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 Season 3

Episode 64

(An unfair trial)

Even though the fatty had beaten the imprisoned disciples who were good at using their life vitality to fight, none were convinced of him. If the runes had not limited their life vitality, the disciples would have proved that they were much better than the fat guy.     

The boy, who had just been brought in seemed to have the same talent as the disciples here. He didn't get hurt when the fat guy hit him. In any way, he was no worse than the fat guy.     

"Hmm! The smartest thing for you to do is to lie on the floor and pretend to be dead. Now that you have chosen to stand and fight, don't blame me for not being kind to you." As soon as the fat guy had finished, he rushed toward Zen.    

 The last thing Zen, who had dragon scales and a spiritual weapon body, was afraid of was hand-to-hand combat.   

Seeing that the fat guy intended to charge at him like a wild animal, Zen ran toward the fat guy at the same pace and posture.   

  When it came to physical confrontation, lager people would always have an advantage.     

Before Zen hit the fat guy, he summoned the strength of over a hundred dragon scales and concentrated it on his shoulders.     

The two men slammed into each other. 

    "He's so small. I'm afraid he'll be crushed to pieces by the fat guy."    

"The boy thinks that he is strong and wants to fight the fat guy. Does he not want to live?"    

The disciples of Cloud Sect whispered to one another.     

"Bang!" A dull noise echoed through the prison when the two men's bodies collided with each other.   

The fat guy felt like he had hit a high mountain.     

Zen's strength was as endless as the tide of the sea.    

 The result of this confrontation stunned everyone.     

Compared with the fat guy's huge body, Zen looked extremely thin and small.    

 Unexpectedly, the fat guy did not seem to have any impact on him, and he remained firmly where he was. The fat guy, however, took several steps back after hitting Zen. Then he suddenly lost his balance and fell to the ground with his big tummy like a ball.     

Zen squinted and slowly walked over to the fat guy. He glanced at the fat guy who was lying on the floor, then squatted down, and asked, "Do you want to do that again?"  

The fat guy felt as though his bones were broken. His face was white with pain. He now realized how powerful Zen was. He was much better than him in terms of both strength and body.    

 Faced with such an outcome, no one dared say anything more. The whole muster station prison was shrouded in silence.    

 The rule in prison was that the winner was the king.     

Before Zen came, the fat guy was the strongest person at the muster station. Today, however, Zen beat him. As a result, no one else dared to embarrass him anymore.     

They all knew that to challenge Zen was to humiliate themselves.     

Zen got up, walked to the corner, and sat down. He ignored the fat guy who was still lying on the ground.     

'Since I can't practice here, I'd better keep my eyes shut, ' Zen comforted himself.  

 As time went by, the sun rose and then set. Two days later, two people from the Commandment Hall took Zen away.    

 Before Zen entered the Commandment Hall, he felt the energy from several great masters.     

As soon as he stepped into the Commandment Hall, Zen saw that the room was filled with people.    

 Zen's gaze fell upon Saint Viana.     

Saint Viana looked sharply at Zen and gave him a cold snort.    

 A young man in a purple robe stood beside Saint Viana. 'He must be something!'    

Zen thought as he carefully scanned the man in the purple robe. His eyes were so sharp that he suddenly noticed an Eight Diagrams, sewn with black thread, on the man's sleeve. 'He seems to be from Fren's Clan, ' thought Zen.   

As soon as the man in the purple robe saw Zen, he stomped toward him, as if he was going to eat him alive. "Are you the man who killed my brother?"    

The man's aura was astonishing. His questioning was like a flash flood, slapping Zen hard.    

 Zen, however, didn't move. He stared calmly at the man and said, "So what?" 

   "Since you killed my brother, you have to die. I want you and your family to be buried with my brother!" The man said fiercely.     

Zen smiled, pointed at him, and said, "Since you say so, why don't you kill me now? Eh? Are you afraid of me?"    

"You think I would not dare to kill you? Taking your life is no complicated feat!" The man's life vitality rose from the top of his head and became a beam of colorful light. Before he was about to attack Zen, he was stopped by a voice.  

 "Angelo! Stop it! You can't do that in front of so many elders!" An old man in a black hat was now standing behind Fren's brother.     

Today, six of the ten Saints at Cloud Sect had come to the opening trial. So, everything had to be done by the rules.  

   The old man in the black hat standing behind Angelo Zhuge was Saint Leonard, one of the ten Saints at Cloud Sect.     Angelo Zhuge was Saint Leonard's personal disciple.     

Looking at Zen who was standing in the middle of the Commandment Hall, Saint Viana said, "Now that he is here we should start the trial."    

The Saints who sat next to Saint Viana nodded.     

Cloud Sect's opening trial could only be started in the presence of six Saints.   

In addition to the six Saints, several members of the Zhuge Clan were present as well.     

All members of the Zhuge Clan were staring at Zen fiercely just like Angelo. They all wanted to kill Zen where he stood.     

If the Saints weren't here, they would have rushed at Zen and hacked him to death.     

Zen looked around, but he didn't see Aura.     

'The opening trial was proposed by Aura. Why isn't she here today?' Zen thought doubtfully.     

When Zen's eyes met Saint Viana's, a wicked smile grew on the Saint's face. "Your Master Su may not be able to come today."    

"She can't come? What did you do to her?" Zen didn't care about whether or not Aura would come to the trial. He wanted to know whether she was safe. 

Now that these people dared to hurt his little sister, they were probably giving Aura a hard time as well. Although Aura's status was special and high, he knew these people didn't care about that at all.   
"What can I do to her?" Saint Viana shook his head, and said, "She knows you're going to lose this opening trial. And she cannot do anything about it. So she's not coming."    

When Zen heard Saint Viana's words, he breathed a sigh of relief and thought, 'It seems that he doesn't know why Aura is absent today.'    

Even now, Zen believed in Aura. Now that she had made him a promise and asked for an opening trial, she must have found a way to save him. If she weren't sure, a smart person like her would never make such a fuss.     

The shadow on the corona outside the hall pointed to the noon.   

"Now that it's noon," said an old man in a purple hat, "Let's begin the trial."    

In fact, several Saints felt that this trial was a bit of a storm in a teacup because previous trials were aimed at particularly important disciples in Cloud Sect, such as the personal disciples, or the top 10 inner disciples.     

However, this trial was being held for an unknown outer disciple.    

 Had it not been for Aura's insistence, they would not have agreed to the trial. 

    However, the Saints were surprised to learn that Zen had killed Fren, the third son of the Zhuge Clan.    

 These Saints did not think that Fren was powerful, but they were confused about the whole matter. Zen had only reached the first grade of the nature level, while Fren was close to the consummation of the nature level.    

 The gap between them was enormous. Then how could this boy kill Fren?   

The Saints were thinking, 'If this little guy, Zen, really killed Fren using only his strength, then he's a genius. We haven't seen someone like that in a century. He must have a bright future.    

 Unfortunately, if he is as bloodthirsty as Saint Viana has said, then we should get rid of him as soon as possible.'    

Something similar had happened at Cloud Sect before. Seventy-nine years ago, there was a genius, Suibhne He, at Cloud Sect. Nine years after entering Cloud Sect, he broke through the Illuminating Soul Realm and gained the best theurgy in the world. He was invincible in the Illuminating Soul Realm.     
In the end, however, Suibhne He betrayed Cloud Sect and became its sworn enemy. He wandered through the Eastern Region, massacring the disciples of Cloud Sect.     

Cloud Sect had to join forces with the Burning Sky Empire to deal with Suibhne He. They had sent dozens of elite disciples to kill Suibhne.   

In the end, Cloud Sect killed Suibhne at the expense of three Saints.     

After that, Cloud Sect laid down a rule that placed disciples' moral characters above all, even their talent. They didn't want to train people who were gifted but harbored evil intentions, because it ran counter to the purpose of Cloud Sect.     

Saint Zara who wore a purple hat slapped the square wood, and a formless curtain of purple light diffused through it.    

 When people were bathed in the purple light, they immediately felt calm. This was the peculiar effect of Saint Zara's life vitality.     

"Zen. Tell me. Did you kill Fren with your sword in Commandment Hall?" Asked Saint Zara calmly. His voice was not loud, but it carried an inexplicable authority.   

Even though he was being questioned, Zen felt very calm. Since Saint Zara was willing to question him rather than just throw a charge at him, Zen had a chance to defend himself.     

Zen nodded and said, "Yes."    

After hearing Zen confess his crime so directly, several Saints looked at each other in disbelief and thought, 'Why does he admit that he killed Fren so openly? 

Doesn't he know the rules of Cloud Sect? If he is proved to be a killer, then no one in the world can save him.'    

Saint Viana smirked and said, "Now that you have confessed, there is no need for us to continue questioning you. If you kill someone, you must pay for your actions!"    

"Yes. Saint Viana is right. You should pay for your sins! That's the rule!" The members of Zhuge Clan echoed.

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