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 Season 3

Episode 65

(An uproar during the trial)

Zen looked around at Saint Viana and the people from the Zhuge Clan, but continued to speak to Saint Zara, "Saint, if someone tries to kill you now, what should you do?"    

Hearing Zen's rhetorical question, Saint Zara replied without hesitation, "If someone tries to kill me for no valid reason, I will kill him first."   

 Zen nodded, "Saint, you are right. Before someone kills you, you kill him first. Do you know where the sword I used to kill Fren came from?"    

"I don't know," Saint Zara shook his head. He wasn't there when it happened so he couldn't possibly know.     

Even Saint Viana who came in late that day didn't see what happened. Only Zen and Murry knew the truth about what happened that day.   

"I will tell you the truth, Saint. The sword I used to kill Fren was his life vitality huge sword. He tried to kill me with that sword, so I grabbed it and stabbed him with his own sword to protect myself. So, with Fren trying to kill me that day, should I have just stood there and let him do it?" Zen asked in reply persuasively.  

   Doubt flashed on Saint Zara's face. "What you said may be a valid reason for your action. But I don't understand what a life vitality huge sword means."    

"Saint Zara, if I may intervene. Fren used the Zhuge Clan's Tier 4 cultivation method called the "Seven Mysterious Demon Swords". He could transform his life vitality into seven swords when dealing with an enemy. But this bloke said that he just grabbed Fren's huge sword. How could one possibly just grab another one's life vitality avatar? This kid is obviously talking nonsense." Angelo stepped forward and intervened.    

 "Grab someone's life vitality avatar?" Saint Zara asked.   

All the Saints present that day hadn't heard of such a cultivation method in this world and how another person could grab one's life vitality avatar.     

Looking at Saint Zara's confused expression, Zen shrugged in disappointment. He couldn't believe that the ten Saints in Cloud Sect were ignorant about everything. They didn't even know about the Heavenly Ogre Fist that came from their own Heavenly Library in Cloud Sect.     

"Saint Zara, if I may suggest. We should stop this trial now. It is obvious that this bloke is lying. He killed Fren, so he must be put to death!" Saint Viana announced coldly.   

  Zen said calmly, "I can't convince you with only words, Saint Viana. So maybe I can show you instead."    

Saint Viana sensed that Zen was sincere with what he said, but he still felt doubtful that Zen could swallow someone else's life vitality.    

 Saint Viana had never seen or heard of such a cultivation method or ability to swallow someone else's life vitality.   

The saints heard about the Heavenly Ogre Fist and they were present when the unique copy of Heavenly Ogre Fist was put in the Heavenly Library.    

 However, Heavenly Ogre Fist was rated as a Tier 5 cultivation method and the Saints hadn't heard about anyone who had successfully cultivated the method.     
Up to that day, the Saints hadn't seen the Heavenly Ogre Fist or the power of the demonic life energy.     

The news that Zen could use his life energy to swallow other's life vitality made an uproar in the White Emperor City.     

That happened in the imperial army and made news across the White Emperor City without spreading to anywhere else.    
 "Fine. Let's see how you can grab other's life vitality," Saint Viana said. He then turned to Murry and instructed the guy, "Murry, release your life vitality avatar. Let's see if this young man can indeed swallow other's life vitality."  

Murry got anxious when he heard Saint Viana's instruction. The saint wasn't there when Zen swallowed another one's life vitality.     

Murry saw Zen's life vitality swallow Fren's seven life vitality huge swords. What was more interesting but frightening at the same time was that Zen turned the seven huge swords into one. That was the same sword that resisted Saint Viana's palms. Why couldn't the saint recall and understand?     
Murry didn't have the chance to remind the saint discreetly. He obediently nodded at Saint Viana and pulled out the judge pen. He scribed a word in the air using his life vitality and pushed it towards Zen.     

Zen watched as the life vitality word flew at him. He raised his arm and the demon life vitality was released between his fingers.     

The demonic life vitality merged with Murry's word and instantly swallowed it. 

  Zen then waved his hand and the word obediently danced around him.     

All the Saints witnessed it and their eyes widened in disbelief.    

 "That bloke was indeed telling the truth! He can actually swallow other's life vitality."    

"What cultivation method did he use? No matter who wins in this round, I will definitely ask him about it!"    

Only the real talented and powerful men knew how to swallow other's life vitality and what it meant to be able to do such a method.     

On the other hand, Zen had used this method countless times and even defeated the masters of the Illuminating Soul Realm with it.     

Saint Viana couldn't believe what he saw. He was uncertain about the huge sword before, but now he remembered that day when Zen controlled a huge sword to kill Fren.   

He thought that it was only Zen's cultivation method    and had never imagined that Zen had the ability to control and use other's life vitality.   

  "Now that you've seen it with your own eyes, do you believe every word I said?" Zen asked Saint Viana. He then clapped his hands and the word made from life vitality gradually vanished.     

Saint Viana kept a poker face and sneered, "Even if you have proven that you can swallow other's life vitality, it doesn't change the fact that you killed someone."    

Zen shook his head, "As I've told you before, Fren tried to kill me. I was left with no choice but to kill him instead."    Saint Viana sneered again, "It's only your side of the story. Murry, please shed light to this story."    

There were not many people present on that day. Aside from Murry and his subordinates, the woman named Vivan and Fren were the only few people present when Zen killed Fren.   

Vivan couldn't testify against Zen but only hoped him to die soon.     

So Saint Viana could only ask Murry to testify with one purpose in mind.    

 Murry chuckled and stepped forward the platform. He bowed to Saint Zara and told him everything he knew about that day.     

But what he said was different from Zen's version, "That day, Zen spoke insolently in the Commandment Hall, beat me up and left me with injuries. 

Fren happened to be there and heard me crying out for help. He only did what he had to do and helped me arrest Zen. But we didn't expect that Zen had no mercy at all." Murry lamented and continued, "He killed Fren without hesitation. I tried to stop Zen and help my friend, but I was too late."    

Apparently, Murry was well prepared. He didn't stutter when he was telling the story about how Zen murdered Fren.   

He didn't stutter when he was telling the story about how Zen murdered Fren.     Before going back to his seat, he looked at Zen and smiled slyly.    

 The other Saints walked towards Saint Zara. When all the Saints surrounded Saint Zara, he waved his hand and a light curtain made form purple life vitality covered the six Saints.     

The Saints had a meeting inside the purple light curtain.     

The light curtain blocked all the sound from inside, so people outside the curtain could not hear anything that the Saints were discussing.     

The talk didn't last long, and Saint Zara finally waved his hand again and the light curtain disappeared.     

All the Saints returned to their seats, and then Saint Zara made a serious announcement, "During the major trial today, it has been proven that the disciple of Cloud Sect named Zen disrespected the Commandment Hall by committing a murder in it. It was also proven that he murdered the inner disciple of Cloud Sect, Fren, without any valid reasons. Having an abusive nature, he doesn't deserve to live in this world among us."  

Hearing the verdict, Zen couldn't help but laugh hysterically, "You've got to be kidding me."    

Zen's laughter was so loud that the audience couldn't hear Saint Zara's voice.     

He was so reckless, arrogant, and weird at the same time. Saint Zara and the people from the Zhuge Clan were thinking that Zen was insane.     

Saint Zara gritted his teeth and roared, "Shut up!"    

With his outrage, his roar and life vitality mixed    releasing a purple sound wave that dashed toward Zen.     

When the sound wave hit Zen, his laughter stopped, leaving him with grave injuries.   

Zen covered his chest and sneered, "I believe that Cloud Sect has a great reputation. But I can't believe that the Saints deal with situations in this manner. I may be inferior to all of you, but I am not as shameless as all of you. You look decent but you can't distinguish right from wrong."    

"If you blabber and offend us again, I will kill you right away!" How could a junior speak ill of Saint Zara? This made the saint extremely furious.     

But Zen continued to laugh. "It doesn't matter whether I die now or later. I don't easily get scared of any threats." The demonic life vitality in Zen's body flowed out suddenly and dark purple aura covered his whole body.    

 If Zen could not avoid death today, he might as well give his best to this fight.   

  "I will make your wish come true today!" Saint Zara pounded the table, and the life vitality all over his body rose immediately.   

The saint had a limitless strength and power and if he wanted to kill Zen, there was nothing that the young man could do to escape it.     

"Kill him! Kill that ignorant and arrogant man!"    

"He will cause more scourge in the world if he stays alive for one more day!"    

The people from the Zhuge Clan made noise about killing Zen. Even Angelo wanted to beat Zen, but since Saint Zara did the honor, he could sit back and watch Zen die.    

 But before Saint Zara could release his attack, a lazy voice came from outside the Commandment Hall, "Why wasn't I invited to the major trial?"

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