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 Season 3

Episode 69

(The Mo Family (2)

She had fiddled with Zen's disciple card and because of that, Aura had even monitored Zen all his way when he went to the Hell Mountain alone last time.    

 Zen wore a disciple card all the time, and Aura was able to track wherever he was with her Picture Slab as long as he entered the territory of Cloud Sect.    

 Therefore, Aura's Picture Slab documented everything that occurred the other day. After watching the records of the Picture Slab, Aura discovered that Zen was threatened by Saint Viana. This discovery made her immediately get in touch with Caspar and rush towards the Commandment Mount together with him.     

At this very moment, Zen asked her why the Picture Slab had recorded the events that transpired that day. At this, Aura didn't answer but gave a small chuckle. She was rather unwilling to tell Zen the truth.   

"Today, they have said sorry to you and the matter has come to an end, but the saints have been infuriated. I am not fearful of them, but I am afraid that they would take revenge against you!" Aura said.   

 In turn, Zen nodded in understanding.     "I am very aware of this. Even if it isn't because of this thing, they will definitely refuse to let go of me.     

But like them, I won't leave them off the hook either, especially Saint Viana and Saint Aderian!" he said.     

He was certain that he had annoyed the saints today because they were forced to apologize to him in public. When Aura heard Zen's arrogant words, she only sighed heavily. Just now, she had forgotten who Zen was.     

Deep inside her, she knew that Zen would not show that much hatred if he himself was hurt. However, if anyone dared to hurt any of his close relatives, it was beyond doubt that Zen would make them repay it at much higher costs.   

However, Zen didn't act so ruthlessly this time... This reflected that Zen was humane.    

 "Well, let's save those for the future. Depending on your current strength, you are still unable to confront a master of the Illuminating Soul Realm, let alone these saints. To save your little sister, you have to further enhance your strength," Aura chided once again after a few moments.     

Zen simply nodded in agreement at her words, and walked out of the Commandment Hall with Aura.     

After taking the trial for slaying demons and the journey to the fairy palace, Zen had really improved his strength by a mile and immediately become a nature creature.   

Outside the Imperial Capital, a nature creature would almost always occupy a dominant position and be powerful enough to maintain the survival of a small clan.     

However, a nature creature meant nothing at all inside the Burning Sky Imperial Capital and Cloud Sect, where many people had reached even much higher levels.    

 Upon his return, Zen decided to set another goal for himself and then concentrated on diligent cultivation.    

 When he had returned to Drizzle Peak as its outer disciple once again, awe from the people and a sense of pride washed over him.    

 His amazing feats in the trial for killing demons had been spread and rumored among the outer disciples for quite a long time.    

 Before Zen became an outer disciple of Drizzle Peak, Henry ranked number one among all outer disciples.   

However, in the trial for slaying demons, it turned out that Henry was no match for Zen at all.     

"Zen has slain a demon general!"    

"Lenard, the one from the Skytop Peak, has been only capable of breaking even with the demon general in the trial. 

However, Zen has even put the demon general to death!" These words of praise were showered upon Zen. It was even said that the whole Skytop Peak would have been totally defeated if it hadn't been for him.     

"Zen didn't merely kill one demon general. According to the news from the Lady Peak, Zen even slew several demon generals together!"    

These outer disciples murmured to themselves and sighed at Zen's fearsome strength at the same time. 

They had also sensed and encountered the evil spirit of the demons, but they already found it hard to resist the evil spirit of even just one demon soldier.   

On the contrary, Zen could even defeat demon generals. He had surely made an idol out of himself among the outer disciples.    

 He had far transcended all of them and even Henry. Thus, a majority of the outer disciples firmly believed that even no inner disciple of Drizzle Peak could beat Zen.     

"Wow! Brother, I have news for you. You are famous now!" Across the distance, Nory and Sean had spotted Zen. They rushed over to him and enveloped him in a bear hug.    

 After a while, they both stepped aside. Then, Wurth immediately wrapped Zen in another bear hug.     

Soon after having caught up with each other, the four of them walked towards a restaurant. Since Zen had just come back, they naturally wanted to dine together and indulge in a feast of drinking.   

Both Wurth and Sean were very excited. Before Zen's return, they had already heard different rumors about his excursions. At first, they even doubted if Zen had really confronted a demon general. However, Cleve told them in person that it was true and so, they finally realized that there was nothing impossible for Zen in this world.    

 Although Cleve wasn't in the list of top five among inner disciples, he had been strong and valiant enough. With that in mind, it was impossible for Cleve to talk nonsense.     

The thought of the demon general and his strength still sent shivers up their spines. Even a mere glance from the demon general would frighten them out of their wits, but Zen was capable of even slaying the demon general, and just by himself. Compared with general outer disciples, he was far stronger. Therefore, although they had believed that Zen had succeeded in killing the demon general, deep inside them, they still felt it was a truly incredible feat for Zen to have achieved.   

While they were eating and talking between plates and plates of delicious food, Zen noticed that Nory looked a little unhappy and uneasy.     

He cast a worried glance at his friend.   

  "Nory, you seem to have something in mind. What's wrong?" Zen asked curiously.     

Nory was from the Imperial Capital. He usually acted a little mindlessly. This made it seem that nothing could ever displease him. Now he looked kind of sad, so Zen thought that something must have happened.     

At Zen's curious questioning, Nory's eyes suddenly widened in mild surprise.    

 "Ahh, it's nothing! Zen, I feel happy to see you come back today. Come on! Cheer up!" Nory said. He lifted his cup in the air to toast with Zen.   

The more Nory behaved that way to conceal his true feelings, the more Zen felt that something was off. Instead of lifting his cup up, Zen asked, "Just tell me frankly if you treat me as your close friend."    

As soon as the words tumbled out from Zen's mouth, both Wurth and Sean slowly shifted their gazes to Nory. At this moment, they had also noticed that Nory behaved a little weirdly.     

After a short pause, Nory suddenly smiled at them. "In fact, it is not a big deal. My family is going to hold a party next month. In fact, our Mo Family is also a noble clan, but lags relatively behind among noble clans..." he replied.     
Upon hearing Nory's words, Wurth asked, "Nory, are you from the Mo family in the northern part of the city?"    

Wurth's family ran businesses in almost all areas of the Imperial Capital, so he clearly knew about almost all of the families in that capital. Hence, he immediately guessed which Nory's family was when Nory told them that his family was also a noble clan.


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