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 Season 3

Episode 66

(The verdict and the princess (1)

Appearing at the entrance of the Commandment Hall was a graceful lady who proceeded to stroll in their direction. The lady was Zen's tutor, Aura.     

There was more color in her face, and Aura seemed more energetic than she had been several days ago, and there was a unique air surrounding her.    

 Although Aura's strength was far inferior to the real power of the saints she faced, there was an intimidating deportment about her.     

Standing tall and straight, Aura gave the impression of being on a high horse, cutting an imposing figure. Her presence was of a leader who possessed the tools not just to unify the entire country but to rule over it afterward.   

Only direct descendants to the royal king had a natural authoritative bearing like Aura displayed.     

After the humiliation Aura endured recently from Saint Viana, she spent two days in seclusion, pondering about many things. It wasn't until her last-minute decision to join the Commandment Mount today that Aura recognized her obligations, and inability to continue avoiding formal functions.     

It also dawned on Aura that she should pick up her mantle and shoulder the duties she had previously shirked.     

The thoughts Aura had left her wondering if they'd all forgotten her true identity, and name.     

After all, Aura was the emperor's eldest daughter! At one time, Aura was once known as the Sky Princess and experienced loving adoration from thousands of citizens, as well as being respected, even worshiped in multiple countries.     

In the wake of Aura's regal yet high-handed mannerisms, the saints present paled.   

"Well, answer my question, why did the court trial start before my arrival? Who decided to proceed? I expect an explanation, immediately, Zara!" Cocking her eyebrow, Aura gave Saint Zara a stern look while calling him by his first name.     

Being influential and reputable as Saint Zara was, he wasn't used to the treatment and stood there in momentary shock at the fashion he was being spoken to by Aura. His lips formed a slight 'o' before he quickly came to his senses and replied, "The trial was scheduled to begin today at noon. You were not present at noon, and it would have been impossible to wait, not knowing if you planned to show up."    

"Is that so? Hmm, alright. So then, what was the verdict?" inquired Aura while she gestured with her hand. Instantly, six people scurried from somewhere behind her, bowed as they scooted away and within seconds returned with a chair.   

The extremely delicate, yet exquisitely handcrafted chair stood more than nine feet high, embedded with agates, emeralds, and a variety of other gems.  

   The entire chair appeared to be crafted from golden silk jade hibiscus, a precious wood.     

Golden silk jade hibiscus wood was so costly, and it was usually reserved for crafting elements of spiritual weapons, such as hilts of swords or handles for spears.    

 During recent years, there had been such a drastic decline from the golden silk jade hibiscus wood being exploited that the Burning Sky Empire made a public decree banning citizens from cutting, harvesting or keeping any wood found and ordering that it be immediately turned over to the Empire. 

    Anyone who defied the law and kept any of the wood secretly would receive a harsh punishment.     

Going forward, only the handle's core would use the golden silk jade hibiscus due to its rarity.   

In doing so, everyone could see just how valuable golden silk jade hibiscus wood was!    

 Yet, this precious wood was used to make a chair!    

 Furthermore, it wasn't merely pieces of the chair, but, the whole chair was carved from the golden silk jade hibiscus which would have made an enormous amount of handles and hilts for spiritual weapons.     

The chair was so heavy that even with the six men working in unison, it was laborious work. Still, the muscular men bent down, visibly straining to lift the chair and carefully carried the chair to the hall. After they were finished, they silently vanished.     

Aura turned and climbed the jade-emerald encrusted steps leading up to the chair. After seating herself in the chair, she extended her feet out, resting them on the pedestal of the chair, her slender legs tilting to one side. As Aura turned her attention to the proceedings before her, her expression relaxed as she asked, "Now, Zara, please, tell me, what was the trial's verdict?"  

When the saints saw Aura's determination, they realized it wouldn't be easy for them to slip today's matter past Aura. There was no choice but to argue their position.     

Saint Zara explained, "This guy murdered the third son of Zhuge Clan, Fren. In doing so, he violated the rules set by the Cloud Sect. Accordingly, he is to make reparations, with his life, for the life he took."    

Aura nodded thoughtfully before commenting, "Yes, that is true. Saint Zara is right. It's appropriate for someone to pay for murder with their life. However, in this case, if Zen had killed Fren in self-defense, would he still be expected to pay with his life?"    

"No, of course not!" huffed Saint Zara indignantly as he took a deep breath before explaining, "We got to the bottom of things during the trial, and learned on that day of the incident, Zen made rude comments and created a scene at the Commandment Hall. Those events forced Fren to have to come to Murry's aid to apprehend Zen. Sadly, Fren had no way of knowing that…"  

Saint Zara's explanation was interrupted by Aura, who announced, "I want to know whether or not Zen admitted his guilt to such an allegation. Or, are you saying that Zen confessed this himself?"    

"No, this was what Murry told us. As for Zen, he told us a completely different story," replied Saint Zara.     

"Okay, then my next question would be why did you take Murry's side and reject what Zen said?" asked Aura. Her tone had changed from a carefree manner to a stern one as she looked down on Saint Zara fiercely. Between the fire in her eyes, and the inflection of her voice, everyone present, especially Saint Zara, knew there was no room for negotiation.

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