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 Season 3

Episode 60

(Saints vaina)

At the same time, behind Zen, Murry wrote a big 'KILL' in the air with his brush pen before rushing toward Zen.     

Murry couldn't calm down anymore. If Zen killed Fren, the Zhuge Clan would blame Murry! Then he would be in trouble.     

Zen glimpsed at the 'KILL' and knocked it hard with his left elbow.     

With a snap, the 'KILL' was crushed.    

 "Fren, you are so timid! You couldn't even protect your woman! I really don't understand why the others call you loony!" With that, Zen lifted his sword and rushed after Fren.   

  Fren usually came across as crazy and arrogant. Of course, it showed how powerful he was, as only powerful men could afford to behave in such an eccentric manner.   

However, Fren found himself too weak in front of Zen. He was no match for Zen at all!     

'It's impossible! It's impossible! Since he has just reached the nature level, how could he be so powerful?' Fren thought. 

Fren was so scared that he picked up speed. He wanted to get rid of Zen as soon as possible and dared not to turn around at all.    

 However, Zen chased after him and showed no intention of letting Fren go.

     "Fren, running is useless! Show me how you are going to kill me now!" Zen wielded his sword as he pursued Fren.     After rushing out of the Commandment Hall, both men ran wild in the Commandment Mount.     

"Zen, if you kill me, you'll be the enemy of the Zhuge Clan. Since you don't come from an influential family, how will you face the Zhuge Clan?" Fren said, hoping Zen would let go of him for the sake of his family.   

"Since I have already killed Josef, I don't care about the repercussions of killing another member of the Zhuge Clan!" Zen answered.     

"I'm more important than Josef! I'm the hope of our family, and they will not allow anyone to kill me!" Fren cried. Had it not been for the dignity of a noble clan, Fren would have knelt before Zen and begged for mercy.    

 "Really? They won't allow anyone to kill you? Then let me see if I can kill you!" With that, Zen swung his massive sword at Fren.    


 Just then, a man's voice loudly echoed in the air. His voice was so loud, like the booming of thunder that Zen felt his eardrum go numb.     

Zen's face darkened when he heard the voice.   

On the contrary, Fren's face lit up. He shouted in a hurry, "Saint Viana, help!"   

 "You have no chance now! Nobody can save your life!" With that, Zen swung his super huge sword at Fren. The sword left a streak of light in its wake.     

"Young man, if you kill Fren, you will pay a hundredfold for your actions! And no one in Cloud Sect will be able to help you!" Saint Viana approached quickly. 

However, he was still so far from Fren that he could only hope to stop Zen by threatening him.     

Zen hesitated for a short moment and then said lightly, "Too many people have threatened me. I hate being threatened. Now, Fren must die!"    

"You!" Saint Viana's face flushed with anger. He was obviously enraged by Zen's arrogance. "Young man, you'll pay for your arrogance!" he shouted.     

"I'll kill Fren, no matter what it takes!" Zen said and swung his sword at Fren without any hesitation.   

With a puff, Fren was cut in half. Blood spilled all over the ground. Now, even an immortal couldn't bring him back to life.     
If Saint Viana had tried any other method to persuade Zen instead of resorting to threats, Zen might have spared Fren's life. In fact, Saint Viana's threat only served to increase Zen's hatred for Fren.     
"Young man, you're risking your neck! How dare you kill someone in Cloud Sect? Go to hell!" Saint Viana flew into a rage when Zen turned a deaf ear to him and killed Fren.     

High in the air, Saint Viana threw a palm at Zen.     

Saint Viana's hands were bony, like dead branches. When he reached out, his palm suddenly grew into a palm shadow of over a hundred feet in size!     

The palm shadow was so powerful  that  the stones, flowers, and grass around Zen were crushed by its impact. 

The floor around Zen sank and formed a concave palm print on the ground. Zen could hardly breathe under its impact. 

'The palm shadow is so powerful, and it hasn't even reached me. If I'm hit by it, I will die or be gravely injured!' Thinking about this, Zen commanded his huge black sword to fly to the palm shadow. 

When they collided, the huge sword was crushed, and the palm shadow remained unchanged. Seeing that life vitality was ineffective against the palm shadow, Zen felt an unprecedented sense of crisis. 

When the enormous black sword disappeared, the palm shadow kept inching toward Zen. Just then, Zen saw some sparkly stars floating above the palm shadow.   

'That's the star power from the Sun Moon Stars Picture!' Zen thought. These stars were small in size. However, their power would be terrible when they exploded at the same time. Zen wondered if they could destroy the palm shadow.     


The stars exploded as ordered by Zen. 

Because Saint Viana was extremely powerful and Zen knew that he was no match for Saint Viana, he had no choice but to instruct the stars to erupt.     

The star power was released.    

 "Boom! Boom! Boom..."    

Overwhelming energy was emitted after the explosion of each small star.    

 While a star could not destroy the giant palm shadow, after the explosion of thousands of stars, the overwhelming energy they released cracked the palm shadow.   

Because Saint Viana had been furious, he had summoned all his power to his palm. The Fatal Palm was his unique skill, and he had defeated countless masters with it. He had thought that the arrogant young man would be crushed under his palm.     

However, to his surprise, his palm shadow had been crushed by a string of explosions!     

"Young man, you are really something! But I don't believe I cannot defeat you today!" Like pouring oil on flames, Zen's act of resistance enraged Saint Viana further. He waved his bony hands again, and two palm shadows appeared. When they were about to approach Zen, Zen's eyes glittered, and he withdrew at an incredible speed. Although he knew that he couldn't dodge the attack, Zen had to try as he would die if these two palm shadows hit him.     

Just then, a beam of red light shone in the distance. A brief moment later, two green lights floated toward him.   

One was an astonishingly beautiful young woman dressed in purple. She stood on a flying chariot, her black hair fluttering in the air. She shouted, "Saint Viana, please don't hurt him!"    

She was cold and dignified when she spoke, like a saintess with great moral virtue.     

She was Aura, Zen's master at Drizzle Peak.     

The other person was a white-haired, affable old man who looked as kind as a neighbor's grandfather. He floated in the air with his fingers crossed behind his back. "Viana, stop!" the old man shouted.    

 If Aura had come alone, Saint Viana might not have heeded her request.    

 However, he had to take the old man's words seriously. 'Killing this young man is not challenging. So it's unnecessary for me to do it now.' Thinking about this, Saint Viana withdrew his palms. He turned to the old man and clasped hands in greeting. However, his voice was filled with anger. "Caspar, why do you stop me?" he asked.   

The amiable old man was one of the ten Saints of Cloud Sect.     

Although Saint Viana was also one of the ten Saints, he only ranked tenth, whereas Caspar ranked third.    

 Saint Caspar smiled slightly as he flew toward Saint Viana. He had a graceful figure, like an immortal. "Don't kill this young man. You must not kill him," he said.     

Saint Viana snorted, "He broke Cloud Sect's rules. According to the rules, those who kill disciples in Cloud Sect should be executed. Why shouldn't I kill him?"    

"Because he is my disciple!" Aura stepped on the flying chariot and flew forward. She said coldly, "If my disciple commits a crime, I should be allowed to decide the appropriate punishment. 

Besides, If you kill him before you know what happened, how will you explain your actions to the others?"  

Saint Viana stared at Aura for a while. A wicked smile grew on his face. "You... you're the girl from the palace, right?" 

   "So what?" Aura lifted her chin in defiance and replied with an even colder voice. Very few people dared mention her identity in front of Aura because most people were scared of her.    

 However, Saint Viana wasn't afraid of her. If anything, he didn't take her seriously. "I'm a Saint at Cloud Sect! I have the right to punish our disciples. Whether I know about the incident that led to the crime or not is none of your business!"    

"Really? Do you think Cloud Sect was built in heaven?" Let me tell you. It's still on the land of the Burning Sky Empire!" Aura shot back. She didn't want to compromise.   

Saint Viana had been trying to suppress Aura with Cloud Sect but was ridiculed by her instead. No matter how well-known Cloud Sect was, it couldn't be separated from the Burning Sky Empire.

 Aura came from the Su family, and the emperor of    the Burning Sky Empire came from the Su family too.     

The empire belonged to the Su family!   

  "Haha...How can an unfavored child represent royalty and the emperor of the Burning Sky Palace?" Saint Viana said ironically.     

"Viana! Don't talk nonsense!" Caspar interrupted. Apparently, Saint Viana had said something improper.    

 However, Saint Viana was reluctantly to compromise too. "Caspar, why don't you let me finish? Am I wrong?"

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