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 Season 3

Episode 63

(Fight hand to hand)

The longer Zen stared at Aura the more she felt as though she were being grilled by fire. After a long while, she said, "It was the Yun Clan who prosecuted, and Saint Viana was in charge of the judgment, as well as Saint Aderian."    

"Oh, I see." Zen smiled faintly and turned back to Saint Viana again with endless killing intention in his eyes.     

Zen wouldn't let the Yun Clan go.     

And he wouldn't let Saint Viana and Saint Aderian go either.     

Zen knew about Yan. She wouldn't make a mistake like this. She must have suffered great injustice and humiliation in the major trial.     

All these people must die!     

Zen walked to Murry and swore secretly at the same time.   

Murry told the people in the Commandment Hall to detain Zen and take him away.     

As Zen was leaving, he passed the platform. Vivan who had been lying unconscious on the ground woke up.    

 During the fight, Vivan had attacked Zen with the willow leaf darts. Zen had retaliated by ordering the massive sword to hit her. Thrown to the wall, Vivan fainted.     

The moment Vivan woke up, she had a bad feeling.     


After standing, she saw Fren. His body lay in two halves.    

 Seeing that, she became extremely grieved and cried out. At the same time, she turned to Zen with hatred in her eyes and said, "I will kill you!"  

Zen glanced at her indifferently and shook his head. This woman had courage and insight. It appeared that her hatred for him would be unmitigated, so he stopped and smiled, "If you get the chance."    

Zen left with the people of the Commandment Hall after speaking.   

  There was a prison for temporary detainees on the mountain behind the Commandment Hall.     

At Cloud Sect, some people called it the Small Hell Mountain    as many disciples were tossed into prison without trial. 

Sometimes, the detainees were locked at Small Hell Mountain for more than half a year.    

 As Zen followed the people of the Commandment Hall to the mountain behind, he saw several circles made of round stones on the ground. Many runes were engraved on the stones.   

"Sir, what are the stones and runes used for?" Zen asked as he continued to follow the men.     

Someone from the Commandment Hall snorted, "These runes are of great use. 

The mountain behind our Commandment Hall is not as big as the Hell Mountain. If some of you guys fight, won't the mountain be destroyed? So Cloud Sect set these runes to confine your life vitality!"    

"Can these runes confine life vitality?" Zen was shocked.     

"Hehe, you don't believe it? You can try!" The man continued. Apparently, he had come across many people with the same reaction as Zen.   

  Zen nodded and then tried to summon his demonic life vitality, but after he focused on his belly, he felt no movement. Neither did he see demonic life vitality.     

"It is true." Zen frowned. He felt insecure about his life vitality being confined. If someone attacked him, Zen would be unable to resist, and he could only depend on the strength of his physical body to defend himself.   

On the mountain behind the Commandment Hall, there was a flat muster station, which was the temporary prison of the Commandment Mount. The stones and runes extended till here.    

 When Zen entered, he found many people in the muster station.     

"All right. Since you are here, be well-behaved. Not only is your life vitality confined in the muster station, but you can't run away either. I advise you not to think about any trick or risk your life." 

When that man was about to leave with the others from the Commandment Hall, he suddenly turned and addressed the other people in the muster station, "This is your new friend. Give him a good greeting!"    

It was not difficult to understand his subtle message. He had told the disciples locked in the muster station to 'greet' Zen.   

In fact, on the way here, Murry had told him to do so.     

Zen was not a fool. He understood exactly what was implied by that message.     

But Zen didn't want to make trouble. Since he was in prison, he planned to be well-behaved. He knew he had to stay for two days and wait for news from Aura.    

 There were about seventy or eighty people in the muster station. Seen from their robes, they were a mix of inner disciples and outer disciples.    

 They gathered in groups of three to five people. When Zen entered the muster station, they whispered to each other and spared Zen unfriendly glances from time to time.    

 In no time, in the middle of the muster station, a disciple dressed in a black robe stood and walked to Zen.   

The disciple in the black robe was tall and big. His stomach was unnaturally round and fat. He was a fatty.     

The fatty swaggered to Zen and lifted his brows as he looked Zen up and down. He pointed at Zen's nose and stated, "Bloke, the place where you are sitting is my domain."    

Zen looked at the fatty and felt as though everyone in the muster station was laughing at him. He stood and found another corner to sit in.     

Zen didn't want to make trouble during his two-day stay.     

But that fatty didn't let Zen go easily. He walked two steps forward and laughed, "I am sorry. This is also my domain!"   

"Where can I stay?" Zen asked.     

"You?" The fatty grinned, "Ha, a newcomer can only stay there!"    

Afterward, the fatty pointed to the left side of the muster station. The corner housed the shared toilet for the disciples in prison. The fatty meant that Zen could only stay in the toilet.   

All the disciples heard what the fatty had said and burst into laughter. A pleasant expression filled their faces at Zen's misfortune.     

Zen didn't say anything. Instead, he closed his eyes. Apparently, this fatty was purposely annoying him under someone's order. He was not in the mood to respond to the provocation.     

"I am talking to you. Didn't you hear me?" The fatty saw that what he said was ineffective and restrained his smile. He would play the tyrant here and wouldn't be benevolent. On the contrary, he was ruthless.     

Zen opened his eyes and glanced at the fatty indifferently before closing his eyes again.    

 "You asked for this!" The fatty raised his leg. He intended to kick Zen. However, before his leg could connect with Zen, Zen leaned away and dodged the attack.

   The life vitality of everybody in prison was confined. Since they wanted to fight, the detainees could only depend on the pure strength of their physical body.    

 Zen had closed his eyes to meditate. Because the life vitality couldn't be summoned here, he was unable to cultivate.     

He tried to communicate with the cyan dragon sculpture in his mind. He wanted to see if he could borrow the power of the dragon scales since life vitality was confined in the prison.     

Zen was pleasantly surprised to find that the runes didn't confine the power of the dragon scales.   

  When the fatty was about to kick him, he leaned away and avoided it. Then he opened his eyes and summoned all his strength to his leg. Zen dashed toward the fatty.   

The fatty sneered when he saw that Zen chose to hit back. He stretched out his big hand like a cattail leaf fan and aimed it at Zen.     

This fatty had been cultivating a special theurgy from childhood. After cultivating it, he became fatter and fatter. This was the price of the theurgy. The longer a person cultivated the theurgy, the fatter he would become. What people didn't know was that great power and strength was hidden under all the fat.     

Each of the Cloud Sect disciples who were locked in prison had immense power.    

 If they could summon their life vitality, the fatty's strength would only be ranked among the top ten.     

But because everybody's life vitality was confined, and this fatty had endless body strength, the fatty had been able to defeat them all.   

None of the disciples had been able to win against the fatty in terms of pure physical strength in a hand-to-hand fight.     

The disciples from Cloud Sect couldn't help but shake their heads when they saw that Zen chose to fight the fatty. 

They all thought that Zen would die. If this bloke was slapped by the fatty, he would probably be unable to stand. 

Anyone who had experienced the power of the fatty's palm shared the same thought.     

But when Zen dashed at the fatty, he stretched out his hand and gripped the fatty's hand. At the same time, the power of the dragon scales was channeled to Zen's hand.    


The expression on the fatty's face changed. He felt that his opponent had strength that was identical to his.    

 "No way!"    

Anyone who had dared to challenge the fatty since his childhood, stood no chance in a fight using only pure physical strength.   

The bloke in front of the fatty was just at the first grade of the nature level. How could he resist the fatty based on physical strength?     

But the truth was before his eyes. After Zen gripped the fatty's hand, he knocked with his backhand and jumped with one leg. Zen climbed onto the fatty's back and twisted the fatty's hand. With the other hand, Zen pinched the back of the fatty's neck. Then Zen said coldly, "Don't bother me. Otherwise, I will rip your neck to pieces!"    

While speaking, Zen applied more strength to pinch the back of the fatty's neck.     

The fatty was apparently not easy to subdue. When Zen used more force, the fatty shook his neck. With so much smooth fat and meat on his neck, he was able to shake off Zen's grip.   

At the same time, the fatty turned and grabbed Zen. Then he lifted his arm, and Zen found that his feet were no longer touching the ground.     

After lifting Zen, the fatty spun him in the air. When the speed increased, the fatty threw Zen suddenly. He smashed Zen on a wall at the edge of the prison.    


The wall collapsed at impact, and Zen was buried under the rubble.    

 The fatty spat on the ground, "You are too young to fight me using only your physical strength."    

The stones rocked as Zen attempted to stand. He smiled and shouted, "I didn't want to make trouble. I have considered staying here peacefully. However, I have changed my mind. Since it is boring here, I will get good exercise when fighting you."    

After saying that, Zen kicked the broken stones aside and walked to the fatty.   

A cautious expression was reflected in the fatty's eyes.     

After being smashed, this bloke could stand up calmly. It meant that the bloke was not as easy to handle as he appeared to be.     

But it didn't mean that the fatty was afraid of Zen. The fatty had confidence in his physical strength.   

The disciples in the muster realized that the fatty had met a strong opponent today.

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