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Season 3

Episode 68

(The Mo Family (1)

It was actually unnecessary for Aura to display her ruthlessness, but at least she had turned the tables on her and saved Zen, who was fortunately uninjured.    

 Whatever Aura had done, her sole purpose was to make everyone understand that she hadn't demonstrated her true power yet because she disliked being a show-off, but anyone who dared or even tried to annoy her would undoubtedly be a target for her sharp thorns, no matter who he or she was.     

"My princess, do you think you have gone a little too far..." Saint Viana choked out.     
At this point, he had no choice but to stand out just to say something. After all, this entire thing was on him; even Saint Zara had become his scapegoat.   

  "Am I out of line?" Aura questioned back with a shake of her head. Saint Viana didn't get to respond as she immediately followed up her answer.   

"In fact, I haven't asked for too much at all. Because of your wrong judgment, Zen has been nearly put to death. Now, I only require you to say sorry to him. Is that too much? As an old saying goes, a fault confessed is half redressed. My request doesn't embarrass you that much!" she exclaimed.    

 "Although it is advisable for you to put it that way, but look at our identities. Our position is superior to Zen's. Then, how can we..." Saint Viana tried to explain. However, Aura was not having any of that.     

Before he could finish his sentence, she abruptly cut him off and said, "Viana, Zen is a disciple I have chosen in person. 

Just wait and see his future achievements. He will become very powerful and enjoy a fairly high position. By that time, even all of you will have to look up to him.   

And so, you don't need to make any excuse for not apologizing to him just because his current identity is inferior to you."    

Now, she had even claimed that a group of saints would think highly of Zen in the future!    

 It wasn't very easy to become a saint of Cloud Sect. These ten saints had made considerable contributions to Cloud Sect's development. Only through nearly a century of hard work had they gained their current power and position.     

In the Eastern Region, any of them would be admired by others.     

However, just now, Aura had even firmly boasted and believed that Zen would be able to far surpass these saints in the future. All others present thought that Aura had been rather overconfident about Zen.     

Then again, Aura was their princess, so no one dared to retort back at her words even if they wished.   

After a while, Saint Zara spoke up.     "Ah, anyway, it was my fault today! Hence, I am supposed to apologize to Zen," he said and admitted his faults.     

As soon as he did so, he took a step downwards from the front side of the hall and politely bowed down to Zen!     

The sight of Saint Zara's bow did not paint a happy expression on other saints' faces. A dark cloud seemed to hover above their heads, as though a downpour threatened to fall out.    

 Although the one who was apologizing to Zen was Saint Zara, all of them felt humiliated as he represented all the ten saints of Cloud Sect.    

 After bowing to Zen, Saint Zara remained silent. Then, he walked straight out of the Commandment Hall.     

A few moments later, all other saints followed suit and consecutively walked out.   

Just then, the members of the Zhuge family left as well from the side door after casting deep and forlorn looks at Zen. Since Aura was there, it was almost impossible for them to get a hold of Zen and revenge Fren. They would disgrace themselves if they chose to stay in the hall.     

Soon enough, only Aura and Zen were left in the Commandment Hall.     

The entire hall was silent when Zen turned around and looked at Aura who sat on her throne, a smile etching on his lips. He then walked towards the throne as if he had a purpose. When he got closer to the princess, he clasped his hands together and greeted Aura with a smile, "My princess!"    

The princess in turn leaped down from her throne happily and reached out her hand to playfully knock away Zen's own.

 "Now, you are even smiling at me. I asked you to take part in the trial for slaying demons. At last, many people came back from the trial, but only you didn't. Now, you have just come back, but troubles came your way as soon as you arrived here. As you see, how troublesome you are!" she teased.   

During the trial for killing the demons, the demons suddenly invaded them. Thus, the disciples of Cloud Sect went back by big, flying chariot. However, Zen was left behind because he was imprisoned by Yolande. He had no other choice but to stay in White Emperor City.     

After those events, he found some clues about the fairy palace when he passed by G County. That took up more of Zen's time and further delayed his return to Cloud Sect. Therefore, Zen got back much later than other disciples.    

 "Master Su, I am still confused by one thing," Zen suddenly blurted out. After a while, he asked, "Why is what happened that day presented by the Picture Slab?"  

In reality, the fact that Aura had recorded everything that had happened the other day was merely a coincidence.     

Zen hadn't come back from the trial for slaying demons after quite a long period. Although Aura had known from some other people like Cleve that Zen was fine and he was just held back by a master of the imperial army.     

Based on Cleve's descriptions, Aura guessed that the one who had arrested Zen was Yolande.     

In return, Aura couldn't do anything except to patiently wait for Zen to come back to Cloud Sect.     

However, many days had passed then, but Zen still wasn't back. Aura couldn't help but worry about his safety, and even wanted to dispatch people to White Emperor City to pry into news about Zen's whereabouts.     

Just then, when Aura occasionally opened her Picture Slab, she found out that she finally could track where Zen was.

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