that. Thus, they didn't prepare a noble clan certificate for him.     

Fortunately, Nory met Zen during the initial exam, and with the latter's help, he passed the exam and became an outer disciple.     

However, being an outer disciple still didn't give Nory and his family the prestige they were looking for within the Mo Clan.   

The clan party was an opportunity for every Mo Clan's member to parade their connections with the noble clans.    

 According to Nory, the young people of his age from their clan had already made friendly relationships with the other noble clans. This made it possible for them to invite them to the Mo Clan's party and even some of the members of the top seven noble clans were looking forward to attending the said event.     

On the contrary, Nory didn't make that many acquaintances with the noble clans except for Zen, Sean, and Wurth. 

    After listening to Nory's story, Sean, who had been drinking, suddenly laughed and said, "Nory, stop being childish about it. It's not something you should be upset about. Why are you so sensitive? Aren't these two the best? 

Wurth and Zen are more influential than those kids from the prestige noble clans. I bet even in the top seven clans, there are only a few who could match these gentlemen's influence and credentials."  

Sean sounded reasonable despite being drunk.     

Although the Zhang Clan was not a noble clan, they had such vast wealth that most noble clans wanted to associate with them.    

 Even the combined small noble clans could not compare to the Zhang clan. They had the power and influence like the top seven noble clans.     

And Zen had proven prominent strength.     
The noble clans might have the most geniuses in their roster, But Sean asserted that none of them could match Zen's skill, strength, and power.     

And at the rate Zen was improving, it was only a matter of time before he could transcend the notable disciples from the top seven noble clans.   

Patting Nory encouragingly on the shoulder, Sean continued, "I have personally recommended the most notable people to you. Why don't you invite them to your clan's party?"    

"I..." Nory stuttered. He hesitated a little.     
Of course, Nory would like to invite Zen and Wurth to his clan's party. He just didn't know how to say it because of his inferiority complex from being constantly turned down. And Sean suddenly encouraging him made him a little embarrassed.     

Zen and Wurth exchanged glances and then looked at Nory with a smile, anticipating for him to say something.  

   After hesitating for a while, Nory solemnly said, "Zen, Wurth, it would be my pleasure if you will come with me to my clan's party next month."    

Zen and Wurth both nodded and smiled at Nory.   

"Hey, what about me? Am I not invited?" Sean said, fooling around with Nory as he patted the latter's shoulder hard.   

  "Of course! How can I forget you?" Nory chuckled.     

The four had the best night together as they drank their hearts out and did not go back home until late that evening.     When Zen was finally back to his place, he began to check his new possessions from his recent adventures.  

   During his trip to the White Emperor City, Zen obtained different new things. Aside from the two crystals embedded in his arms, he got a pile of valuable other things.     

Some of those valuable things were the spiritual weapons from the Illuminating Soul Realm masters that Zen defeated in the fairy palace. When they died, their spiritual weapons didn't die with them. 

These weapons were left scattered on the floor and Zen kept them.

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